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Very beautiful views. Had to cross knee deep water and climb a muddy embankment to get to the trail.

1 month ago

wasted all morning trying to find an open entrance, no sings no directions, don’t waste your time even the parking places are closed.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Trail closed due to heavy rains

Tons of fun and amazing views! I had to wade through the river at the very beginning to get to the incline, and then the canyon itself was so beautiful.

Didn't get to complete the trail due to high level of water, but the canyon was pretty. It was also pretty hot even when going early in the morning.

3 months ago

Nice trail, you even get bike rentals all around the trail. Its fun

Easy hike. Great views of 1500 ft cliffs.

3 months ago

Good trail for bluebird watching.

trail running
3 months ago

Great paved trail

4 months ago

Nice walking trail. Started in Farmersville and did about 4.5 miles with our dogs. Very easy, it’s a paved trail where we were so definitely no hiking. There were joggers, horseback riders, and cyclists, but the trail definitely has room for all to enjoy.

Dogs are welcome, but need to be on a leash. My one complaint and reason I give it four stars was the German Shepherd walking around off-leash at the end of our walk. We didn’t know if he was with one of the other walkers or if he was from a nearby home/farm. We had a group of people and our dogs with us so he stayed away, but if I’d been alone with one of my dogs, I would have been concerned.

Otherwise, excellent trail. Well maintained with trash bins along the way. Nice wooded scenery. Not a difficult trail at all, at least not at this location. Will definitely be back.

road biking
5 months ago

The wooded areas are really pretty. Creek levels are low and there was a lot of trash in it and on the trail...makes me sad and mad. Saw a couple of men sleeping under the bridge at Forest and another taking a "shower" at the water fountains near 75 and 635 in that open area. Decided that I should probably turn around there...met back up with WRC trail and biked it until the trail was closed...somewhere on Park Central. It's probably best to bike it with a buddy...definitely felt safer on a bike than I would have running alone.

Very good and unexplored trail....

Great trail.

road biking
5 months ago

A lot of construction with many closures due to new rail being built.

A must see when visiting The Big Bend !!

Very easy and nice trail. Ends right at a little beach and you can walk out into the river. I highly recommend it

6 months ago

Clean & spacious grounds

Well maintained trail that still keeps its natural, country feel.

6 months ago

Relatively easy hike, coming up to the canyon is pretty awe inspiring to see the huge looming walls. The hike into the canyon is pretty cool but its along a well established path on the side. You don't have to wade through any water unless you want to at the very end of the trail.


Nice trail for training long distances. Flat with lots of shade. Definitely going back.

6 months ago

It was great riding on the north end. Although it was closed off further up because of construction. The ride is worth the view. Plenty of water to look at.

Initial portion of the hike is highly inclined. Be careful not attempt to much parkour in risk of tiring yourself out. Echos in the Canyon are superb, try sneezing!!

Lots of fun! Steeper than I thought but easy to do with stairs. The end is very rewarding as you get to go in the river.

Not a technically difficult hike, but easy is a relative term. There is an incline. It's paved concrete with some steps. Nice overlook at the top.

Easy 10 mile hike from Farmersville to Merit and back.

7 months ago

The trail is at 5600 Riverside, the entrance that All Trails gives is permanently closed...

on Northeast Texas Trail

8 months ago

Hiked between Celeste and Wolfe City. Amenities in both cities for resupplying. The area near approach of Wolfe City parking from south has a few loose dogs to watch out for.

Amazing views. My favorite part of the hike was the nice beach in the shade. Cool boulders along the way too.

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