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Quitaque, Texas Map

Great trail with kids. Beautiful views and when you get about a mile and half out you can start climbing as high as you want to your climbing level. Took us about 3 hours to go up to the ridge and back.

18 days ago

We took the South prong to Fern Cave and back. We did not do the loop today. Excellent views. The last 0.5 mile is uphill and rocky to get to the Fern cave, which was well worth it. Fern cave is a shady ledge with water and rocks with ferns growing over the rocks. Good place for a break and food. The entire hike from the parking lot and back was 7.2 miles.

Beautiful amazing hike! Even saw a wild Bison! Hike was more on the moderate side imo but because of the heat I highly recommend you bring a liter of water per person. Main downfall is the trail can be difficult to follow, so make sure you have the offline maps downloaded. Lastly if you're looking to visit the fern cave and doing this trail clockwise, ignore the first "fern cave .2 mi" sign you see, this sign is wrong. Just continue along with the loop and you'll eventually run into another "fern cave" sign that'll point you towards a 100ft spur to the cave.

We hiked the loop clockwise, up the Haynes Ridge, down to the fern cave, and back through the Upper North Prong Trail. The initial climb to the top of Haynes Ridge was exhilarating and view from the top was an amazing reward.

The few trail markers we saw showed distances that did not match the park map. Apparently, there is an old map and a new map - you can get copies of both from the park station. The trail markers could be improved.

Halfway between B3 and B4 (Haynes Trail is marked as trail B) look up and east. You can scramble to the top of the caprock and find some more spectacular views from 3100 ft.

You can miss the Fern Cave if you aren't looking for it. Again, the trail markers could be improved here.

The Upper North Prong Trail was a long slog back through a dry creek bed but the beautiful views from the canyon floor, including interesting rock formations and strands of gypsum lining the red rock, made it worth it.

Bring sunscreen, bug spray, and water...you'll need it.

Well marked. The natural bridge is by the bench. Tough one when 100 degrees

From the road this didn't look very interesting. That changed quickly and I really enjoyed this trail, its changes in elevation and the scenery. There is a beautiful patch of green in the valley which really stands out against the red Caprock.

This trail has great vistas. Make sure you have enough water, especially in summer months. Some of the distance signs along the trail are certainly incorrect.

This was fun. The scenery is great! The only downside was the difficult footing in the creek beds. They can be a real slog.

One of my favorite trails in Texas. You have to drive out into the middle of nowhere to get there, but it is so worth it. Temps were 105-115F, middle of the afternoon in late June--probably not the most"ideal" time for a 7 mile hike, but it really wasn't too bad at all. The trail is excellent in some places and tough to find in others, although they do have many signs which are helpful. Bring lots of water anyway, at least a gallon if you can and I'd wear protective clothing from the sun--it's brutal until 8 on this time of year.

Wildlife..I saw a LOT of buff scat but no animals were to be found on the trails today..Likely because a big herd of them were sitting in the pond up the road. The colors and topography of the canyons here are downright majestic. Suffice to say, I enjoyed my time hiking here (and a major plus--there's hardly anyone here AND the snack shop right up the road is open until 6:30 PM! :) Definitely thankful for this after my hike ended at 6..

great trail. Did it one way by myself with a 30 pound pack in 4o minutes temp was 100.

Fantastic trek, well defined trails (for the most part). We did the upper trail loop... appx 6.3 miles. The climb was fantastic to to the highest point in the canyon. The climb down was steep, rugged and lots of lose rock. What got us was not the trek or trail but the heat. Do Not Do it in summer... the last mile back to the parking lot was the hardest because of heat. But the views and climb up and down were great.

Hiked the route clockwise and was happy for it. Getting up for the view at the beginning makes for a motivated climb, and coming down through the canyon was a great time. Would recommend to most all, but would be best to start in the AM unlike as I did.

Intense climb up but the view is well worth the steep and rugged trek up the trail. Brings as much water as you can carry, you will need every ounce on hot summer day.

We really enjoyed this hike. We took the upper Canyon first around to the Haynes Ridge and back. We thought it was really easy going until very near the intersection to turn onto Haynes Ridge. It was pretty serious around that spot. Th ridge was easy until coming back down a steep rocky path to get back to the home stretch. The thing that made it all enjoyable was the variety between easy and challenging, rocky/sunny and shaded/trees. We took snacks and a quart of water. Started at 7am (70 degrees) ended about 10 (85 degrees). Can’t imagine doing this hike any later or in hotter temperatures. Start early and ENJOY!!!

Great views and easy hike.

Long trail for sure. Beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. One young bison wanted to play chicken on the trail. He won. Didn’t see another soul until 7 miles in Lots of sand early on and little mud. Loose rocks can make it a challenge. A sturdy walking stick helps tho. If you go in the summer start early. I headed out at 0700. 3 liters H2O was just about right even with temps in the mid 90s. Will definitely be back Next time will take Haynes Overlook for the return.

Challenging and fun!

