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It was a great walking. My dog & I enjoyed it.
Someone left three bullets at the 3.74 mile marker.
Didn’t understand why......,, or what the message was. All I could think was “that’s nonsense.”

I most repeat “It was a great walk”

My daughter, 4 year old grandson and I walked this trail after a rain so there were plenty of puddles and mud. However, we managed to go around most muddy spots without issue. I needed a true nature trail that wasn’t paved and this filled the bill! It’s a mostly easy trail with a few ups and downs and some bumpy rooty areas.

Harvey made this a little more like intermediate. Beautiful with nice view of bayou midway.

Quite nice walk, I loves high pine trees all around. The hike is paved which was really good today after heavy rains (everything else was flooded). There is plenty of playgrounds along the trail so our kids had several rewards. Also plenty of spaces for having picnic or BBQ.

trail running
16 days ago

It's Houston so rule out hiking....but as far as trails go, this is one of the better loops in the city. Great views of downtown, skate park (with food trucks), dog park, volleyball courts, and even a fancy brunch restaurant - so it should appeal to just about everyone :)

My children and I enjoyed the walk, with views of the skyscrapers which we joked about being our urban mountains. Great number of herons and egrets, fun people watching, dog park, graffiti, sculptures, trees to climb, and an amazing skatepark. Thoughtfully planned areas for families.

Very poorly kept, muddy trail. Not even really a trail at the start. We turned around about 100 yards in.

28 days ago

So great and safe so close to the heart of the city

One of our favorites with the playground. Lots of miles and restroom with playground for my small hiking buddy. We have done this both ways from the beltway and from dairy ashford. Lots of changes in senory.

1 month ago

Very challenging for me as a beginner. Lots of elevation changes, tree roots some mud. Beautiful wooded area.

trail running
2 months ago

Every time I come to Houston, I have to get a long run in here. Great atmosphere with lots of trees and views of the water. It is a favorite for joggers especially at night, given the hot Houston days. Night runs are safer on the western and central portions of the trail.

trail running
3 months ago

They have a stair way you can jump squat I love the setup I used to come daily perfect distance for joggers

as far as I could tell once I arrived it was only for dirt bikes and I couldn't tell how it could be an 11.1 mile trail. waste of gas after driving from the other side of Houston

mountain biking
3 months ago

Really muddy, hasn’t been dry in months

The trail is not ideal for road biking as there is a lot of gravel, grass and pine needles on the trail. It is also pretty uneven and bumpy. Even the roads in the park are not ideal for road biking. I ended up riding in circles on the few roads that were decent for about 20 miles, but won’t be back with my road bike. It would have been good for a mountain bike or running.

4 months ago

My hubby and I enjoyed how this trail seemed so far from everything and offered actual hiking. Beautiful trail!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Been riding these trails for like 30 years. Something for everyone. Can’t get lost...

I truly felt the burn on this perimeter! I like it.

5 months ago

Really nice for an urban trail so close to a major freeway.

Great little trail for a quick walk or run. Despite being in the middle of residential and offices, for the most part it feels rural and isolated.
Caution: if your desire is only 2.4 miles, keep track of your position on the map. This loop is part of a much larger trail system and in several places what appears to be the continuation is actually not part of this loop. There is even a short single track dirt interconnect under a road to stay in this loop.
Worth it. Enjoy!

5 months ago

I really like this trail!

I used to walk this trail when my kids were really little. Double jogger and two working dogs in tow, once you committed you were in it for the long haul. Yesterday was the first time I’ve taken to the trail in about 7-8 years. I loved it! All the work that has been done to the park is awesome. The lighting, cameras, bridges, extra parking, all makes it even better than it was before. Can’t wait to return again soon!

Super nice bike trail. Lots of cool down areas.

6 months ago

This was our first time out there. We got a little off the beaten path, but that was the fun part. It was still a little slippery, we had a great time out there, but will let it dry a bit more before tackeling it again.

Great place to run in Houston area. We ran the purple and yellow trails and enjoyed them both (very similar). Fewer people on these trails than the paved trails out along the road. So many on the paved trail Saturday morning we wondered if there was an organized event going on:). Mid June at 8 am was humid and warm, but a steady breeze helped. Trails are wet in some areas, depending on recent rain.

7 months ago

Nice walking trail and also good for people to ride bikes through park.

I hiked all of the trails. Started around 10 ish, took me a while to adjust to the map and the markers since I'm relatively new to this. The trail are moderate as it says except for the purple trail. The purple trail is easier but less shadier. I wore a cap, white long sleeves, face shield, camel Bak with essentials inside as well as sunblock. Bugs weren't a huge problem even though I had bug repellent on. Everyone who passed me by wore shorts and a tank top pretty much, but I like to avoid getting cancer and to be safe rather than sorry in this 100 degree weather. Although the entire experience is scenic in itself, there aren't really any flowers during this time unless you west of the map where the purple trail leads there are some wild flowers and sunflowers that'll lead you to the running trail center. There will be mountain bikers and if you hear some yelling, usually something on the lines of "biker, rider, some mumble jumble from a distance" etc, then you just move aside andet them pass. If you plan on doing a similar hike like mine I'd carry a hydration back pack with some snacks. Great trail! Oh yeah the trails are pretty dry now being that it's summer.

great trail! well maintained. just watch out for speeding bike riding!

Terry Hershey has a long paved hike & bike trail. The anthills are actually the unpaved portions down lower next to the river I believe. It is a nice but heavily trafficked trail inside of Houston.

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