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23 days ago

Nice trail that has improved significantly over the last few years. Trail has some pretty nice inclines and winds it's way through a fairly dense cedar brake. Crowds are definitely an issue when the weather is nice and especially on weekends. Avoid completely within 3-5 days following a moderate rainfall as the mud can make for a less than nice outing. TIP: Hike when the temps drop into the 20's and 30's and you will just about have the trail to yourself.

trail running
1 month ago

Love the challenging trail. It’s very useful to measure your endurance over time.

2 months ago

Awesome place , awesome view , I had been their last Saturday , it was raining , the view was just something to watch out for. Nearer to the city and such a lush green landscape hard to find.

I've hiked all the trails. Great trail system.

Only did half mile trail. But definitely liked it. However it is the busiest trails I have ever seen. No less than fifty cars in the parking lot. In the middle of the week 30 min. Before it closes.

just another good hike at Cedar Ridge

3 months ago

We were looking for a nice walking trail and this fit the bill. We did about 3 miles round-trip on the bike path. Picked up a couple pieces of trash, but the grounds were, overall, well kept.

mountain biking
4 months ago

To all you hikers that keep complaining, take a minute to think who maintains the trail.. (DORBA).
Then take another minute to figure out what does that mean. Hikers are more than welcome. but please no matter the park you go to. always stop at the trailhead and READ THE RULES!!!
most trails will ask hikers to go in the oposite direction so you can spot bikers from a distance and move aside.
thank you all for understanding.
have a great day!!

Trail is cared for, only encountered two downed trees that were really in the way at all, a big one at Katy's loop at the far east. It is dry, sometimes dusty, and lots of overgrowth on most sides of the trail.

There are a few little clearings, especially around the pond right after you cross wildwood drive. There are several picnic tables there which look to have been put there by BSA eagles for their projects. These were the nice little areas that made you feel great about the hike - not just like you were hemmed in by brush.

The last half, when you are walking the Trinity, there are many places where people come in and fish. There tends to be a lot of trash, either from the high tide, or just inconsiderate people fishing there along the river.

Overall, a good 2-3 hours leisurely stroll through, or way quicker hike if you want to hoof it. Well shaded, so fairly cool the whole time. Lots of bypasses.

You can visit the California crossing park across the Trail Head and see a small spillway. Kinda fun, but again, all the inconsiderate people there leaving trash is a bit off putting.

Nice area and hike. I am new to hiking but in good shape, and Im so mad I just discovered this place...

trail running
5 months ago

This is my favorite place (so far) in NTX to trail run! So many challenging elevation changes, the air smells like cedar, it’s scenic, and I love encountering other runners on the trail. Bring real supportive trail running shoes!, even if you’re hiking, this loop is not for the faint of heart. Great bird watching & place to get your heart rate elevated.

Love this place ