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Nice walk with dog with plenty of access to Caney creek for dog to cool down. Take several bottles of water and bug spray for the chiggers.

Beautiful trail with plenty of wandering chances

Pluses are trail is very convenient, easy, and pretty. Typical dessert hike. Negative is it is "owned" by mountain bikers, VERY many of them essentially "demanding" the right of way constantly. careening downhill at > 20 mph

mountain biking
1 day ago

You have to hand it to the trail builder...they took an empty field full of nothing besides broken glass, rock, and prairie dogs and made a good time of it. Honestly though...who wouldn't enjoy a real life version of "whack-a-mole" when you are biking a descent on loose gravel? The trail sucks for hiking and does not have the best flow for mountain biking, but those prairie dogs....

I forgot to mention the wind...

This hike is difficult but rewarding. Some choose to hike the trail clockwise which takes them down Juniper Canyon trail the first day. I would advise this, as I have done the trail counter clockwise and day 3 up Juniper Canyon can be extremely strenuous. Personally the second day down the Dodson was the most difficult. We made out hike in early spring but the lack of shade and the extreme temperature swing in the afternoon really made the last half of the day MISERABLE. This was all replaced after the camp was set up and the stars came out. Hands down the clearest I have ever seen the stars in my life.

I would recommend caching water at Homer Wilson and Juniper Canyon. We ended up with extra water in the end but as many of you know the weather in Big Bend can fluctuate rapidly. Weather forecast for the day we hiked the Dodson called for highs in the low 80's but it was easily 100 degrees in the afternoon. So a little extra water isn't going to hurt. It actually makes for a pretty refreshing cool down before the final stretch back down into the basin.

This trail is very rewarding with spectacular views and solitude but can be very dangerous if you go in unprepared. Carry plenty of water, and KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS!

First, I unexpectedly had to pay $5 to enter. Then the trail was too overgrown to step foot on let alone follow. When I tried to find another trail head (20+ miles of horse trails in this park) my dog and I were rushed by 3 aggressive dogs therefore preventing us from entering any of the other trails. Very empty RV park so I was able to let my dog play in the water of the boat launch and walked the roads of the park to get my money worth. But disappointed to have to pay and not even able to use the trails.
See photos for overgrown trailhead.

I visited the park for the first time late September. I didn't believe that I would see deers but apparently deers are pretty common here. I hike only for a little bit to find a spot for reading. The only downside is that there's a number of mosquitoes and the are pretty stubborn. I have a repellant on me and they would still come. It rain while I was still hiking but I still enjoyed it. Over all though it was a great day.

Great trail, absolutely beautiful in many places. My only complaint is that it is not well marked at all. Trying to find it was difficult as was staying on the right path at times. Worth doing many times over!

mountain biking
2 days ago

Nice beginner trail. Actual first ride with no problems. Saw a bunny and mule deer running across the trail.

I've hiked all the trails. Great trail system.

Kristen and I did 3 miles of this in the light rain. Look forward to finding more. Very flat

good walk

The trail my Navy recruiter takes us on.

great easy hike to enjoy. surrounded by gorgeous scenery and Cyprus groves

4 days ago

The lake has visible sewage floating around in the water and it smells unpleasant. There is very limited shade along the trails, which makes it difficult to go running during the day. There are Nutria (river rats) along the trails and in the water. In the evenings the park is excessively crowded. Definitely not my top choice of parks in the area.

My wife and I have been meaning to hike Purgatory Creek, so a few days after the rain, we went hiking. As everyone mentioned, traffic noise can be heard the closer you are to the trailhead but tapers off. The hike itself was OK...with a few lookouts along Dante’s Trail and wildlife, mainly deer, in the clearing along the trail. I thought it would be more scenic. Oh yeah, there’s still plenty of muddy areas and a swamp blocking Dante’s Trail close to the start. There are plenty of mosquitoes along the trail so make sure to apply generous amounts of bug juice.

Good paved trail. But it appears that nobody cleans up after there dogs. And there everyone’s dog prefers concrete to grass. Other than that. Good little trail.

If you're looking for a long, challenging and lost in the woods trail, look no further. I went in there thinking it would take me 30 min, boy was I in for a surprise. It took me 2 hours and a half to complete the trail, and I walk kinda fast.
STICK TO YOUR RIGHT! You'll come at several forks, but if you stick to your right you'll be fine. An amazing trail, highly recommended.

very easy. lots of store fronts. lots of stop and go.