The Haynes overview trail is more of a rocks scramble up the Mesa. It is fun and not too difficult and plenty of built rock steps along the way to help out and prevent erosion. Beautiful views on the upper rim and a fun descent into the canyon floor. The hike out of the north prong canyon floor is fairly flat and easy hiking. Some awesome almost slot canyons and riverbeds to explore too.

One of the most beautiful scenic and challenging trails I’ve ever experienced. Many elevation changes, steep precipices to scramble up, sometimes on your hands and knees, abundant wildlife to observe, and if you go early and spring time, You can comfortably hike all day long on the trail systems caprock has to offer, without feeling like you’re dying. Passionately recommend to those in Moderat shape looking to challenge or just push themselves a little more. If you can at the South prong campsite, you will be in the same parking lot as the upper Canyon trailhead!

7 months ago

Great experience! The prairie dogs and bison did not disappoint! Views were spectacular! Definitely glad we turned back and didn’t go into lower canyon as that looked difficult. Wear sunscreen and be willing to wait out the buffalo on the trail.

Being a newbie to Texas I was unsure about Caprock Canyon overall but this park was breathtaking. This was my first camping/hiking trip since moving here a few months ago. With that being said I didn't know what to expect. I camped at the Honea Flats with primitive gear for a night and enjoyed it so much I did not want to leave. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff. As for the trail, I parked at the North Prong parking lot and then hiked up to the Haynes Ridge right away then came back around to Upper Canyon Trail and then to the parking lot. Amazing sight seeing opportunities and a hike challenging and enjoyable at the same time. It took me roughly 4 hours with a 50 lb ruck sack and plenty of time for pictures. Got up to 100 F in the canyon but I had 2 gallons of water and the sweating was worth it especially when the breeze blew! Great experience for my first time hiking in big ole Texas.

We started at Upper Canyon Trail then hiked to Haynes and came out at Lower Canyon trail and walked back to our car at the South Prong camping Area. Started the video a bit late but it took about 2.25 hours. After an easy and beautiful walk you will have a climb, its a bit rough but that was the only challenging section aside from duration. We didn’t detour to the cavern because we were afraid it would get dark on us. But its only a .20 hike off trail. Weather was perfect. We packed only 2qt and it sustained my daughter and I pretty well. Our overall hike was about 5 miles. View is spectacular and the trail is very well marked!

This trail provides a good challenge for those who are looking for a change from the flat terrain many Texas trails offer. We got there around 10am on the last Saturday of February. It was pretty chilly when we started (mid 30s) but got up to the higher 50s by he time we finished. We didn’t run into many other people which was a nice surprise. It took us 4 hours to get through the entire hike, but we stopped many times to take pictures. Without those distractions we probably could have finished in 3 hours. We decided to start with the Haynes Ridge Overview Trail and loop back by going on the North Prong of the Upper Canyon Trail. One of the reasons why we decided to go that direction is the steep and rocky portion right at the beginning of the Haynes Ridge Overview Trail from the Canyon Ridge Trail. If you don’t like strep descends you may want to consider going clockwise so that you won’t have to end with finishing up your hike having to worry too much about your steps. There are many stops along the way that provide a great photo op. Make sure to bring some all purpose shoes as you’re going to walk on rocks, sand, mud, and in our case a small section with shallow water. Per weather reports, it didn’t rain for a few days, but it left enough water along a small portion of the trail that runs along the water drainage. Don’t forget to check the weather before heading out. On windy days, the gusts can be really strong at higher elevations. Fern Cave is a short detour from the trail and about halfway through the hike regardless of which way you decide to go. It’s a great place to rest or eat lunch under the shade of the fern covered rocks. All in all, this hike had a lot of variety that will provide a nice challenge for the average person.

Excellent trail - perfect for winter and late fall.

We did this trail with a group of 15 in early February on a sunny cool day. We loved that it provides access to all the different vistas of the Canyon, low lying riverbed crossings, as well as a 360 degree view from top of the ridge. There is some shade in some sections. In summer this trail will get very hot. There are many river crossings. The group included kids as young as 6. The ascent and descent on top of the Haynes ridge is somewhat washed out and the trail can have loose gravel, loose stones, and very slippery and steep sections. We had a great hike and loved this trail!

This is a fantastic hike! Definitely recommend.

Fantastic, scenery was amazing! Good for any skill level.

Nice trail , but I find the northern trails more varied and exciting. However, you won't be disappointed.

Definately need tons of water!! The most difficult part is right away going up the mesa (like straight rock climbing) but after that it's smooth sailing till you get to the cave. Make sure you bring tons of water, I went through about 1.5 liters and it was only 55°. We attempted to go through North Prong but got turned around and ended up back on the ridge trail (it's not marked well after the cave). Next time I'll go up through the prong or upper canyon trail first!! Going back down isn't nearly as bad as going up. Can't beat the views though!!! It's beautiful!

Pretty easy for the most part though the last portion is difficult because of the climb. Take plenty of water, you’ll need it. We only hiked the south portion of the loop and back the same way but the views will make for beautiful pictures to brag about.

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