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It’s really good course to enjoy trail. I love this.

At one point the trail disappears entirely. Cool area with spots for swimming. Went on a Sunday, was not very crowded and parking was easy

trail running
20 hours ago

Bring more water than you think, we ran out. Awesome views throughout the hike!

21 hours ago

Definitely steep! Definitely hard! Definitely worth it!! We hiked old baldy with our 4 kids (13,11,9,7) they thought the hike was super tough, but they pulled through and really loved the hike in the end! We hiked in the morning and the trail wasn’t busy and the weather was much cooler (we hiked in August)

hiked this one once before and LOVED it highly reccommend to anyone looking to explore. il be coming back very soon to run and get back into shape as well. anyone up for partner runs??

i haven't yet been here but am currently looking for a good trail to run with my dog along and this one looks great from what Ive seen so far, ill be tryi g it tomorrow cant wait.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Been riding these trails for like 30 years. Something for everyone. Can’t get lost...

HARD - I do a fair amount of hiking, but this trail was no joke. lots of elevation gain and a pretty relentless climb for the first mile or two. we started early around 6:50AM and were done in a little over 4 hours. bring lots of water, more than you think you’ll need and then some - the heat gets to you pretty quickly. I highly suggest starting early as it both provides some solitude on the trail and a break from the high temperatures that you will experience on the descent. the summit offered some great views and provided a nice place to relax for a bit before heading back down the mountain. I would definitely do this hike again and definitely recommend it if you’re training for any sort of thru-hike. have fun!!!!

I wouldn't call this a trail. It's a walking and biking path right in downtown. It's nice enough for that, although there is quite a bit of garbage. Overall it's not particularly scenic except for going by a park.

I like that it's large and almost untouched by man. It has tons of trees, cliffs, streams and winding trails. I actually got a lost out there for 4 hours with my husband, so make sure you take a trail map. Many of the trails in the deep woods are unmarked. So fun!

I loved it .. nownext time to come with bikes

spectacular off-road journey, you'll find yourself once you lose yourself....

great new addition. amazing geological history adding layers of fun and new understanding to revisited sights.

what a beautiful trail. longer than usual as the gate from Ross Maxwell scenic drive was closed. rest in the lush green Oasis prior to the final hike up to the falls was sublime. caught sight of a golden eagle soaring in the warm air uplift in the cliffs. kids 7 and 9 enjoyed every step. quiet trail when the gate is closed.

Really enjoyed this trail! Pack your water especially if it’s hot!

Decent trail that ends at a lookout point. Good for my 12 year old and I.

Good trail with a nice variety of elevation. Took my 10 year old and she did great.

This trail is more for bikes. They have a way better trail with better amount of miles. There is no shade for walking so make sure you wear hats and a lot of sunscreen.

This is a great trail, full of challenges, both uphill and downhill.... view is awesome!!

Arbor hills is an excellent nature park for a quick hike and "get out of the city" trip. The park offers plenty off trail paths trails to adventure! My puppy and I love the fresh air and scenery here!

I would have rated higher if it were marked better. Many of us took the wrong path after the .2 mi marker. Bear right at the next fork and go down. You'll see the CCC laid steps. I'm a 63 year old female 5'2" with no major health issues and pretty active. Parts were challenging but those parts were short. Needed a hand taking some long steps downhill. Worth it though!

Beautiful bridges and lovely nature ! Trail is well paved too

It was nice walking this trail, but I wish there was water.

A beautiful hike, with tremendous views and really fun in the technical section (I would skip using the chains and simply climb up using the natural hand-holds). I've done it in both directions and prefer starting in McKelligon Canyon and ending at Trans-mountain road (the decent into the wash at Trans is a bit loose at the top but manageable). 2.5hrs start to finish, at an easy pace, but bring water as it can get hot!

Btw, we did manage to do it with one car, by having an Uber pick us up and bring us back to the start...

Hiked this on May 7, 2018.
it was hot, starting the day at 85 F and climbing to 100 F when we came off the mountain. Even with threr applications of sunscreen, I was burnt.

The views are amazing. The first mile is hard, becoming easier as you go on. Lots and lots of steps though.

thank you to the people that upkeep this trail!

The Canyon was cool in the valley with spectacular views that changed as the sun set. There are benches for resting, camp sites, and flushable toilets. Bring plenty of drinking water. It’s only $5 per person and the park stays open until 10pm. It is dog friendly and some trails for horses. We also saw mountain bike trails. I’d recommend this Canyon to families with kids and pets.

The company that build this little stretch of trail was Myers construction. I was the super, the forman, the surveyor, and one of the equipment operators. we cleared the land, build the concrete, the parking lot, i was there from start to finish. First and foremost yes the trail is ADA approved, which was a straight challenge. When building this trail that was pretty much the biggest requirement, of course past the returning the park grounds back to a natural landscape. the reason for the trail to be built with way is for one major reason. that is so people with walking disabilities, who enjoy nature, still have the opportunity to have a place to enjoy. for me... i love this trail for one major reason, it is a perfect bombing hill on a longboard. if you skateboard and are looking for a hill to bomb... this one is perfect. turns just tight enough to give excitement, slope perfect, give her a try you wont be disappointed.

Amazing hike, absolutely beautiful. Trail is very well maintained and easy to follow. Lots of cool geologic structures and fossils in the rooks if you're into that sort of thing. It is tough, felt like I hiked 4 miles straight up. There's not much flatness, zigzags all the way up. Well worth it when you get to the top.

shaded trees and water trails. lots of trails to walk around.

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