5 days ago

Great if you have dogs or like dogs. It's an off leash park. I took my dogs. There are places to sit by the water and ponder but you'll probably be greeted by a wet snout. I kept my dogs on leash and they still had a good time. it's a short circle trail we made 3 trips around. Limited parking for sure... we went on a rainy day and got lucky finding a spot.

Great starter trial if you want to explore taking it up as an add in or trail running!

I did this hike 9/15/18. I workout at a gym regularly and consider myself to be in pretty good shape. I try to hike when I can but ultimately only get to a handful of times a year - so I would consider my skill level as a hiker, average. I stayed in Van Horn the night prior, woke up at 3:30am left at 4:30am and got to the trailhead/campground at 5:30am.The forecast for the day was 80 degrees F clear and sunny. I hit the trail starting at 5:45am, it was still dark and used my headlamp for the first 30-45min. Not even 5min in and I ran into a large deer off to the left of the trail about 10ft. The first 1/4-1/3 of the trail I would say is the most strenuous - lots of dry loose dirt and small rocks - although the top 1/4 is just as steep and unforgiving. As the sun started to come up there was still some patches of clouds. Hoping for clear skies and not worried about the overall weather, I pressed on trying to get to the top as quickly as possible. As I got about halfway the temperature dropped a bit, and the wind picked up, so I put a light fleece on. I kept moving uphill and only stopped to take a few pics, catch my breath and get a quick drink of water. The views are great all the way up, and they only get better. Getting closer to the top the scenery and landscape also continually change. I was probably about 3/4 of the way up and decided to change from my fleece to my wind/waterproof jacket. I also noticed the fog/clouds were lingering. I also hadn't seen anyone on the trail at all yet. Very peaceful and why I like to start early. As I was nearing the top(less than 5min from summit) I ran into 1 girl. She said she was also hoping for clear skies and good views but she hadn't seen them yet. I got to the top in 2hr 45min, only to have cloud coverage and gusty cold winds. I was still excited I made it to the top and was pumped standing on top of Texas! I waited for 45min hoping the fog/clouds would pass so I could see the epic view. Sadly I had an 8hr drive in front of me(plus the hike down) and couldn't wait all day so I got some pictures and videos, signed my name, re-fueled and proceeded to head down. I left the top about 9am and within 45min of coming down I had ran into about 8-10people. Towards the halfway mark I passed 2 large groups of kids, and the rest of the way, passed multiple more groups of 2-4people. I ended up at the bottom about 11:15am(total time 5hr30min). Overall I would say it is a strenuous hike, with very rewarding views and scenery all the way up and down. It's probably not as hard as some people say it is, but nonetheless come prepared and have good footwear. It does get hot early, so start early, bring plenty of water and snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat is recommended. Coming down is an absolute breeze so that is one thing to look forward to when going up.

trail running
6 days ago

The first 3 miles of this trail are beautiful and amazing. The farther in you go, the less maintained it is. The super tall grass on either side has fallen in many places and the trail is often obscured by fallen branches and such. I also got a tick bite on this trail. Nothing against the trail there, just be vigilant! Also around mile 4 ish there is so much trash! Everything from trash bags to tires to an old refrigerator.

Not too bad but very crowded. Lots of stopping to let runners go by, lots of dogs off leash, lots of poop bags marking the trail. But a hike that gets the heart pumping and if you’re not getting run over by a runner, lots of pretty sights to see.

Indian creek was so refreshing and enjoyable after the trek . Good concrete trails and natural trails available to explore .

Not an entirely smooth trail so wear your trail shoes. Very little shade along the trail - bring your hat and sunscreen!

The hike took us 5/6 hours. Try to do it during morning. We started late and with summer heat in this region was really hard, but the trail is easy to follow, its rocky so use confortable shoes and bring lots of water and if possible fruits and granola bars. The view at the top is beautiful, totally worth it.!!!

Nice loop in Memorial Park.

Great 3.15 mi. loop trail. Some mild technical spots around the lake, but for the most part it's easy hiking. Not many trail makers, but the primitive camp sites can be used as rest stops. God Bless and enjoy.

A simple, quick trail. You can take your time or run it. We saw 3 alligators! Since we were walking those 3 sighting revved up my heart rate, that’s for sure.

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