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I live right next to the park so I go there almost everyday to walk my dogs or just to go to get my nature fix. I love this little piece of paradise. Great trails, beautiful creek. My dogs love it too. They can swim in the creek and run around in the woods. There’s abundant wildlife and spring flowers everywhere. Also a good birding area and It’s terrific for bluebonnet photos!

1 day ago

Nice trail. Lake on one side. Occasional houses on the other. Nice easy going. Wouldn’t do if it rained; it looks like it gets pretty mucky. Not many people on trail with us.

1 day ago

Go to the left to start! The trail is better and not an old concrete road. The pond is worth the hike if you take the loop. Easy enough for kids to enjoy.

3-16-18 Center and Refuge is open, only the West Riverbottom trail is closed. It is a nice place to hike, close to the city. It's Texas scenery so, nothing fabulous. Couldn't find any prairie dogs, but the bison are easily viewed.

Mostly paved trail with limited shade

Went with my husband. First thing we noticed was all the broken glass everywhere. It was ridiculous. Then the garbage all over, and I usually stop and pick the trash up but there was too much on this trail. There was 1 trash can that we came across along the trail. It’s unmarked as well. We passed 2 groups of people who were trying to get down to the water. We lived in CO for 7 years and hiked numerous trails within the springs and have never seen as much garbage and broken glass. We call it Hep C falls now. It was disappointing. My husband and I agreed, if the city took any time at all clearing some of the paths, marking some trails, and cleaning up this place it could be great.

Short and scenic. Not stroller friendly but suitable for small kids.

Short enough to hike on my lunch break. Would be much better if a second trail to make it a loop was added through the eastern portion, but that would take a lot of work. The trailhead was kinda hidden from the nearest parking lot and there was broken glass on the trail. Since this trail is right in the middle of the city that can be expected.

We started at Upper Canyon Trail then hiked to Haynes and came out at Lower Canyon trail and walked back to our car at the South Prong camping Area. Started the video a bit late but it took about 2.25 hours. After an easy and beautiful walk you will have a climb, its a bit rough but that was the only challenging section aside from duration. We didn’t detour to the cavern because we were afraid it would get dark on us. But its only a .20 hike off trail. Weather was perfect. We packed only 2qt and it sustained my daughter and I pretty well. Our overall hike was about 5 miles. View is spectacular and the trail is very well marked!

This was a great trail for our family. It is moderate level, but really nothing to difficult until the final ascent to the lighthouse itself. The trail and scenery continuously change, so it does not get repetitive or boring. Definitely bring lots of fluids and snacks for everyone.

Love it! My dog loves the trails.

This was my first trail to do by myself with just my dog. I started at Neches and camped at Walnut Creek, then trekked back. Super easy to follow and absolutely beautiful. I went during spring break so I came across quite a few people. Caching water was easy once I found the trail crossing. One big bridge is out so be ready for that. All of the others were sturdy. Definitely hiking this one again but bringing people so I can hike on thru!

trail running
2 days ago

paved path through open fields with scattered art installations along the way.

Go towards the end of April/early May, and you will see all the wildflowers you have ever dreamed of.

2 days ago

Very well maintained trails and easily marked.

Very basic trail. Great for a beginner.

I have been out here a few times and like others mentioned the trail markings are pretty bad. Today we managed to follow the entire blue trail, about 8 miles. Please note we hiked. We did come across only one tree laying over the trail. My hiking partner today (he is also a mountain biker) said the trail was not the best, but bike-able. I figured out where I had gone wrong on my previous attempt to hike the blue trail. I had left the trail and followed some of the red trail to the paint ball area and ended up taking the blue trail back up the mountain and ended up losing the trail after the big uphill next to the intersection of Liberty Hill road and Nolan Road. The trail is designed to be followed from the parking lot at the Obstacle course clockwise. Some of the trail markings are not visible going the other direction. Some nice soul has marked some of the trail with blue spray paint and made staying on the trail a lot easier, because the "official" trail markings are sometimes misleading or flat out wrong (especially where the blue and green trails meet) I plan on going back and tying some flags on the trees soon. Personally I think the searching for the trail at times are part of the fun hiking this trail .... Please note that we had checked in at the entrance to BLORA , had gotten a map -just like the one in parking lot - and used it in conjunction with the GPS on my phone when we were unsure. The reason to check in is that the place is very little travelled and they ask you to at least call to let them know you are off the trail....

Good one but route post/pillars are not much helpful

Nice clean trail. Kid and pet friendly. There were. Lot of bike riders, but they were all friendly and gave warnings when passing.

3 days ago

Would be a favorite trail if it wasn’t for the trash and glass. I wish they could clean it up. :(

You definitely need balance for this Trail. There are some steep areas. I wish there were markings or something so I knew where the trail led to.....we turned around at some point. I also would NOT bring my dogs on this trail.

Paved trail with small creeks, a playground and picnic pavillon. Did not run across many people. the trail backs up to neighborhoods and houses.

Beautiful, mostly paved trail. If you go all the way to Bob Eden and back it’s about 5 miles.

Great starter trail for beginners!

Love it

3 days ago

I rate it this high because it is one of the few trails in Houston. Very easy and fun to run...all the time.

4 days ago

Marked trail head makes this easy to find. Climbing the huge boulders is fun if you go off trail just slightly. Then continue on, we had a nice picnic on one of the boulders with AMAZING views of the canyon. 3 of us plus 2 dogs really enjoyed this trail.

perfect to take a long walk with the dogs and "get lost".

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