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This was a fun escape from Dallas. The water was at about 490cf which worked out quite well. We had 2 loaded kayaks and no issues with scraping the bottom despite a few shallow spots. The only downside was that there were only a few spots with a decent current so expect to paddle quite a bit when the river is near this flow level. Otherwise it was a great overnight trip with plenty of sandbars to camp on and places to stop and swim. I would definitely recommend it!

Beautiful views of the cliffs, the lake, and Hell’s gate. Very rocky, so recommend some type of hiking shoe.

Canoe Float - My hiking buddy Dave and I floated Rochelle’s Canoe’s from the Texas Highway 16 low-water bridge just south of the Possum Kingdom Dam. We floated three days & camped 2 nights. On the third day we came out at the US 180 bridge over the Brazos just west of mineral Wells. We floated just short of 39 miles. Water was about 520 ft.³ per second and it was a nice flow. Very remote and rugged and beautiful. A good option to get away

Great shady trail, with good directional signage. Just remember to watch where you step because of all the loose rocks.

Best hike I've found thus far in North Texas. Beautiful views, moderately challenging terrain, and long enough to feel like I got a good workout. Will definitely be back. PS description says this is in PK State Park. That is not the case.

Great trail, in my opinion the best trail system for Possum Kingdom area. Very sandy, as it looks like this area has been recently re-laid. Note that the route outlined in this AllTrails file is not exactly correct, but it follows the general shape of the actual trail. Use trail signage to ensure you are going the right way.

Great trail for getting miles in! Nice changes in scenery. Slight elevation changes. Well marked. Great lookout points. All in all it’s a lovely trail for central Texas.

This trail was great! I didn't know what to expect as I had read other reviews; some saying this was moderate, while others said hard. Yes to all of it! This trail had a bit of everything...some great uphill, some flat areas and some beautiful overlooks. The trail was easy to follow and well kept, with several trail head options from which to start. I only made half of the 16 miles that were available, as time didn't permit it, but I will definitely be back and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Awesome trail. Terrific scenic views. Rocky and arid which made it very enjoyable and unique. Tiring at certain stretches. Big elevation changes. Signage is confusing, but overall a great experience. Definitely recommend.

I love this beautiful place.

Very well maintained, has some elevation changes, and bucolic views. The wildlflowers are coming in strong now. There are another 4-5 miles of trail that could be incorporated into this hike. Only downsides are the signage is a bit confusing (I got turned around once) and it is never truly isolated.

Undiscovered jewel for hiking. Much of it is through thick juniper but you get a good amount of hills and lake views.

My favorite trails in N. Texas. Awesome fast and flowing downhills make the climbs well worth the effort. Fairly challenging and not for the timid.

kicked my butt. great trail.

Great trail! Ups and downs, branches out, great views.. watch out for snakes though .. I had a waaay too close encounter with a rattler.

Great changes in elevation. Well maintained.

Great trail! We loved the different elevations, it allowed us to see some incredible views. Majority of the trail is shaded which allows you to enjoy the hike even in the hot summer days. There was also different lookout spots to capture some awesome views of the lake.

Possums Revenge 56k Great trail, good climbs with scenery and views that makes it worth it. Agree that the map is incomplete, trail goes further west, just shy of 17 miles total on the full loop

Trail map is incomplete. Trails continue west out onto the peninsula from the trails currently shown on the map There are approximately 16 miles of trails. Great views and elevation changes to keep things interesting

Moderate trails, beautiful views. Make sure and bring water as you won't find any on the trail. Too many people hiking with aggressive dogs off leash and smoking on trails (lots of cigarette butts on trails, guess the recent fires didn't make an impact on them) It's a shame folks don't follow rules and put others and the area at risk.

A great workout. Fairly easy to follow. There are a couple trail forks that can be confusing but you are just walking around a big hill. So a mapping app on your phone will keep you on route. Took a while to understand the naming of the trails. Lots to see. I love the sites along the trail that show how nature shapes our earth with wind and rain. The trails are a workout. Take plenty of water. Be prepared. Be honest with yourself about your physical condition.

Starting the hike from Bug Beach, the trail was full of tall weeds with burs that were completely covering our shoes and sticking into our skin between the tops of our hiking boots and knees. Less than 100 yards in we had to turn around. Maintaining the trail is a necessity for it to be usable for hikers. No wonder NO ONE was hiking the Possum Kingdom trails.

Compared to trails in Dallas, I'd rate these trails hard. The views were awesome and the hike was just the right amount of challenging.

Many beautiful views and the trail is very scenic. I liked the informational signs and the general upkeep of the trail. Went a few months ago with my GSD and had a pretty bad rattlesnake scare, so definitely keep an eye on and off the trail and especially on what are usually tree roots crossing the path.

We spent a day trying to find this trail only to learn from locals that it doesn't exist. The map on the app simply follows the Brazos River and is not passable.

Beautiful scenery. Saw several deer. The elevation is very gradual so it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be.

love these trails. They get the heart pumping and the scenery is some of the best in North texas.

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