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You got to like ‘rocky hiking, did this a couple of times but have not accomplished the peak yet,

I did this trail again after 2 years following the same path, and it was very exciting. Climbing the rocks, that is the hardest part, can actually be done without problems, it is like walking up steep stairs, just take your time and use both hands too. Once at the summit of the Mount the views are amazing, a beautiful landscape.

3 months ago

fun trail, not leading all the way to the top, but almost. We found a way by going around the rocks and clamber up from the back side.

great balance of hiking and climbing. You really get a sense of accomplishment as you look back at everything you have scaled. great trip for the experienced.

The trail is challenging but coming down on the Wyler tramway was amazing!!! Great last Sunday hike

It's so beautiful here!! love this trail

Heat unique area limited access call them for information

At the start of the trail, you turn right (left is Mundy trail), and from there on out you can choose either direction because they take you to the same place, the glider take off. Great for resting, eating, views, you name it. From then take the left trail (will merge with Mundy trail again) and follow the signs. It will all loop back to the beginning. One of my favorite hikes so far!

Definitely not easy. I personally wouldn’t take young kids or pets unless you’ve all hiked a hard trail before. That being said it was challenging and definitely one of the coolest hikes I’ve done yet. For first timers I would suggest going to the Last Sunday Hike that Wyler does for free at the end of every month.

Loved the cottonwood spring. Perfect for a picnic! The area where the trees and the spring is are so gorgeous. Will be back again. Definitely take the Agave loop instead of the rocks

Take the Ron Coleman Trail, not this one. I thought it would be cool to get a view of El Paso and Juarez from the south, but ended up walking through nothing but cactus patches (there's not much of a trail). My girlfriend has a huge scar on her butt from sliding down the mountain, but don't tell her I said that. We ended up hiking down the West side of the mountain and getting an Uber all the way back to the trailhead. Two Stars instead of One because it was kinda my fault too.

6 months ago

Just beautiful and peaceful place. Well marked trail just be careful with all the loose rock but the views are amazing ...had an awesome birthday hike and lunch at the spring with my son.Can't wait to go back

My group parked at the trail head, proceeded up the main trail to the first junction. We followed the trail to the right. I believe they call that portion the Aguave loop, theres a hang glider launch area that is marked along the trail. The trail is easy enough to follow, after the launching area you'll begin another moderate incline, up slope will be to your right and as you round the mountain you'll see a very small canyon and you'll see a large tree and two very distinct rock out crops. Cottonwood Spring is tucked back in the vegatation. You'll find good photo opportunities in a tree shaded alcove in the rock a few feet up from the spring and those distinct rock out crops. My party took a water break here. From here you can make the ridge line very quickly, its more of a path than a trail, but it you're wanting to summit North Mount, I think its the most rewarding route.

I’ve hiked to Ranger Peak from both sides of the mountain. There’s a fair amount of rock scrambling on this side. Both sides are steep and rocky, watch your footing. Not much shade, but views are worth it!

7 months ago

Another fairly easy walk not far from town.

Took the tramway up and hiked the trails on the top. Hiked down the Directissimo trail which not too easy to walk down. Rather strenuous . Good views.

Nice trail with some very good views. I did not hike the whole trail, 11 miles is too much for me. The section that I did hike was not too hard and had some nice wildflowers.

7 months ago

Somewhat challenging but not difficult trail. Great views from the top.

easy and very scenic trail. You can walk that at a leisurely pace. Lots of wildflowers after the rains and many birds.

7 months ago

Haven't been hiking in a while so decided this trail would be a good place to start. Found the location easily, parked in the parking lot but had some difficulty locating the trail. 1st time at the trail. There is the El Paso Tennis Club with tennis courts at the entrance as well.

The trail was okay, just watch out for rocks. Some paths on the trail aren't obvious, made some detours. But, you can see UTEP (particularly the education building) the lights from the tennis court (I hiked in the evening), and the houses so you won't get lost. There was a few bicyclist there as well. One thing i didn't like was the privacy. For almost all the trail, you can see nearby houses and the street for much of the trail is right above it. Like an island of nature in a sea of city. But it's nice and it's not difficult as long as you watch out for rocks, but of course, hiking is not walking on a red carpet.

Great place to free climb but it does cost $7 per person to get into the park and you have to watch a 15 minute video before you are allowed to walk into the park. You can only walk around a third of the park. Guided tours are available and recommended if you want to explore the entire park. It’s $2 per person for a tour and there are three available. Two miles, three miles, or four miles long. Make a reservation early in the morning or the day before.

The difficulty lies with some legit rock climbing that had to take place to get to the top. Scenery was well worth the hike. NOT a good runner friendly trail. Definitely good for a hike.

I love this trail. I only recently started hiking and was able to complete this hike in a timely manner. I definitely suggest having good shoes and an adequate amount of water. The most difficult part is going up via Ron Coleman.

You will most likely get lost, there’s a fork that takes you to this trial or to Mundy’s gap trail that eventually connects back. Just stay to the right, they all go the same way anyways

a worthy trail, good scenery, nice and quiet.

Really beautiful and amazing

This route is a great, more scenic alternative to the trail to West Cottonwood marked on the park map. Can't wait to go back!

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