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11 hours ago

I really enjoyed the hike overall and will definitely be back. Beautiful area, super quiet and remote. One of the really cool things about this place is the way multiple trails intersect often so you can sort of make your own route. There are about 75 miles of trails here (not including the unmapped trails you find along the way) so you have almost unlimited route possibilities!

The only reason I didn’t rate it higher is that the trail conditions were not great. There were some muddy patches—nothing I wasn’t expecting considering how much rain north Texas has received this fall—but the real problem was the way the surface was so uneven due to horse traffic. It was awful in many places and hard to navigate. I’ve been on mixed is trails before and have never seen anything like this. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as bad if the ground wasn’t so soft. I left wondering if the Forest Service would usually have tried to alleviate that somewhat if they weren’t furloughed ...

Looking forward to a return trip!

PS: “Pro Tip” ... after your hike, go eat burgers at nearby Greenwood Grocery. A true country store with fantastic food and an atmosphere like Luckenbach back before everyone knew where it was.

Posted a video of the trail of you want to see what it’s like. https://youtu.be/rvk8_87B7vc

This was an extremely surprising trail. You don’t get a lot from Texas as far as mountains and waterfalls. But here you at least follow a beautiful river for the majority of the trail. There must of been 12 creek crossings several downed trees. And about 8-10 bridge crossings. You are rewarded by a beautiful lake at the end of the trail. In my opinion it was at least 10 miles total. We posted a video on the Tube. If you want to get an idea of what it is like https://youtu.be/rvk8_87B7vc

13 hours ago

Great climbing, impressive views. The chains are kinda intense to climb down, not as bad climbing up. If you are scared of heights the chains might stop you in your tracks. The trail markers are few and far between easy to wander off trail in some places. There are some sections with high consequences, be safe.

17 hours ago

The front part of the farm was really nice, but the trail was TRASHY throughout most of it. There were also construction workers working next to part of the trail and some poor looking houses next to the trail. LOTS of mud and some kinda green moss...at least I hope that's all it was...on the trail. If they get it cleaned up I'd recommend it, but otherwise just stick with the part nearest to the road with the buildings. That's the only reason I gave it a 3 instead of a 2. I'd give the trail itself a 2, because it definitely has potential. it's just clear the city or whoever doesn't take care of it, which is REALLY sad.

washed out
18 hours ago

Still pretty washed out from last weeks rain but not impossible. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy and gross and you’ll be fine!

19 hours ago

V crowded. In the middle of the city. Lots of bikers

Nice, wide, well maintained trail. Muddy in spots due to recent rains. Trail winds through primitive camping area.

An incredible hike! Hiked to the top on 1/15 and it was perfect visibility (we got lucky). All ice and snow had melted and it was even comfortable at the summit. With the government shut down, we parked right outside of the gate, and easily hiked the extra .9 miles in. Round trip it was 6 hours, even with a solid 30 minutes at the top. Definitely worth whatever drive you need to make to get here!

Very good for hiking, but not for biking. Spent half the time walking or carrying my bike over the rocks. Also very muddy

2 days ago

Turkey creek is always a go to for me, especially my dog! There are a few downed trees in the path now, and quite a bit of slippery spots if wet.. but other than that it's a nice trail. My favorite time to go is after it rains, it makes the experience a little more interesting with the higher water level in the creek. Definitely prepare to get your feet wet, and meet quite a few dogs along the way!
There are no bathrooms, or water fountains! so be sure to bring lots of water and prepare ahead of time.

Been taking this trail at sunrise every Monday morning with my dogs. One of my favorites. It is well marked and tons of wild life. Saw a coyote and large cat prints in the dirt as well as deer. There are some muddy spots after a rain but it looks like others have made a path around it. I really enjoy our time here.

We hiked the entire trail system on 1/13/19 as part of training for a rim to rim Grand Canyon hike in April. We loved the trail as a whole. We were very happy to have some decent hill training so close to Dallas. It’s a little confusing combining all of the zig zaggy shorter loops but for the most part, we loved the experience. It was a perfect 37 degrees when we started. We only encountered a handful of hikers throughout the trail.

We will be back and combine some of the shorter trails for increased mileage.

Amazing views, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze! This was a game changer for me, my brothers and I completed it in 7 hours

Hard but so wort it!

Nice walk the river is beautiful.

As always I love this trail!

Sunday brisk walk and the start of a fresh new year. Super easy trail. No need for hiking boots, running shoes are better for this trail. There are a lot of bikers on this trail. So be prepared to move “on you left”.

The Creek was too high to safely cross with my small dog this morning. Beautiful day for a hike though, hiked up the north bank to the treatment plant at Lost Creek and back.

This is my favorite trail in Austin. The recent rains have the water up, there are a few downed trees across the trail, and it is pretty muddy in some areas, but it doesn’t make it any less great. Just be prepared to get your feet wet.

Was my first backpacking trip. Fantastic, and a lot of fun! An excellent trip to start out with, but keep in mind that it's 10 miles in, or roughly 20 miles through.

4 days ago

Had a blast! Took the fiance out on our first backpacking trip. I'm not sure that the mileage on the trail is correct. If I had to guess it starts at Cedar Bayou, when reading route names and distance, which adds some length. The route from Juniper Point is a lot of vertical incline/decline, but the route is pretty level from there. Loved it, but we struggled a bit. We found several camping sites along the lake shore, and stopped a bit short of the loop. We had a great time camping on a small peninsula about halfway.

Really like this trail. Pretty lake views and cool rock formations.

Nice trail and gives you a sense of really being out in nature. Good signage and well maintained. 4 whitetail and many birds this cold day.

However, it has been closed for a while due to heavy rally rains. Refer to the groups Facebook page for further info on closure etc.


I would say this is more of an easy trail than moderate. One of our favorites because it’s beautiful and close to home. I recommend this trail for people of all ages.

Great and off leash dog friendly

Very nice trails

Texas history, 1st brewery in Tx, kid friendly trails, very scenic, dogs on leash

Nice trail, but there are spots that will hold water for a few days after a rain. They aren't too hard to get around.

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