Photos of Texas Paved Trails

Very little “off the concrete trails”. The pathway that wraps around the lake is all concrete. The wooded area with dirt trails is behind the spillway. It is a decent area, although it’s pretty small. During the warmer weather, definitely use mosquito repellent, as they are horrible in there. Also, there is a ton of poison ivy, so use caution when going through the overgrown, and narrow parts of the trail. I’ve noticed a lot of spray paint graffiti, so there might be teens hanging out. No big deal, but I always like to be aware of who might be around. Especially, in more hidden areas.
White Rock is definitely one of my favorite outdoor places of Dallas. I grew up in Lake Highlands, so it’s been a place I’ve grown up going to. The city has definitely improved the area. Also, the Dallas police are active there. Either in their patrol cars or bikes.
Unfortunately, like in almost every area I hike in dfw, the creeks and woods are full of trash. It’s incredibly frustrating, because I very much believe in Leave No Trace. And, people who litter and don’t clean up after their dogs, are big A Holes in my opinion.