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The Lake Creek Preserve is a Montgomery County open space preserve managed jointly with the non-profit Bayou Conservancy (open to public, no fee). This loop combines the two primary trails on the preserve, the Orange and Blue Trails. The loop begins at the signed trailhead and parking area, and remains in thick forest throughout. The forest is dominated by floodplain hardwoods like water oak, cedar elm, sweetgum, ash and swamp hickory. Many areas are seasonally wet, and the trail has numerous sections of boardwalk as well as sections where paving stones have been put down to save your shoes. Undergrowth varies from thick yaupon brush, to areas of dense palmettos, and more grassy areas dominated by sea oats. closer to Lake Creek there are several ponds with water even in the dry season, and the trail eventually leads to Lake Creek itself, although steep embankments make it difficult to access the creek directly. The mature trees, wetlands, dense palmetto thickets and Spanish moss make this trail very beautiful and peaceful, and obviously a great amount of effort has gone into making the trail nice to walk with numerous boardwalks and interpretive signs. Only detractors are the mosquitos, and the sound of traffic that drifts into the preserve. This trail is not made for bikes given the numerous boardwalk sections and paving stones, and bikes would likely damage the trail.

The trail is in good shape. It’s well maintained. There are lots of logs down but they are small enough to step over. The path into and out of dry creeks are very well maintained with steps when it makes sense. It was super hot but thankfully no bugs! Great walk, but it’s basically a walk in the woods. Other than a quick look at “little lake” there really are no vistas.

So many spiders! It’s a great trail but not for running right now. I can’t count the number of spiderwebs I ran into and face planted. I would say hike this with a stick in front of you. Otherwise it was lovely.

The trail is great. I liked the slightly over grown parts. Made me feel like I earned it. Nothing too bad. Almost no mud at all right now. Only saw 3 snakes. It might be a bit too hot right now. We had to take several breaks. We recorded over 9 miles on on the loop with very little deviation.

This trail was nice but I would have loved to have started at the Little Creek Wilderness part. We lost my dog in the middle so we looped back a few times.

Parked car at TH #3 on F.M. 149. Very narrow trail throughout N. Wilderness to TH #2. Trail widens when back on LSHT to finish loop back to TH# 3.

This is a decent little loop for training and overall conditioning for longer, difficult hikes. Parked at TH2 on Bethel Rd. Took LSHT to TH1. Looped back to TH2 via 3.05 mile section of Little Lake Creek Loop.

I hiked this loop on 03/16/19. The southeastern portion was a 3 mile slog through ankle deep water and mud, however, if you know what to expect and have your sock changing and foot care system worked out then you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this bottomland hardwood and palmetto forest. Come prepared. If it’s not really muddy then it’s probably way too hot and humid (think Amazon) to be fun. In the summer it can be somewhat dangerous for inexperienced and/or unprepared hikers.

Not too busy, feels secluded. Very muddy in parts though.

Do not do this loop unless you want to walk or in my case run through endless miles of mud and water from ankle to waist deep! Pretty area but not good for running or hiking or mountain biking.

A great outdoor getaway, considering its proximity to Houston. While it lacked scenic overviews and elevation, it made up for it in dense vegetation and beautiful Texas forrest. If looking for a life changing, memorable trail... This isnt it, however it is a great get away to the outdoors and wonderful getaway from the developed world. Bring water proof boots, as mud rules much of the trail. Great back country campsite about half way through, and great picnic sight along the pond. Overall, a great day hike or introduction to a short backpacking trip for any Texan.

Exactly like Joshua said in his comments. Had some rain lately and near the lake side the water was well over my knees. Almost the whole trail was like a creek. Need to wait until a dry spell to do this trail. Definitely better on the west side of 149.

Extremely muddy (it has been a wet month though), but otherwise great hike.

Went on this trail with my fiance in mid November. It has several interesting crossings of small streams, and a nice little change in elevation. The trail was very clearly marked, and easy to follow, though it was a little overgrown in parts. The views were beautiful and there was plenty of plants/mushrooms around to look at as well. Decent size stretches are muddy, so I would highly recommend wearing actual hiking shoes and not just running shoes.

We did about 28 miles on a two day weekend. There was plenty of water in the 3rd week of February 2018 and the temperature was great. It's definitely a winter backpacking trail and not so much for the summer months. I like that it has a lot of options for distances.

Took this loop 2 days after the area had a heavy storm, BAD IDEA. This was my first solo outing and I found myself trekking through 3-4ft. of water for miles along the lake side of this loop, with fish and turtles jumping in the water around me. I had a very large carp splash not but 2 feet in front of me, good thing my pants were already wet. I still have bad feelings towards the sight of a Palmetto. Luckily the trail is well marked so sticking to it wasn't a problem. All together, eliminating the high volumes of water, the trail was not bad. Some area's were obviously not as traveled as others so slightly overgrown. I took a bath in bug spray before venturing out so the mosquito's wouldn't bother me, but they definitely made their presence known. So be sure to bring bug spray, a Thermacell, or something on this trail or you may return with a lot less blood. There are a number of creek crossings that are a little too wide to jump if the water is up. This makes for plenty of places to refill on water but be sure to have waterproof boots or an extra pair of dry socks.

Nice trail. Took GSD And two adolescents. No problems. Don’t wear shoes you like. Quite a few trees down on paths but easy to deal with.

Great trail! First half open forest, second half tall trees, walking along Creekbank was nice.

3 stars

Jumped deer right by the trail. saw a bobcat stalking prey 25 yards away on the trail! Be prepared for allot of briars and some downed trees across trail.watch your feet saw a coral snake on the trail.

A nice little trail. It was a great overcast day for our hike and a good test of the new backpacks. If only it had some real hills it'd be great. The Little Lake is a good destination and stopping place for a bite to eat! (Though there is some discussion on whether it's a Lake or a Pond)

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