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Took in the Tom Mays trail and the Upper Sunset Loop Trail and it was awesome. Getting in some quality exercise and the big plus is taking in nature. Wow.!

The hardest part about this hike was the heat. There was nothing challenging otherwise. But it was a great way to spend the day working out.

my kids loved it, short but gets you pumped. My 2 year old never left trail, very nice guided.
definitely be back and take advantage of museums

Nice for a short getaway in North Denton County. "Beware of Snakes" signs are for real. Crossed a copperhead this morning on our second visit this month.

Tough trail for an old 80 year old man. July is not the best month to hike.

Dog friendly, limited parking on weekends

Neat place to see. Didn’t get to hike too far on the trail due to excessive poison ivy. Will go back in the winter.

This was a groomed, easy trail until you reach the foothills. I really enjoy getting into the hills part because it is more primitive trails and shady for the most part. This trail has lots of sun! The reason i gave this a 3 is because it takes so long to get to the primitive trail (mostly in the sun!), i would say at least a mile before hitting primitive trails. Oh! I only hiked 2.5 miles before turning back.

got an early summer start, started at 7:30 and I was the only one on the trail

Red Bud is more of a park than a trail. My pup really enjoyed being off leash and playing at the many water access points. There are numerous small trails that lead through the woods to small access points, but be cautious. I did see a very large snake (3-4" in diameter and dark colored with faded blotch pattern). It was probably non-venomous, but I didn't stick around to find out. Stick to the main trails and cleared areas and you should be fine.

Nice trails, but heavy traffic.

This is a nice trail but as of 7/8/2018 it is VERY VERY overgrown. You must wear long pants and be prepared for vines and bushes to touch you everywhere!!! I was very concerned about snakes as I could not always see the path. Needs some maintenance in a bad way. Several gully crossings that require climbing.

Absolutely beautiful!

9 days ago

Amazing, shaded, easy off-leash trail. My best fur-friend and I LOVED this trail. One caveat, there are spots at the beginning (and, upon return) to be careful with your dog; the road is very close and, if you have an explorer like mine, they can shoot out there.

Good hike but the rocky trail surface is annoying and provides for a precarious trip down!

11 days ago

Great quick hike! It's a bit challenging towards the top but the caves up there provide a cool respite :)

12 days ago

This place is hard to find an entrance for but amazing once you do! There’s so many cool unusual sights to see. Very lush and sometimes overgrown, really interesting natural and human made bridges, many little out of the way cubbies, and random little details like a statute embedded in a wall. Many trails in the city are just generic well-kept parks, but this is a very Austin Weird kind of place. Will definitely return many times.

As a side note, the address given by this app is a bridge with no parking or entrance. The tip to park at the Randall’s by 35th and 38th was a solid one. The entrance to two trails is just a short walk down the hill.

good hike last little bit is tough but it was worth it. I will be back with a flashlight to negotiate the actual mines

I hike this trail two to three times a week. It includes several loops that can be interconnected. I usually hike three miles. Beautiful, well maintained, easy to follow. Nice elevation gains and a lot of big stone steps.

Good trail running. Plenty of shade.

14 days ago

Decent trail. There are some areas with a lot of nearby road noise, and a visible apartment complex. The trail is well marked and well maintained.

Very nice scenery! Kids loved it!!!

16 days ago

A delightful stroll.

Shade is abundant in most areas. There are at least 5 well used paths off the loop I’ll likely explore on further trips.

The trail is slim in most areas, overgrown a bit in a few stretches. Would not recommend shorts.

Poké Stops: 1 at entrance
Poké Gyms: 0
Pokémon occurrences: Average

16 days ago

Took the kids, took the dogs. Lots of creek crossing and places to splash. Almost entirely shaded.

17 days ago

I loved this trail, it's hard to find something like this in Longview. It was mostly clean and well kept. You can fish here too, catch and release. The inner trail around the lake is easy to walk on and the scenery is nice. There are lots of trees to provide shade throughout the trails. There is also a lot of picnic tables and seats near the lake to take rests. You can see some of the traffic from the highway from some parts, and on one part of the lake closest to the entrance there is a lot of construction going on, but it's far enough away to not cause much bother. I felt safe bringing the kids with me here, and they we're able to walk the lake trail with me without problems.

Deceptively challenging for a short hike, at least in June when temps are reaching upper 90's. The East trail to me is an easier hike than the West trail, but both are stacked to some degree with loose, jagged rock, so watching your step is crucial. There are a few nice little lookouts, but I mostly enjoyed the wildlife that abounds here. I saw armadillos, squirrels, many types of small lizards, garter and water snakes, Guadeloupe bass, sunfish, butterflies, painted bunting, flycatchers, warblers, Ravens and a red tailed hawk.

There are many beautiful dripping springs from limestone cliffs in the area. There are high, hot hilltops covered in prairie scrub brushes and cactus as well as deeper, cooler and densely green areas near the creek beds. The best part... it isn't crowded! Enjoyed it.

My first in SHNF. Seems overgrown, can’t see path in some spots, unsure where I was stepping or if there was wildlife crossing. I’ll go again today but despite the 95 temps, I’ll wear long lite pants to avoid the cuts and scratches from the brush on my shins. Invigorating. I am looking for wider paths in same area. Question, is trail running allowed on Sam Houston’s multi use trails?

mountain biking
23 days ago

awesome views , lots of wildlife , challenging trail

nature trips
24 days ago

Overrun with dogs, hard to enjoy the beauty.

nice for the kids

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