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The end of the hike toward the trails can be a but slippery, but with the ropes, it is easily accessible.
worth the hike!!

19 hours ago

Great hike! With all of the recent rain, the trail was wet but manageable. There were a few water crossings. Also a few overhangs.

Very nice hike that wasn't too busy, probably because of the chilly weather.

nice crisp walk.

22 hours ago

It’s a nice trail with some elevation but with poor marks And some garbage ! It has creeks , waterfalls from the dam as well.

23 hours ago

This was a easy 3 mile walk. Great scenery with fun bridges. It has rained for two days and there were only a few spots that were muddy. Dog friendly but the whole trail may be much for puppies or small dogs.

Great little trail of your short on time and want to get a quick hike in. Scenery was awesome, and a tree spanning the creek to cross over was pretty nice too!

Trails are nice and clean, dry and very accessible!!

we went in the back way through a neighborhood thanks Google maps

The hiking is so serene! Great views, uncrowded, very peaceful. The elevation gain is about 300 ft, and it makes for a good workout. The trails are decently marked. The staff is friendly. Also, its dog friendly (on leash).

It was a great walking. My dog & I enjoyed it.
Someone left three bullets at the 3.74 mile marker.
Didn’t understand why......,, or what the message was. All I could think was “that’s nonsense.”

I most repeat “It was a great walk”

2 days ago

Great hike just outside of the city. This will certainly be a repeat.

washed out
2 days ago

Most reviews said it was easy. I’m glad I came before taking my kids. It was beautiful but some parts where creeks went over the path was not always easy, also muddy after lots of rain.
Loved the trail and will be back.

Great longer trail for walking, trail running, and just exploring nature. Runs along Bear Creek with much of the natural green-scape marked. It has quarter mile markers. I also counted 4 different parks with jungle-gyms, and other activities. It is mostly paved with some gravel areas. Great for all ability levels and families.

2 days ago

easy and short but nice views.

Some areas pretty muddy after rain but there are alternate trails right around it. I love this hike and so does my dog. Good elevation changes for the area.

3 days ago

Dimple & short. A bit of trash along the creek which sucks, and the trail is straight not a loop so you have to go back the way you came. Not bad for a residential hike

3 days ago

This trail has terrible markers, I had to use the app the whole entire hike. There was trash, and broken glass everywhere!! After you turn on the east side of the trail it becomes a dirt road? It looks like they’re working on making it into a road but are at the very beginning stages. This trail is NOT WORTH IT.

Posted a video of the trail of you want to see what it’s like. https://youtu.be/rvk8_87B7vc

This was an extremely surprising trail. You don’t get a lot from Texas as far as mountains and waterfalls. But here you at least follow a beautiful river for the majority of the trail. There must of been 12 creek crossings several downed trees. And about 8-10 bridge crossings. You are rewarded by a beautiful lake at the end of the trail. In my opinion it was at least 10 miles total. We posted a video on the Tube. If you want to get an idea of what it is like https://youtu.be/rvk8_87B7vc

I expected some nice river views and rock formations with the trail named Limestone ledge. River view OK but nothing else.

washed out
4 days ago

Still pretty washed out from last weeks rain but not impossible. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy and gross and you’ll be fine!

Very good for hiking, but not for biking. Spent half the time walking or carrying my bike over the rocks. Also very muddy

5 days ago

Turkey creek is always a go to for me, especially my dog! There are a few downed trees in the path now, and quite a bit of slippery spots if wet.. but other than that it's a nice trail. My favorite time to go is after it rains, it makes the experience a little more interesting with the higher water level in the creek. Definitely prepare to get your feet wet, and meet quite a few dogs along the way!
There are no bathrooms, or water fountains! so be sure to bring lots of water and prepare ahead of time.

5 days ago

First, the falls are wonderful and totally unexpected as this is in the middle of texas! The air is a bit tropical and humid, the climb down to the viewing area at the end of the trail is rocky and steep. I went in middle of August so it was very hot, humid, and miserable. Seeing the falls and the Colorado river was definitely worth it though.

The trail is mostly barren, minimal shade, and the ground is rocky so it's a little rough on the feet and ankles. Dogs are supposed to be on leash and pet owners are supposed to pick up after them however it didnt seem most people were following the rules.

This trail is difficult simply due to terrain being rocky, steep, and being shade less. It's a great hike with a nice reward at the end... only problem is you have to hike back!

Nice walk the river is beautiful.

Sunday brisk walk and the start of a fresh new year. Super easy trail. No need for hiking boots, running shoes are better for this trail. There are a lot of bikers on this trail. So be prepared to move “on you left”.

This is my favorite trail in Austin. The recent rains have the water up, there are a few downed trees across the trail, and it is pretty muddy in some areas, but it doesn’t make it any less great. Just be prepared to get your feet wet.

Was my first backpacking trip. Fantastic, and a lot of fun! An excellent trip to start out with, but keep in mind that it's 10 miles in, or roughly 20 miles through.

7 days ago

Had a blast! Took the fiance out on our first backpacking trip. I'm not sure that the mileage on the trail is correct. If I had to guess it starts at Cedar Bayou, when reading route names and distance, which adds some length. The route from Juniper Point is a lot of vertical incline/decline, but the route is pretty level from there. Loved it, but we struggled a bit. We found several camping sites along the lake shore, and stopped a bit short of the loop. We had a great time camping on a small peninsula about halfway.

We went out for a walk and they were closed.

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