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Houston, Texas Map

Really great trail for dogs and kids.

I like this trail as it is not filled with Mountain bikers. A little more challenging than the flat purple trail and has a few steep step ups/downs... but a novice can get through easily.

You can color combo this in any color palette you want... Blue and Red will have mountain bikers, while orange does not, but it is considered moderate in my opinion.

Rerating this trail... Not completely easy as there are some sections that have been eroded to make it hard for a "easy" walker to navigate. Sections of this should be upgraded to moderate, but combine this with blue trail and it is a great workout.

Definitely a moderate trail, there are some super tricky sections if you are a newbie or have trouble climbing or stepping up/down. But it is a decent workout. Mountain bikers use the trails, so keep your ears open. They don't slow down for us walkers.

Great hike; we did a combination of the trails since the Purple Trail was washed out in one area. There were hills enough to make the hike a little more challenging than most around Houston.
We were there on a Saturday, and there was heavy traffic with mountain bikers and unleashed dogs. In a few places there is not a lot of room to move out of the way for them, (and some do not slow down at all) so I would hesitate to bring small children. It might be better during the week, but we haven't tried it yet.

9 days ago

I rate it this high because it is one of the few trails in Houston. Very easy and fun to run...all the time.

mountain biking
13 days ago

Great trail to ride for exercise.

Attempted to start off of the purple trail, but got to a section that seemed impassible for EASY. Looks like hurricane may have washed part away. You would basically have to climb down into a ditch and climb back out. As someone just starting to hike and being alone, I was not able to make the LEAP into the ditch, nor climb out. I turned around and hiked purple/orange instead.

Had to have gotten lost somewhere... I was walking the purple trail and I got to an VERY impassible part. Looked like it was washed out from the hurricane. It stopped where the orange trail makes a loop backward. I could not find any other way to get around the purple trail. I decided to take the orange trail back around. So my hike was a combo of purple and orange. Orange is much more moderate trail than the simple purple, but was still fairly easy.
With going half way around the purple and taking orange back, it made the official journey 2.7 miles per my GPS on the alltrails recording.

This trail head was nonexistent.

This is a very fun trail. With ups and downs at 3 to 5 feet, it was just our speed. It was not to wet. We loved it. Perfect trail, we will be back.

18 days ago

This park is under construction and can't be used.

18 days ago

This was a horrible trail. Water was covering part of the trail. It would have come up to our knees. It was a big muddy mess. With 10 to 15 foot ups and downs. It was also very steep.

Flat and paved, good trail for long runs! Lots of bikes, but all were very courteous!

Great little trail

1 month ago

The monument is cool.

1 month ago

It's tricky to navigate, but once you get it, it's great. Paved path is great. It's hard because it's mostly in the sun. There are restrooms that you can use. They are in the blue lagoon building accessable from the outside in the back. Restrooms were clean.

Lots of fun with all the ups and downs. Great trail. It's a little tricky but just our speed. Lots of bikes and dogs. Otherwise we love it.

Nice loop with a wide path, easy.

Wet and nasty. Horrible. Slushing through ankle deep mud on the trail. If you go make sure it hasn't rained in at at least a month. Or walk three miles in mud boots. We had a horrible time and went home muddy.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Wonderful, long, well maintained, mostly blacktop trail system. Interesting stops along the way. all skill levels can appreciate what it has to offer. The "anthills" are just enough to keep it interesting and a bit challenging to maintain revolutions and momentum. Wonderful gem in the middle of H-town.a

Nice place to walk the dog on a Sunday in January. A lot of downed trees, might be leftover from Harvey. Some of the trails are boardwalk, which was kinda slippery because it had rained the day before. Probably much prettier in the spring/summer.

mountain biking
1 month ago

my go too trail for my regular rides.

under construction. very busy on MLK day.

Checked out this shorter trail of the Dwight D Eisenhower Park today, four months after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the flooding of San Jacinto River. We found it in good condition to walk through and dry. You can clearly see the debris line in the tree branches even all the months after. I regret not thinking to bring gloves and a bag to remove light trash as we walked the loop.
A good part of this trail is on the road back to the parking and picnic area.

mountain biking
2 months ago

An excellent trail system that is very well maintained, and serene. Beautiful trees and lots of birds, rabbits and squirrels. A word of caution for all mountain bikers; be on high alert for joggers, distracted pedestrians, and dogs that are not attached with a leash. They will run right in front of you, or pop out around blind corners, so approach corners and banks with caution. While I was biking here, bikers were flying around corners and trail systems, which is ill-advised and is a recipe for disaster. You will have an awesome time here, just be cautious and respectful.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Very technical and a good challenge if you thing Green is getting comfortable.

Great easy trail in the city. Lots of birds and other wildlife. In our years using this trail we have see coyote, squirrel, snakes, great horned owl, screech owl, woodpeckers, raccoon, opossum...look for dew berries in the spring.

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