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Beautiful find in the middle of suburbia. Not a fan of suburbia, so this is a gem to me.

Nice hike, lots of bike traffic. Will be back for sure!!

Nice trails, clean, lots of shade.

trail running
21 days ago

Absolutely love these trails. It’s a great mix of level running ground, some mild switch backs, some sandy portions, and some more technical rocky sections. No huge hills or climbs.

Tons of mountain bikers if weather is nice so DO NOT wear headphones. I choose to run counter clockwise along with bikers bc while running I feel I have more of a warning. If I was walking/hiking, I’d go clockwise opposite of bikers.

A few water spigots at major breakpoints but take plenty of water with you as you’re pretty isolated most of the time.

The best part is that it’s not a true out and back since there are the east and west trails. Sometimes they merge, but it’s nice to go out 5 miles, turn come back on a different trail 5 miles to get in 10 (or easily more).

23 days ago

To prepare for our September hiking vacation, we hike portions of this trail 3 times per week. It can't prepare us for the altitude in the mountains, but it does help build our stamina, especially in the Texas summer heat. Probably the best hiking/biking trail in DFW. If you start at Rockledge Park on east end or Twin Coves Park on the west end, be prepared for a fee. If you start at the main Murrell Park entrance at the end of Simmons Road, or the old Murrell Park entrance at the end of N. Park Drive, there's no fee.
There are one way signs for bike traffic that goes counter-clockwise. For safety reasons, DORBA.org (who maintains the trail) recommends that hikers go clockwise so they can see oncoming bikes. This is important, because although hikers have the right of way, bikers rarely yield to hikers and you'll be jumping out of the way. A few years ago, I hiked counter-clockwise with the bike traffic and got run over from behind. That's why DORBA.org and the Army Corps of Engineers recommend walking against the bike traffic. Nice views of the lake on the some portions.

Took 4, 10 year olds on a Tuesday morning/afternoon. The beach area was super clean, the water was clean, and warm. Not very many people. Loved it!

27 days ago

Plan on going back soon. Sandy surface with great views of the lake.

1 month ago

Tons of bike traffic, good trail overall.

Great trails! Crosses the pavement a few times but nice views. Took kiddos 5 & 7 years and the fur baby. Will definitely bring clients to train!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Solid trail for beginners to experts

Went twice to this location. It has a variety of trails to pick from. I would recommend just for a ride

Nice walk/trail for being in a populous area. If you walk along the water, especially towards the beginning, there's a beautiful quartz vein that runs through the rock. It gets hot, even on a cooler day, so bring lots of water and wear proper sun protection.
The general area is good for families, although I would say the actual trail isn't. Lots of bikers; most are friendly and give a heads up, but the path is very windy and sometimes there's not much warning for an incoming biker. You can rent kayaks at the entrance to the park and that seems like it could be lots of fun.

2 months ago

Great trail with plenty of inclines, declines and switchbacks to make things interesting. I hiked the 11-ish miles from Twin Coves park entrance to Rockledge park. Started early and the trail was mostly empty. But once I reached the MADD shelter around 9am, the amount of bike traffic really picked up. I had a bike passing me every 1-2 mins, though most of them were very courteous and gave me a verbal heads up, and how many were following them. Do not recommend headphones on this trail.
Trail is very well maintained, and offers some amazing views of the lake (especially the beginning and end of the trail).

Very good trail especially given how close it is to where I live. However, it can get a little crowded, especially with bikers. It’s pretty, some elevation changes (for Texas), and not too short.

Easy beginner hike.

3 months ago

Nice trail to hike, unfortunately too many bikers!

We had a great time! The mountain bikers were so considerate. The trails were awesome and the views splendid!

Nice clean trail. Kid and pet friendly. There were. Lot of bike riders, but they were all friendly and gave warnings when passing.

Currently open daylight hours Sat & Sun. This is a great shoreline to walk! plenty of parking. $5 admission for cars & $1 for pedestrians if you don't have an annual city parks pass. The lake is beautiful, the birds are plentiful, very peaceful. This is a great place to kayak, fish, there is an excellent ropes obstacle playground, new bathhouses, several picnic shelters. When the park reopens, there will be tent camping and more activities such as volleyball, tetherball, kayak rentals, campfires, etc.

Loved it!!

Nice trail, but paved

5 months ago

Definitely an off-road biking trail. Don't wear headphones, you need to hear bikers coming up. Most will call out, but newbies won't. Traffic direction is designated for bikes, I was told hikers can opt to go against traffic if they chose to.

Good views, nice trails. I will go back.

Five dollar fee at park trailhead.

Nice trail to run - great views - you will be sharing the trail with bikers also . But everyone very pleasant.

one of my favortie dfw trails

5 months ago

A nice, winding trail, however hikers are out of place here. Every two or three minutes I was hopping off the trail to let bikers pass.

Great trail, definitely moderate. Be prepared to constantly dodge mountain bikers, most are nice enough to let you know they're coming but not all of them are that considerate and its not a loop so they're behind you on the hike back. Headphones not recommended because you really need to be aware of them on the blind curves.

6 months ago

One of my favorite trails to hike! Just make sure to pack lots of water in the summer and avoid high noon.

6 months ago

Easy walk with the dog on a very cold afternoon. Great trail, 99% paved with center line for bikes.

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