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trail running
Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good parking, though it could get limited. Don't accidentally drive into the park and pay. You DON"T have to go into the park, no payment is necessary.

As for trail running, it's a descent length for a semi-short run, it's mostly flat and not too rocky, not many "obstacles". I give it three stars because it looks and feels so "plain". There're no water crossings, and the one large hill climb is at the very beginning/ending, when you shouldn't be climbing hills, but warming up and cooling down, lol. If you want the full trail-running experience, you gotta do the other trails here as well.

But the wildlife sightings are good, and there are ups and downs in the trail. Near the middle of the park is a firstaid kit, pretty cool. The signage is good. Just seemed like a boring run, especially after you get off the other trails. But all-in-all, don't let my negativity here influence you, I bet you'll like it :)