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Of course it's a great trail, but watch out for rattlesnakes. We passed 2 rattlesnakes on our hike. One was in the middle of the trail and one was toward the side of the trail in the shade. It had just bit a hiker and she was waiting for medical help to arrive. Hike in center of trail (about5-6 feet wide) and be very aware of surroundings.

Wonderful paved walking path with numerous off road trails crisscrossing the area. Biking on the paved path or on the dedicated off road biking trail only. Very popular destination.

Nice for a short getaway in North Denton County. "Beware of Snakes" signs are for real. Crossed a copperhead this morning on our second visit this month.

4 days ago

Nice walking trail. Started in Farmersville and did about 4.5 miles with our dogs. Very easy, it’s a paved trail where we were so definitely no hiking. There were joggers, horseback riders, and cyclists, but the trail definitely has room for all to enjoy.

Dogs are welcome, but need to be on a leash. My one complaint and reason I give it four stars was the German Shepherd walking around off-leash at the end of our walk. We didn’t know if he was with one of the other walkers or if he was from a nearby home/farm. We had a group of people and our dogs with us so he stayed away, but if I’d been alone with one of my dogs, I would have been concerned.

Otherwise, excellent trail. Well maintained with trash bins along the way. Nice wooded scenery. Not a difficult trail at all, at least not at this location. Will definitely be back.

A regular spot for me and. My family! Offers a good range of walking/hiking and biking trails.

Just two miles away from Flatiron District, Arbor Hills has both concrete and dirt trails. The outer loop trail is a good dirt trail to practice trail running, and is 2.5 miles long, providing a nice five mile trail run or hike.

I took my two small dogs on this trail this morning. We got out there just right before 8am and by the time we got back to the car it was blazing hot. It took us about 2.5 hours to compete, but we took it slow and took lots of water breaks. Heavily used, mostly a hard dirt packed trail with some rocks and sand. I would say that the only thing that is moderate about this hike is the oppressive heat. I saw people walking in with only a liter of water but make no mistakes that is absolutely not enough water if you’re hiking in the heat of the day. I had two 64 ounce water bladders in my backpack and I drained most of them. Not much shade, so sunscreen and a hat is a must. Beautiful views, with lots of wildlife. We saw a few lizards, a tarantula, and some bluebirds. I would imagine this trail would have been absolutely amazing when all of the water crossings were full. I would recommend this trail to experienced hikers in the summer and to everyone on the cooler months.

road biking
9 days ago

The wooded areas are really pretty. Creek levels are low and there was a lot of trash in it and on the trail...makes me sad and mad. Saw a couple of men sleeping under the bridge at Forest and another taking a "shower" at the water fountains near 75 and 635 in that open area. Decided that I should probably turn around there...met back up with WRC trail and biked it until the trail was closed...somewhere on Park Central. It's probably best to bike it with a buddy...definitely felt safer on a bike than I would have running alone.

Great shaded trails. Excellent for summer.

trail running
10 days ago

Great park with nice scenery, close to downtown. The trails are great for all levels of mountain biking and trail running. Make sure you look at a map of the trails, it’s easy to get turned around.

Nice trail to get in some miles. A little curvy at some points but overall wide and nice for cycling. There are plenty of branches and connected paths that allow you to get in more than 20.7 miles.

We did the purple trail and the penitentiary trail twice..about 9.5 miles total. The temp was over 100 when we finished. I really liked the park and the lake and rock climbing options make it a good destination for a day or weekend. it's only about an hour from Fort Worth.
We will use this place again.

good hike last little bit is tough but it was worth it. I will be back with a flashlight to negotiate the actual mines

Beautiful area. Great park. The down fall is dogs are allowed on one trail only. Can be confusing as several different trails lead to others. Park ranchers are everywhere which is not a bad thing unless you got on a wrong trail with a dog. Actually a park rancher was upset with us just bringing a dog.. best to leave the dogs at home or go elsewhere.

I live in Plano. It is the best park in the area, although Oak Point is more wild, Arbor Hills offers some fantastic family friendly trails. Good luck finding peace and quiet here because it is extremely crowded.

Playground is great for kids (2-12)

23 days ago

Not one of our favorite trails. No shade and it's crowded. The trail is long but it's not really wide enough. While your walking or running you will have to watch for cyclist coming up from behind you. This trail just isn't wide enough

mountain biking
23 days ago

awesome views , lots of wildlife , challenging trail

great hike. but alil to long for my kids. but we still made it.

trail running
26 days ago

Beautiful trails to run so the scenery doesn’t get boring. It’s not all as open as I would have liked, but the main parts definitely are. There is also lovely wildflowers and a pond. There is a lot of sand/mud, and tall grasses as well. Mosquito spray is a good idea. But as there isn’t as much traffic I did encounter a snake while running so always keep an eye out!

Great trail.

trail running
28 days ago

I run this trail frequently. Fairly easy terrain. Not much shade in the summer. Porta-potties at trailhead. Also note: no dogs allowed on or off leash.

Great trails! Crosses the pavement a few times but nice views. Took kiddos 5 & 7 years and the fur baby. Will definitely bring clients to train!

Great little trail here in Denton, TX. This trail has lots of beautiful vegetation, and a wonderful prairie section of the trail accompanied by a nice hill for a great view. There are bikers on this trail regularly as well as people walking their dogs, but everyone has been friendly and polite. Some of the trails close throughout the year due to flooding from the wetlands portion of the trail so be prepared to skip a few short hikes.

a great trail, beware of snares near water towards the beginning of the trail, but there is a good variety of wildlife. it's also a great local trail for those who live in Denton without having to drive 30-60 minutes away. me and my labrador both love this trail

hate the entrance but all in all not too bad after you get through the boulders lol

Extremely rocky. Go slow.

Went with my husband and daughter. Our 2 year old loved the playground, which was conveniently located right across from the restrooms. So grateful to have found this place on a hot summer day. There are a lot of non-paved trails that are great for biking and running but the main trail was paved and stroller/wheelchair friendly. This place kept us in a comfortable and welcomed mood. We usually don’t stay at parks for more than an hour since our daughter gets fussy easily and the heat usually kind of chases us away. Luckily, with all the cool shade from all the beautiful trees and the calm streams, we were comfortable enough to walk around for about an hour and a half. It was peaceful and I think it even makes people a lot more friendly.

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