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Not so much a hiking trail, more of a siteseeing stop, but worth the stop and short walk. Couple ruins you can go in at the beginning and one closed off part way down the trail. Visited in June so stopped here in the middle of the day when needing a break from longer hikes. Good photo ops.

My family and I went today. We have lived in the area for about 2 years and have never been. It’s was absolutely beautiful and for those who love the outdoors and exploring it’s a great place to start. We were able to navigate easily and enjoyed getting in the water. I do wish people who visited the area took better care to clean up after themselves.

1 month ago

Kind of treacherous, especially when wet. Steep rocky climbs. Definitely would not run this trail. Great river cliff views though.

I love this place, lots of hidden treasures if you know where to look. Follow the creek up stream at the wood bridge and continue up to the springs. You won't be disappointed. You can also travel the main trail, that passes by the main water fall, across the swinging bridge and continue down until you think the trail ends. It doesn't, though it's nearly impossible to see, just keep going. There are cascading water falls, the ruins of the first water mill in Bell county, and remains of the Chisholm trail were thousands of wagons left there wheel tracks in limestone. People are trashy here though. I've picked up over 15 grocery bags worth of trash. I once carried out 6 at a time. It is a gem regardless.

love this place. awesome hike and cold water for doggie to get cooled off in.

trails arnt very well marked and some can get rather steep. if you veer off from the main paths it's easy to get lost. however, the scenery along the stream is beautiful. wish there was less trash everywhere though.

I was very disappointed of the trails...lots of garbage all over the park.

2 months ago

This is a beautiful and fun hike. Especially when you go all the way to the end!

Great trail loved walking in the water. Wish it went a bit farther but it’s great for kids!

Very loud: Adults, children, generators, lawnmowers, radios. And the scenery didn’t make up for it. Not enjoyable at all. The smell of diapers in the parking lot when I returned just finished off my displeasure with this park.

scenic driving
3 months ago

Our favorite scenic drive in the park! Loved it!

3 months ago

Perfect hike for families with small children. Shady & short. Lots of birds.

3 months ago

fun trail, not leading all the way to the top, but almost. We found a way by going around the rocks and clamber up from the back side.

There is no trail at that start point...

Amazing little gem! Easy to hike and follow trails. The spring sights and smells made this stop well worth it. A small part of the Brewery Lane Trail is temporary closed due to bee activity.

I really liked this place. Kind of hard to know where the trail actually is and it’s easy to get lost in here if you veer from the main path onto one of the many more scenic trails. But me and my family had a blast none the less

Beautiful drive to make when you first enter the park.

There are other trails on the other side of the river! If you stop by the Stillhouse Hollow Lake office before you cross the dam you can pick up a map. Plenty of wild turkey, turtles, and birds to see.

Many beautiful well kept trails to choose from. Great for kids to explore and play.

Completed the OML 3-13-18 to 3-15-18 three days two nights during spring break week. I would not recommend attempting this hike during spring break for those planning ahead next year it was a zoo. If you must do it during spring break then go towards the end of the week it was much less crowded no line to get into the basin.

Would also recommend bigbendchat.com to learn more about the trail and get excellent advice and updates on water locations that can be found on the trail. I was able to filter 4 L of water from a spring on the trail that I learned about from this website.

Overall it is a gorgeous, but tough hike so be sure to pack as light as possible since you’ll be carrying a lot of water with you. Additionally, stay the night at the lodge or perhaps in Alpine Texas and get to the panther junction station early next day so that you can get desirable campsite locations. We did not get to panther Junction until around 1:30 PM so were stuck with zone camping in Juniper Canyon first night and blue Creek zone camping the second night making day two a long 15.5 mile day.

Lastly, as other reviewer‘s have mentioned this trail is hard and not for the beginner backpacker. Unfortunately, we ran into a group of young men in their late teens early 20s who were ill prepared for this trail. They had started on the Dodson trail. One person had a day pack and was carrying his sleeping bag in his arms. I don’t know if the group made it past the basin, but he did not look like he was having a good time when we caught up to them midway on the Dodson trail.

Best advice for the OML is to plan ahead and have the right gear.

Fantastic hike!

You definitely need balance for this Trail. There are some steep areas. I wish there were markings or something so I knew where the trail led to.....we turned around at some point. I also would NOT bring my dogs on this trail.

Place is nice and the trails are well marked. It seems to stay busy.

Heat unique area limited access call them for information

Toughest Hike I have ever done.... YOU MUST PREPARE! Recommend bigbendchat.com and read everything.

Extremely demanding loop with a very high failure rate, and not for the inexperienced. Couple of thoughts/lessons.

1. This trail is no joke, water is a big issue, and I can see this trail flat out being very very dangerous for inexperienced or unprepared backpackers.
2. I can't imagine doing this trail much past mid-march, the Dodson was pretty brutal in the afternoon already
3. I wore shorts which was stupid, although I enjoyed the coolness, zipper pants for flexibility in the desert would have been better
4. We added both Emory Peak and the South Rim (at SW3) to the trip (total mileage ended up being 43 miles due to some side trial action. Unless you have been or plan to return I cannot imagine doing the OML without adding the South Rim, it was far and away the best part of the whole trip.
5. The trail is rough, very very rocky, and suggest you put a lot of time in prep into your shoe/sock/feet/knee plan as I think those issues are most likely to cause a stoppage.
6. I carried a 4.5L water capacity and drank at least 2 litrer before every fill up (beginning, upper juniper, and Homer Wilson). That was enough, although I wish I had probably 1 more liter on the Dodson and going up Blue Creek in the afternoon.
7. Make sure you have a plan for lots of electrolytes, I think that is a game changer vs. just plain water.
8. Pack light! My pack was 10-15 lbs lighter than my buddies and I think was the difference in finishing/not finishing. I also cowboy camped with only a groundsheet and emergency tarp (that I needed one night) which saved a good amount of weight.

Once you get yourself on the right trail it’s a great experience. Wasn’t able to finish the entire trail cause my phone died but was able to hit the key points, falls and bridges. Definitely will be going back in the future very well kept too esp for an unpaid park

Was fun with the kids however it is not stroller friendly even with a hiking stroller

It’s a real easy walk with steps and a swinging bridge. Pretty area with lots of people on the weekends!

Interesting museum with exhibits, the actual strike is gone, you just see remnants of digs. Go for the Museum.

Excellent hike. Very demanding. Can be done in two days, but recommend three. Well marked. No water, have to cache. Primitive campsites few and far between. Zone camping allowed once past the main trails in the park, but the terrain is very rugged, so plan carefully.

7 months ago

The trail is less scenic than many in Big Bend. Has demanding elevation changes. Homer ranch homestead a nice stop.

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