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Gorgeous views! Challenging hike climbs along the Outlook trail. Some Narrow challenging trails along river bed, Paluxy River trail for my 10 year old doggie, but she’s a trooper & kept up the whole 4 miles

1 month ago

My 7 y/o daughter has recently decided she really enjoys hiking (score), so we decided to hit up DVSP as it's only about 25 min from the house. Although we stuck to the easier/shorter trails for the first visit, they were just challenging enough that we both broke a sweat and got a good workout.

The trails are well-marked, the ranger-guided tours are highly informative, and the scenery is beautiful. We especially enjoyed being able to cool our feet in the river before heading out. And let's not forget the dinosaur tracks. Nothing like stepping back 130 million years on a Sunday morning.

We will definitely be back...

Did this trail with my five year old son. Great views and moderate terrain. The trail is well marked with blue markers. We also hiked to the Paluxy River Scenic Overlook which doing this trail. It came out to roughly 2.8 miles all together.

Heads up, we almost missed the turn around for the blue loop and ended up on the Black-capped Vireo Trail so keep a close eye on the blue markers.

This was a great trail for me and my five year old. We were able to reach in from our drive-in campsite. We first started by wading the river along the trail route which was a blast. When we got to a point to where the river was too deep for us, we climbed up to the main trail through the river bank. Part of the trail is paved and some parts are dirt.

From the campsite, it led us right to the Main Dinosaur Track site.

Great trail. Best to go in cooler weather. There are several stretches with no shade. A large portion of the trail is rocks so wear good shoes. Cool dinosaur tracks in the water.

I didn't particularly like following against someone's property, especially a deer hunting box. The views down into the valley are pretty solid though.

Clean trail lots of different trails to chose from. The longest is 7.5 miles. Not to challenging but a good walk. I grew up in west Texas and the terrain is much like home. I liked the walk in primitive camping areas. Very private getaway.

Loved this hike. We went in November very beautiful!

Fun for kids, most of the tracks are in the water though so plan to go when it's warmer. Water is surprisingly clean/clear, suitable for kids to play in without fear that they will grow a third arm or something.

good trail but it is longer than 7.52 miles that the park map says. there is shade a good part of the trail and you do some climbing as well. end of the trail is mostly grassy terrain. make sure to bring a carb snack and plenty of water. my dogs feet pads got sore over the many miles of rocky trails. so, make sure your dog has dog booties.

6 months ago

Beautiful area. The trail is a bit more than the stated 7.1 miles, my watch recorded 7.6. As others mentioned, there is a stream to cross so plan for that. Not sure why others say the trails are not clearly marked, I thought they were well marked with plenty of signs and arrows.

Good hike. Wish tge trails where better identified.

Great hike at the rivers edge

Took our water-loving GSD for a hike here. Lots of opportunity to wade in the river, which was a great way to cool off. Bring towels and shoes that will handle slippery rocks. Wish that the trail maps were a little more straightforward. The dino tracks are super cool and easy to find and see. Because the park is so family-friendly, it does tend to get pretty crowded.

Great place to take your family!

11 months ago

Super Cool! Actual dino prints. Wicked awesome views on some of the trails.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

The review is specifically for the trail to The Lookout. It is difficult, a short trail but quite a change in elevation. Parking is the next entrance/ lot just past the picnic/restrooms section, it is the main Dinosaur Tracks area #2 I think. It starts across the river. You will get wet, try about 20ft downstream barefoot if the big rocks are too slick for you.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Love the view. There are some awesome trails that will have really beautiful overlooks and nice to take a break and enjoy the view and sound of the Paluxy River.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My family loved crossing the river! This has been one of the best hikes in Texas for us. The line to get in the park went quickly and the trails were all clearly marked.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We enjoyed it. The worst part is starting out with wet feet but they can't do a lot about that without building a bridge which would probably cause a whole host of problems. Bring a small towel and plan on going across barefoot.

The hike was fairly challenging for TX and provided plenty of pretty views. There are a few different options which was great. The first day we felt great and went on a little longer than we expected to and the second day we got tired and were able to cut it short.

We went during spring break and camped. Call and reserve a camping spot early during this week. It was busy busy! Monday wasn't too bad. We ran into maybe 5 other groups out on the back trails.

We started out really early Tuesday and didn't start seeing people until we got closer to the waterfall and overlook on our way back in. There were people all over the main cross over site and a line of cars coming in as we left at noon.

We definitely plan to come back and try camping at one of the spots out on the trails. They were all pretty and secluded.

Monday, February 06, 2017

This place has a great selection of hiking and primitive camping sites along with multiple scenic areas. I'm not an expert in hiking/camping, but I tend to look for more aggressive areas to explore and this place kept me entertained. I plan on camping in the primitively areas in the upcoming weeks.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

My garmin had the trail At 8.1 miles quite a but up and down nice hike

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Decent trail fast hike, run, or bike ride. Didn't really see any interesting sights to slow down for. You will have to cross the Paluxy river twice. And if you go by the colored trail park map be careful in the south west area. They improperly painted the 'Cedar Brake Outer Loop' (dark red) the color used for 'Black-capped Vireo' trail color (dark green)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Did a loop from the trailhead around the tracks and back. Highly recommend bringing a towel, flip flops, and a few zip lock backs. You will have to cross water to see some of the tracks. (And the rocks can be slippery...I found out the hard way)

Sunday, October 09, 2016

We went for a day hike. The part we went on was okay, beautiful views if you follow the river side, once you got in the back taking the exit route not so nice. The bathrooms and showers were awful!! the campsite feels like your on top of each other. Seemed more of a tourist town. Beautiful view up on top of the ridge.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Lots of different trails to choose from. You do have to cross the river at the beginning but it's not that bad. Great scenery and a good hike.

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Paluxy River runs through the middle of the park which makes the season you go a big factor. All roads and primitive campsites are on the western side of the river with a few trails. Most of the good trails are on the eastern side of the river making crossing it a requirement at least twice. We enjoy crossing at the southern junction and then hiking the Paluxy River Trail up river. This allows us to wade/swim the river back down to the original crossing point when we are done with the PRT. Great trail for water dogs!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Well maintained and marked trails. Great wading/swimming in the Paluxy River as most trails are on the opposite side as access and parking.

There are several dinosaur tracks visible in the river bed. Bring your swimsuits and water bottles.

on Cedar Break Outer Loop

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Took my 6yr old and he loved it! Bring your swimsuit and take a dip after a long hike!

Friday, July 08, 2016

hikers: you will have to cross the river right at start of trail.posted.
great trail system....stayed on the trail on the inner loop. great spots to get in and out of the water.

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