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We hiked the entire trail system on 1/13/19 as part of training for a rim to rim Grand Canyon hike in April. We loved the trail as a whole. We were very happy to have some decent hill training so close to Dallas. It’s a little confusing combining all of the zig zaggy shorter loops but for the most part, we loved the experience. It was a perfect 37 degrees when we started. We only encountered a handful of hikers throughout the trail.

We will be back and combine some of the shorter trails for increased mileage.

Very nice trails

Love this trail! One of the reasons we chose our house is for easy access to the beginning of this trail. It's always been a nice easy, long walk. Perfect for the bike, and bike trailer for the kids. Always a good bit of wildlife too. Birds, rabbits, pigs, deer, snakes, alligator, and even coyote. I've lived in the area for ten years and was a little upset when they ripped all of the blackberry bushes out, but the expansion of the trail is much better! Five stars from me because I have children, and sometimes the long difficult trails are not an option.

trail running
9 days ago

This looks like a decent hiking trail but wasn’t great for running. The trail was hard to follow and weren’t able to keep a consistent pace while we tried to follow the trail. Nice views of the lake though.

Great trail. Completed as a hike

trail running
12 days ago

Great for a long run. Loop 5 and 6 usually less traffic. Park at MADD and have sled supported aid station for long runs. Summer months 7-9 PM the views are great and less traffic.

Very easy trail! Good for all ages/families, runners, walkers, etc. Great views.

Nice, easy urban trail with great views.

22 days ago

Nice easy walk. Great place for bird watching.

Great views. Felt like you were not anywhere near the city even though we were. Great for kids and dogs.

very nice

Great trail for a long walk or bike ride.

This was kind of a bust. Just a paved trail, that a lot of it is closed off. Traffic was pretty heavy on a Saturday, mid-day. I did see a pretty big bobcat in the brush, near the lake. Plenty of trash and dog turds on and next to the trail. Many, many middle aged people, stuffed into spandex who think they're Lance Armstrong.

paddle sports
26 days ago

Martin Dies Jr. Sate Park is a great destination for paddling given its access to Steinhagen Lake and miles of forested sloughs and marshes near the confluence of the Neches and Angelina Rivers flowing into the lake. In addition to offering canoe and kayak rentals at two locations in the park, the park also has several marked paddling trails suitable for beginners. The most popular of these trails is the Walnut/Walnut Slough paddling trail that circumnavigates the northern part of the park in a loop that doesn't require any portage. Starting off at the Walnut Slough boat launch (canoe rental location), you can paddle this loop in either direction. We paddled counterclockwise under the prominent footbridge to the north, and turned south following the white buoys that mark the paddling route. The route offers a mix of open water, and the opportunity to paddle into quiet, bald cypress-lined sloughs. Be careful of motor boat wake in open water portions of the paddle. By paddling under the bridge of park road 48, you can complete the loop. There are a few boat docks along the route that allow you to stop, stretch your legs and use a restroom. Great for kids.

Nice chilly breeze being lakeside...was nice for about 2 miles into it until it was infested with trash and low lake level terrain. My dog enjoyed the cliff sides, lots of exercise!

Beautiful trail but currently closed due to boardwalk collapse. Estimated repair time unknown. Call park for more info.

I use this trail primary for training purposes since I live very close by. Unfortunately, the trail is becoming extremely worn out with a lot of erosion. It is located in a flood plane so after rain it does flood and brings quite a bit of trash from the lake up to the trail which does not make for a good view. Currently there is a lot of construction due to encroaching housing development. North of Collin Park a housing development cut the trail in half. South of Breckenridge a housing development diverted the trail to the perimeter of the development. At the very North part of the trail a pipe line has been put in and destroyed a portion of the trail as well. Not what I want to see while hiking. Word of warning, the trail becomes very tacky after a rain and will stick to your shoes/boots. Unless we have a hot summer it takes a bit for the trail to dry out. Don't expect beautiful views unless you go off trail toward the lake on a nice day.

Awesome hike!!!

1 month ago

This trail was beautiful! Very short and to the point, but definitely worth the time. It takes you right up to the Guadalupe River and has many spots to actually touch the water as well if you’d like. There are also picnic benches for people to use. Super pretty and easy for anyone interested!

trail running
1 month ago

There are actually two trails in the park, one is out and back and the other is a lollipop. The Cactus Cut trail is approximately one mile, two since it is out and back. The trail begins at the water only campground and ends at the water electric sites. This trail is clearly the park's "gem", it is very well maintained and marked extraordinarily well. they should have saved half of the markers for the Roadrunner Loop, which is poorly maintained, has no proper trail markings and is 1.8 miles. This trail begins at the water electric sites a few yards from the Cactus Cut exit. You cannot navigate the entire 1.8 miles, just turn around when you lose the trail. Overall it's a pleasant hike if you are in the area.

on Mae Simmons Park Trail

1 month ago

Found a remote key if anyone is looking

1 month ago

Nice trail, though about a mile up from the southern trailhead there was a small bridge that was washed out and mostly under water. Finding a way around it was a challenge. There was a moderate amount of hiker traffic today and very few bikes. A good deal of trash near the trail, mostly washed up from the lake.

We paid $5 when we came in at Rockledge Park, and saw signs warning that the park closed at sundown. We got a late start and only made it a few miles up the trail before we turned back to make sure we were out by sundown. Several times we took a wrong turn and ended up at a dead end at someone's back yard.

The attendant was happy to see our dog and he gave him a treat on the way in.

My girlfriend and I came into check out the park. We approached the gate 45 mins before it closed to be told it was closed. My girlfriend had to go to the restroom and approached what looked like a restroom for the booth to be yelled at to turn around and leave.

That was what clenched this terrible experience. I can't believe she yelled at us and told us to leave. We had plenty of time for her to go to the restroom and make a few miles.

Please save yourself the time and heartache. The trails looked beautiful in all trails and we were excited to hit up the canyon ridge trail but we are never going back and you shouldn't either. Never go here. The hours are terrible too. Why close at 5.

Also if you have an iPhone you will be sent to a random road that will never take you to the park.

Pretty good mountain bike trail for lubbock. Some trash in areas and sewage smell in others. Some difficult hills to climb and dangerous ones to go down. Some parts are flowy. Overall its a great place to get outside and ride. You can always hop off the trail and ride around the lake too.

trail running
2 months ago

Best trail system around, hands down.

on Mae Simmons Park Trail

2 months ago

Had a blast

Good hike inside the city. Great for swimming when we get enough rain.

Nice, easy urban trail. Not moderate at all. Wide trail, mixed use. Ok for runners, walkers, cyclists, pets. Stevie Ray Vaughan statue on the south side of the river is cool.

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