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Took 13 and 8 year old. Variety of terrain. Overgrown close to lake. Well marked but confusing. Color system would be useful. Wildlife seen: Buffalo, crane, snake, skink, hawk, vulture, alligator, spiny lizard, small toads.

more than half the trail smells pretty bad and goes around neighborhood, so not much of a hike but more of a walk.

Rocky trail, not very long. Waterfalls are great, about 15 people there today, families, kids, mountain bikes, not crowded. Beware: no facilities and no water. Bring plenty of water. There is some trash. Please whatever you bring into the park take home with you.

This trail is moderate. Especially in the heat of summer. There is some shade, but not a lot. There are zero markers to let you know where to go. We tried doing the extended loop. Got off trail several times.

This is a beautiful walking trail. I didn’t see many true hiking spots but if you’re looking for a paved loop this is a nice one.

4 days ago

Another good time on the trails today. As always, the waterfall is a bonus. Saw a couple swimming and several people were fishing. Good times.

Great trail but beware it is rated as moderate and offers steep inclines.

Partially closed 7/3/20 - check with park ranger prior to hiking.

Always a fun trail. The south side is a but tacky after some recent rains but overall in great shape. Parking is limited now so arrive early.

Very easy going even for a novice rider such as myself. Just be weary of bugs and people who DO NOT get out of your way!

It was beautiful and had a variety of different scenes. I went biking but I would not recommend biking unless you are experienced. I am new at biking, hence it was difficult but thankfully I made it back to the car... lol! It has a couple of beautiful Fort Worth views. It has a small waterfall. I must say it was a tad hard to find the way back to the right exit. I ended up coming out somewhere completely different. I will come again to hike it, though.

Just an easy walking trail. Some areas of grass/gravel to minimize impact. City of Fort Worth has a great trail system within their Parks division. Some trash. More disappointed in the people who do NOT pick up after their dogs - with bag stations throughout!!

10 days ago

it's a really nice view but it stinks a bit. it's easy to get lost but not hard to find your way back

Love this trail! It is beautiful in the wooded areas and the lake is pretty, too. The entire thing is paved except for some gravel on the top of the levee that goes by the highway. Have seen rabbits, turtles, tarantulas, frogs and squirrels along the way. I love nature so seeing some animals always makes me smile. Check it out!

11 days ago

11 days ago

Nice trail, lake view is beautiful.

I loved this trail! It was well maintained and pretty wide in most areas. It had quite a bit of elevation and featured several lake views. I saw several deer, a scorpion, an armadillo, and a snake. My recording had it just over eight miles.

Great trail with nice views. Masks are required at the gate, and there is a $5 per person entry fee. You also have to make a reservation to go in, but that can be done easily on the website or through the # they give you when you get there. The park closes at 5 and will lock you out, so plan accordingly. Would be a lot nicer without all the restrictions and hassle.

off trail
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We hiked Oak Motte and Prairie trails. It was pretty muddy today, since it just rained a lot. I have hiked these trails several times before and they aren't usually muddy. These go past the back side of the buffalo range and there are several views of various trees, yucca plants, and assorted grass. Oak Motte is pretty shaded for the most part. Beautiful scenery.

Great trail, specially hiking up to the mountains. Easy trail good for biking.

This was Speakeasy (Thunder Road) with the Rocket Loop and some of Jo Jo’s Loop thrown in. Was after work and I sort of ran out of time due to plans later. Ended with 2.7 miles and it was awesome. Even with the stain yesterday it wasn’t too terribly muddy. Heat index is 99 right now so I got a good workout. Had water of course and I was loving the shade!

18 days ago

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