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An incredible hike! Hiked to the top on 1/15 and it was perfect visibility (we got lucky). All ice and snow had melted and it was even comfortable at the summit. With the government shut down, we parked right outside of the gate, and easily hiked the extra .9 miles in. Round trip it was 6 hours, even with a solid 30 minutes at the top. Definitely worth whatever drive you need to make to get here!

21 hours ago

This hike was very enjoyable. There was a lot of varied foliage, which I found very interesting. We did the hike in late fall, which was perfect with the color changes to some of the trees. We saw a tarantula (almost stepped on it), so be careful. We also saw one of those fire moths? Can’t remember the name, but also supposedly very painful to get stung by. We saw deer all over. The trail was fairly easy to follow, be sure not to walk over the stone barriers that people have made. Devils hall was worth going all the way to the end of the canyon. I also found the wind interesting in this area. The ranger said that the winds and weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for wind.

1 day ago

Beautiful, well kept trail. Quite a bit of inclines if you take the longer path (outer trail). The waterfall, and creek were both very beautiful! I'd suggest lots of water and supportive shoes.. you'll be sore towards the end!

Great views, especially if you go past the balanced rock and scramble up the other side. Super easy.

Amazing views, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze! This was a game changer for me, my brothers and I completed it in 7 hours

As always I love this trail!

Nice trail and gives you a sense of really being out in nature. Good signage and well maintained. 4 whitetail and many birds this cold day.

However, it has been closed for a while due to heavy rally rains. Refer to the groups Facebook page for further info on closure etc.


3 days ago

Beautiful scenery with a gorgeous little waterfall and pool (all the rain helps). We did the 1.8 mile loop which was a good length with our 18 mo. In tow. A great little hike right in town.

Such an exhilarating hike. Although government shut down is still in place we were able to access the park. We parked at the parking lot up the road from the national park HQ pinnery parking lot I believe. Its only an extra .9 miles to the trail head. Totally breath taking. Like others have said the first 1.5 miles are really tough and steep, but after that the inclines of the switch backs are quite moderate nothing too bad at all. A lot of false peaks. Winds were not too bad but there is still a bit of snow at the top. Nothing serious just take your time, and watch your feet. Completed 1/10/19 5hrs 15mins from the parking lot.

Hours are only
Friday,Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Very nice well maintained trail. We saw deer.

Excellent opportunity to view a swamp up close. Brief but fun experience.

Awesome trail! Very clean and beautiful!

A nice, quick hike. It was pretty quiet when I arrived; I only saw a couple of other people. It had rained the morning I went out, and stretches of the trail were submerged or very muddy. Gorgeous views at the top; the only sounds out there are the streams nearby and the birds.

9 days ago

We recommend getting out as early as possible as we were the only ones on the trail the entire way down and the trail got more crowded on the return. We are novice hikers and had no problems completing in under 2.5 hours with plenty of time for viewing the window and taking pictures along the way. The last mile back to the lodge is the hardest for those that are less experienced.

Did main loop (white?). Nice place to walk the dog or run. Not a soul in sight. Didn’t see any wildlife, but pretty enough.

beautiful views!!! lots of variety in scenery.

alrighty. this was my first major hiking trip ever and i did this loop by myself.
i am from the midwest and had very little. concept of what a desert hike is like.
it was BEAUTIFUL . however, i ran out of water after Emory Peak. thankfully I ran into some good people who could spare some.
there are some amazing views along the meadow trail.
i started at sunrise and it took me 6 bours because i sat for like 30 minutes at emory peak and took a few breaks in between.

this is bear country. be sure to bring a loud whistle or something noisy to scare them away especially if you are hiking by yourself.

if i do this again, i would do this trail backwards -chisos basin trail;emory;pinnacles;longmeadow.
having to hike through the basin at the end was hell but my perspective would probably be different if i was properly hydtraded.

it is a beautiful trek. bring way more water than you think and always prepare

first time was amazing

Sadly more trash than most areas I frequent. Would be a gorgeous walk through the woods if not.

Could use a little maintenance, but still very much hikeable. Trail markers are not there in many areas, but you wont get lost for long.

Incredible views. Only moderate elevation gain. Changing scenery constantly. Recommend highly.

Just challenging enough to tire my four and two year old out.

We thoroughly enjoyed this hike. It’s almost all downhill for the first 1.5-2mi down into the valley (which means uphill coming back). Starts at the Chisos mountain campgrounds. Once you get into the canyon at the bottom it is incredible. My partner found the exact spot where the water originates and starts to flow down stream. The rocks were easy to cross and the trail is so very well maintained. The rocks directly near the actual window itself are very slippery however. My recommendation would be to not get cute and try to see how far out into the window you can go before it drops off. We loved this hike and did it on an off day to recover after climbing Emory the day before. Highly highly recommend.

My first hiking trail and I loved it! It kicked my tail but I am out of shape and this trail has me addicted to hiking now.

Amazing hike. It was hard. 10.6mi round trip. Starts at the bottom near the Chisos Basin camping grounds. It’s a difficult hike with such a rewarding 360° view from the top. The last bit up to the actual summit is basically a little rock climb. Very nerve racking. Takes some flexibility and coordination for that last little climb up to the tip top. We did this on 1/4/19 and it was cold up there! Definitely wear layers and pack lots of water and fuel around this time of year.

on Boquillas Canyon Trail

11 days ago

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They only allow a certain amount of people in the park at any given time. Therefore, entrance to the park can be delayed and also not guaranteed.

11 days ago

I did this hike counter clockwise making the assent up Bear Canyon. It was very difficult, mostly due to exposure for 90% of the assent as well as super steep grade for about a mile. Be sure to pack extra water if you’re going this route. Once you hit the bowl trail, I encountered a bit of snow, but not hard packed so it was easy to walk through. Be sure to hike up Hunter Peak. The descent via the Tejas Trail was easily my favorite part of any hike I’ve done in Guadalupe Mountains. Beautiful view. I probably wouldn’t hike up the canyon again, but the view on the way down made it worth it.

The best hike in all of Texas. Walking through Boot Canyon feels like descending into a prehistoric world. Amazing views. I go every year and love it even more each time, even this year when it was freezing cold and everything was covered in fog. I usually see deer going up too.

I'd recommend going up Pinnacles (shorter and steeper) and going down Laguna Meadow. I'd also recommend checking out the Northeast Rim, and making sure to leave early.

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