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i thought this was a beautiful easy hike. unfortunately i thought it ended at the barrier that says Trail ends here. found out on my way back that you're supposed to keep going past that to get to the lighthouse. i still enjoyed the beauty but wish it was posted better. beautiful sunny day in Januray, 60 degrees, perfect

13 hours ago

I took my 4-year old and my dog hiking on this trail today and we really enjoyed it. The trail is clearly marked with white blazes, so it was very easy to find our way. There were lots of muddy spots on the trail, even some puddles big enough that we (and clearly many others) had to hike off trail to keep from getting shoes soaked through.

We had the place all to ourselves—we didn’t even see any mosquitoes, though given the swampiness of the area I’ll bet they swarm like crazy when it gets above 60 or 70 degrees. It was in the 50s today, so we lucked out. It’s January, so bare tree branches gave us a nice view of the river a lot of the time.

To address a previous poster’s confusion, the bluff lookout is just around the little loop in the road from the trailhead at the north end of the trail near the restroom. So you don’t hike to the bluff, you begin the hike at the lookout.

Very good for hiking, but not for biking. Spent half the time walking or carrying my bike over the rocks. Also very muddy

on Walnut Creek Trail

1 day ago

Sunday late morning: beautiful, easy, lots of dogs running around happily in the creek, multiple parking lots

Turkey creek is always a go to for me, especially my dog! There are a few downed trees in the path now, and quite a bit of slippery spots if wet.. but other than that it's a nice trail. My favorite time to go is after it rains, it makes the experience a little more interesting with the higher water level in the creek. Definitely prepare to get your feet wet, and meet quite a few dogs along the way!
There are no bathrooms, or water fountains! so be sure to bring lots of water and prepare ahead of time.

1 day ago

First, the falls are wonderful and totally unexpected as this is in the middle of texas! The air is a bit tropical and humid, the climb down to the viewing area at the end of the trail is rocky and steep. I went in middle of August so it was very hot, humid, and miserable. Seeing the falls and the Colorado river was definitely worth it though.

The trail is mostly barren, minimal shade, and the ground is rocky so it's a little rough on the feet and ankles. Dogs are supposed to be on leash and pet owners are supposed to pick up after them however it didnt seem most people were following the rules.

This trail is difficult simply due to terrain being rocky, steep, and being shade less. It's a great hike with a nice reward at the end... only problem is you have to hike back!

road biking
2 days ago

I rode this trail from the Downtown Denton Transit Center all the way across the Lake Lewisville bridge and back.

There's numerous street crossings (some of which are very busy in terms of automobile traffic) where you have to wait for the crossing light, and even then you have to be careful because there's cars turning that will completely not notice you're there and will run you over if you try to cross while the "Walking" sign is green.

It's also not very scenic, you're basically riding past industrial parks, trailer homes, RV parks, and old run-down neighborhoods.

I would not recommend this trail!

Been taking this trail at sunrise every Monday morning with my dogs. One of my favorites. It is well marked and tons of wild life. Saw a coyote and large cat prints in the dirt as well as deer. There are some muddy spots after a rain but it looks like others have made a path around it. I really enjoy our time here.

Great views, especially if you go past the balanced rock and scramble up the other side. Super easy.

Nice walk the river is beautiful.

Great trail to see wildlife. My son and I went here in the fall and saw quite a few deer.

Sunday brisk walk and the start of a fresh new year. Super easy trail. No need for hiking boots, running shoes are better for this trail. There are a lot of bikers on this trail. So be prepared to move “on you left”.

This is my favorite trail in Austin. The recent rains have the water up, there are a few downed trees across the trail, and it is pretty muddy in some areas, but it doesn’t make it any less great. Just be prepared to get your feet wet.

We went out for a walk and they were closed.

I would say this is more of an easy trail than moderate. One of our favorites because it’s beautiful and close to home. I recommend this trail for people of all ages.

I love this trail. It offers beautiful views with the multiple streams that run along the walkway. Easy enough for a simple stroll, and long enough for a great run. I have a blind dog who has trouble getting comfortable with walking outside, and he had no issues navigating the trail (with a leash, of course). My mother, who trains for half marathons runs here every weekend and loves it as well. Only problem is people leaving dog waste bags along the way, please practice Leave No Trace principles!

Great and off leash dog friendly

Very nice trails

Texas history, 1st brewery in Tx, kid friendly trails, very scenic, dogs on leash

4 days ago

Lovely little trail. Very non-intensive, good place for kids, pets, or a relaxing walk after work.The most difficult part was finding the place.

Nice trail, but there are spots that will hold water for a few days after a rain. They aren't too hard to get around.

It is a nice walk through the park.

Our daughter came with us this time and we didn’t make the full trail but still had a blast. A little muddy after the recent rains but still enjoyable.

off road driving
4 days ago

it was super muddy and loooong.

trail needs some TLC

This is not a hiking trail, it’s a road and equestrian trail hence the horse manure. There’s no tranquility or trail guidance. Not intended for hiking or running.

4 days ago

Nice short hike with the family, kid friendly.

Great when you just want to get some exercise in

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