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Great hike... a little busy... we are baby boomers in 50ies and 60ies and made in in. 2 1/2 hours... do doable if de entry fit... we also started at bottom
And walked up and back... well marked but no restroom or potable water... so be prepared

Great hiking in Austin!!

Started at Juniper Point and finished at Paw Paw Trailhead over the course of roughly 45.5 hours. Day 1: 3 miles, Day 2: 7 Miles: Day 3: 2 Miles.

Eastern half of the trail includes at least 2 major elevation changes per mile. Western half is much flatter, but not as scenic and lots of trash from washouts, flooding, and litter.

Camped first night just past Cedar Bayou Marina, and second night past Lakeside Park. Ton's of places to camp along the entire trail, I saw a few places that would have been great, but it was too early to stop for the day.

There are plenty of downed trees throughout and washouts on some slopes. I don't mind the downed trees, just walk around, but the washouts are tricky. You definitely need a trekking pole on the eastern half if you are carrying an overnight pack, maybe even if you aren't.

If I did this trail again, I would start at Paw Paw and get as close to Eagles Roost as I could on Day 1, then split the western half over a full Day 2 and partial Day 3. I would include Lost Loop(did not do it this time)

Despite less than stellar all around maintenance, the trail is marked rather well. Only a couple times that I could not find the next marker right away when the path became unclear, never felt lost or confused though.

20 hours ago

The park was fun. We took all the paths less traveled and felt like I was a million miles from civilization. Hardly no one was there this morning. AllTrails said it was 1.3 miles, but by doing all the loops and exploring, we turned it to almost 3 miles.
There is a large area where you can get some "bushwacking" in and also you can sit on the boat docks for a little while and watched fish jump out of the water. It was very serene.
We did climb the hill and got chased by a Chihuahua. Saw no other animals. I was ready for a wild hog to come running out at me, had camera ready and everything. I guess we were too early for them?
I didn't find it all that dirty though I did see a pile of trash bags and a tire all piled together in a section. Someone seemed to be cleaning up.
We had a good time out there for a runner up on our morning hike.

45-minutes from north Ft Worth, it's our go-to when we don't have time to go too far, but want a nice walk. Sure it gets busy during the summer months because it is shaded, but it's well worth the time. We take our dachshunds and they have a great time.

This was a great trail but got hard to navigate midway through. The first several miles were paved, then going under the overpass, the path was lost and difficult to navigate. In addition to no clearly marked trail, there was a lot of debris removal involving tractors and lumber moving trucks which made us need to deviate from the trail. Then, laid out path from the app was blocked by equipment, so we needed to walk in the irrigation tunnel or go half a mile out of the way to cross the overpass. We decided to go through the irrigation tunnel because today was a sunny day without a cloud in the sky to worry about flash floods. Maybe if I try again in a couple of months, the construction equipment along the Greenbelt will be gone and the trail will be clear.

Second time doing this trail this time early morning to get to the top to watch the sunrise. It’s a tough hike and definitely some challenging spots. Sections that are steep and have loose rocks.

It’s a tough one. We did it last Saturday and took us 3 hours to bottom and then back up. 5 miles of hiking. Great leg workout!

My son 17 and I 45 enjoyed the change in terrain and clear markings along the way. It felt like we were traveling through different areas in one hike. We got a late start so we only made it through 12 of the 14 miles, I was pretty sore the next day with the changes in elevation on this hike.

Nice trail. Took GSD And two adolescents. No problems. Don’t wear shoes you like. Quite a few trees down on paths but easy to deal with.

3 days ago

Short and sweet

The park was fun but I was expecting more from the reviews however I did not Adventure all of the trails unfortunately, and I didn't have my pup and being an off the leash park I probably would have enjoyed it more with her. the only thing is parts reaked of dog feces and there was feces bags everywhere. idk if that was the rules and park clean up picks them up but I hated that aspect. the water was not clear where I went like the images depected on some pages. However if you are local it's a fun hike.

