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Nice for a short getaway in North Denton County. "Beware of Snakes" signs are for real. Crossed a copperhead this morning on our second visit this month.

Definitely a city park more than a hike. It was pleasant. Part of the walking trail is next to a busy street.

Great little trail here in Denton, TX. This trail has lots of beautiful vegetation, and a wonderful prairie section of the trail accompanied by a nice hill for a great view. There are bikers on this trail regularly as well as people walking their dogs, but everyone has been friendly and polite. Some of the trails close throughout the year due to flooding from the wetlands portion of the trail so be prepared to skip a few short hikes.

a great trail, beware of snares near water towards the beginning of the trail, but there is a good variety of wildlife. it's also a great local trail for those who live in Denton without having to drive 30-60 minutes away. me and my labrador both love this trail

This is my favorite place to walk in Denton and most of Dallas. Very beautiful with lots of flowers, birds, wildlife. The trails are easy and well-maintained. The area shows off a couple of ecosystems such as wetland and grassland. And it's never been busy whenever I've visited.
Be aware that it gets quite muddy after a good rain. There's also cows that freely roam the area, so don't step in their huge scat piles!

Had some really good sights me and my best friend enjoyed it a lot. Some of the trails were closed. Lots of beautiful wildflowers, frogs, and birds. Will definitely go back :) did have quite a bit of mud!

Brought my dog out we both had a lot of fun seems pretty safe considering it was just me and her and didn't have any trouble:) I'd go back!

2 months ago

Do you like mud? Awesome! So do we! We enjoyed a 1h52m hike on the outer loop through all the spectacular zones. Our 3-yr old dachshunds were mudded up, but dont let that stop you from enjoying a really cool hike. Some elevation only in a few places, not continuous. Most of the hike is covered but wear sunblock and spray for the prairies and bog areas. Sufficient parking in several locations.

No restrooms, only a portable potty.

Please pick up after your pets (carry in, carry out).

2 months ago

This is a nice, paved trail which feels more like a city park than a hiking trail. There's another dirt trail not shown on this map that is a bit more rustic and is good for school outings or Cub Scout nature hikes. An easy hike for all skill levels with lots of tree and wild flowers. There's a pretty park with a large playground and lots of picnic areas and open spaces.

2 months ago

I loved it. It was the first trail I’ve been on where every time I took a deep breath, I smelled flowers. I got a little confused on which way to go at times because it looks like they’re adding to it as we speak, and some areas were closed off for construction. I didn’t really care, though, because the gravel areas were still easy to walk on even though it had rained earlier that day. Even the sloppy areas weren’t really muddy because of the gravel.

I took my German Shepard out here to burn some energy and we both loved it. The trails are beautiful. Had one issue.... a ladies dog attacked mine for no reason. Keep your dog on a leash if it isn’t friendly towards other animals.

it's short but good... if you add going around the disk golf course with it... it makes for a much better hike

I enjoyed this trail for running or just out walking your dog

Good for a quick quiet walk!

5 months ago

Love this trail, easy walk. Be sure and go for a added walk on the small trails that branch off main trail. Every month I walk from start to Sycamore Park, hard to find trails at time but worth the effort.

trail running
5 months ago

I find this trail perfect for me as a beginner in the trail running world.

Very easy, flat trail. There are other connecting routes in the middle and some off-shoots that are not depicted on this map, including one on the far West side that leads to the confluence. If it's rained recently, some trails will be impassable. I hike this trail regularly with my dog and have seen all kinds of creatures, including deer, owls, cranes, one bald eagle sighting back towards the pond, a few snakes, wild hogs, and most recently, a herd of curious cattle that got loose from someone's nearby land (I think they've since been retrieved).

It’s a great and pretty easy trail.

It’s was a very pleasant walk with my dog.

7 months ago

I had a great time on this trail. Absolutely recommend for a casual walk!

Love the solitude.

Nice little loop.
Trail was pleasurable and well maintained.
Will be hiking again just for the shear convenience.

Great off leash dog park with an on leash trail surrounding it. Nice easy stroll.

First trail I’ve been to since moving to Denton and it was very nice

9 months ago

Couldn't find out way to the end since it was no longer marked but enjoyed what we did!

I ride my beach cruiser on this trail. Very easy ride.

11 months ago

Hot but fun

Monday, June 19, 2017

The first mistake that I made was to cross the iron bridge. It seemed that that was the trail, and along the other side of the bridge was a wide, decent trail that paralleled the road for a bit. However, that eventually connect with the Pilot Knoll Trail. The elm Fork Trail is on the same side of the river has the parking lot.

The first thing I spotted was a raccoon in the parking lot as I pulled in. Then, hiking along the first half mile or so, which basically runs through fields or meadows, there was a profusion of wildflowers. It had rained some water in the morning, and as I went on and the trail entered a more forested area, it became somewhat muddy. Not bad enough to stop me from going forward, but enough to come up the soles of my shoes.

That was why, after about a mile, I turned back when I arrived at the stream crossing. It looked like it was once a beautiful crossing, but obviously it had washed out at some point in time. Although it could still be crossed, the banks looked muddy and slippery and I was not in the mood for sliding in the mud.

Besides the raccoon, at one point a deer crossed the trail in front of me. I also spotted a number of cardinals, wishing that they would be still enough to allow me to get a photo.

One of the things I should have brought with me was bug spray. There was no breeze today, and stopping to take pictures, especially in the forested area, was setting myself up to be a blood banquet. However, all in all, this was a relatively enjoyable hike.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Short, paved trail, good for running, biking, or walking the dogs or kids! Two cute ponds with ducks & stuff!

Short 3.3 mile trail, easy, overgrown, muddy.

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