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Nice shaded trail even in the Houston summer heat, I was able to stay cool.

I truly felt the burn on this perimeter! I like it.

Great little trail for a quick walk or run. Despite being in the middle of residential and offices, for the most part it feels rural and isolated.
Caution: if your desire is only 2.4 miles, keep track of your position on the map. This loop is part of a much larger trail system and in several places what appears to be the continuation is actually not part of this loop. There is even a short single track dirt interconnect under a road to stay in this loop.
Worth it. Enjoy!

It was very good even though it’s summer & it was a bit hot

we enjoy family "hikes" here a few times per year. great for young kids.

husband and i enjoy it for a nice walk with our fur babies.

2 months ago

Nice walking trail and also good for people to ride bikes through park.

I hiked around the trails with a hydration pack and some snacks and hiking essentials. They were beautiful! Full of life and nature! The trees provide shade even in 98 degree weather, it was cool. I even brought along a fan/mister and didn't event need to use it! In the shade it felt like 75-80 degrees. Around 4 pm- 7 pm, it was pretty much empty. It was super easy! Would def do again! They're still working on phase 2 of the woodway entrance but mostly all the trails open

it really does feel like you're in the woods. lots of winding trails. great for birdwatching. be sure to wear mosquito repellent during morning and evening. my dogs enjoy it too.

Nice walk, good fresh air

nature trips
3 months ago

in the houston arboretum, there are seperate trails (such as coyote trail) and the trees provide just enough cover where the sun filters through perfectly. this is also a great place to take some nature pictures. it is one of my favorite places in houston!!!

on Hermann Park Trail

trail running
3 months ago

this trail is great for running. there are slight hills and perfect gravel for running. when it starts to rain, everything cools down and the trees partially protect you. i personally like the marvin taylor trails. 5 stars!!!

It's a good n long trail, my wife n I haven't been cycling for years now but we enjoyed this trail

Spring hike where there is not a lot to see. The flowers are not blooming and there still is a lot of water standing in the ditches. They are in the middle of revitalizing the area so entrance has moved and the outer loop is not complete. Enter off of West Loop feeder road with new parking area. Much more parking now.

Very nice park and trail system

The monument is cool.

Nice place to walk the dog on a Sunday in January. A lot of downed trees, might be leftover from Harvey. Some of the trails are boardwalk, which was kinda slippery because it had rained the day before. Probably much prettier in the spring/summer.

under construction. very busy on MLK day.

Great easy trail in the city. Lots of birds and other wildlife. In our years using this trail we have see coyote, squirrel, snakes, great horned owl, screech owl, woodpeckers, raccoon, opossum...look for dew berries in the spring.

Really great place to walk with the kids.

This trail is a nice little surprise tucked away just inside the West Loop near Memorial Park. Very quiet and relaxing walk.

Simple trails. More of a stroll than a hike, but we enjoy it for walks on nice days and getting out with the dog.

trail running
10 months ago

trail system is pretty much all paved with a few short dirt trails (all less than 1/4 mile). Not sure how they got a 7.7 mile trail system. The trail map shown is only about 2.25 mi, but the trails extend outside the park and you can get additional miles. Park and trails are well maintained tho. it is clean & not heavily trafficked. A wheel chaired person could make it every where on the trails

What a gem! It’s a reprieve from the hustle and bustle; right in the middle of Houston!
There are some considerable upgrades in the works for the center, so much of the trail is closed. But once they are done, it’s going to be so fantastic.
Today was my first time there and it was quite wonderful. I have nothing but great words.
Dogs are allowed.
Brought bug spray, but we didn’t need it.

10 months ago

great view and environment.

Great trail, at least the parts that were open. Part of the trail was closed due to construction. The portion that was open was great though.

no words can explain. rainy morning made it an even better experience.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nice place to walk but it's not scenic. I would come back again only because it's probably one of the nicest one in the city.

Great nature trail right inside the city which makes you forget where you are. Lots of flora to enjoy. Outer loop is almost 2.5 mi. If you take time to enjoy some of the extra alternate side trails, which are nice.

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