Very well-marked trail. No good drinking water found on the trail, as an fyi to others. Perfect weather conditions today. Not too sure why I didn’t see anyone else, but two gals at @ mile 9 on the way back during Spring Break. A definite loss for others who didn’t partake. Limited window in TX of ideal hiking weather- cool upper 60s/low 70’s and zero humidity.

Easy hike, good views

Well-kept, varied terrain & elevation, scenic trail in the middle of a suburb. Would give it a 5 but very crowded at noon on a weekday—of course, that’s a sign of its popularity, so just the price to pay for a good hike.

really fun trail to take the kids on.

I took my German Shepard out here to burn some energy and we both loved it. The trails are beautiful. Had one issue.... a ladies dog attacked mine for no reason. Keep your dog on a leash if it isn’t friendly towards other animals.

mountain biking
7 days ago

great for beginner

SUCH an enjoyable day!

off road driving
9 days ago

Such a blast. Easier than I expected for me and my stock Jeep Wrangler. Very scenic, beautiful trail. Only a couple of spots where actual 4wd was necessary. Look for the spot with the old grave sites on the hill! No signs but looks very historic. Overall, my favorite off-road trail at big bend.

I enjoyed this trail for running or just out walking your dog

12 days ago

Took my dogs out to find some good hiking trails since moving from Colorado. This trail is a nice one, a bit steep towards the caves, but beautiful views once you get to the top. Dogs loved the caves as well.

trail running
12 days ago

Awesome trail for elevation change, also the views there are spectacular.

I don't understand the lack of love for this trail. Is it because it lacks signs and amenities? This is a rugged trail that just so happens to open up to wilderness behind an over-developed shopping center. Someone here said this wasn't a trail good for exploring but I think the lack of signage and strange layout makes this perfect for that purpose. If you want a trail that is more straight forward and easy, this is not for you. If you're up for some fairly rugged climbing and some wondering, then you'll feel right at home.

trail running
13 days ago

So I actually parked at the Randalls between 35th and 38th St. So I have no idea where you could park at 29th St. The trail goes through a few parks which have rest rooms, benches, playgrounds, etc. And there are doggie poop-bag stations all along the trail. But as for the trail itself-

The trail goes from concrete to gravel to cracked asphalt to gravel back to concrete (not in that order). You're mostly surrounded by trees, a hillside, lots of grass, and of course Shoal Creek itself (which today was very, very low on the water level). There's a creek crossing, but there's also a smooth, new concrete path next to the creek crossing, in case you don't want to trapse across the rocks. There are several forks in the trail, most of them take you to roads, but some are just at parks where the trail circles the park.

At Pease Park, there is a fork in the trail, and if you take the fork onto the trail with all the wood chips, you get into some actual woods (though still you're in the city and it's noticeable), the trail has a few swithbacks, the trail gains some pretty good elevation and there are several forks, etc. It's like they took trail system from a big wilderness park, and shrunk it down to about an acre.

After Pease Park (if memory serves, today was my first time running this trail) you get into a more noticeable city environment, and you get right next to the creek but on a raised concrete trail. There are several road-bridges you go under with homeless people and graffiti (in open daylight it's completely safe). Around 5th St, the trail is barricaded, as they are working on the trail in that section, making is look new and swanky. That section was fun to me, though, because I had to search for stairs, a way across, ran across some bridges, etc A miniature city adventure.

The trail had plenty of people, but nothing too bad. I could see on a holiday it being very crowded. There where bike riders and dogs on and off leash, other runners, etc. All in all, for a typical city trail, it was pretty good.

Enjoyed the hike. It was a bit busy when I went; however, the trail was very clean.

14 days ago

This was our first hike moving here to El Paso and we thought it was a great start! Definitely gets a little harder near the top due to elevation but it’s short enough to still enjoy without getting too tired. Very popular during the afternoon but if you go in the morning it seems to be clear!

Nice easy walk with some cool bird watching right at the start. Great for all ages.

One of the hardest trails I've done in Austin. None of the stairs are brutal, but there are so many! Would definitely recommend you start at the end with the pond so you can have downhill on the way back.

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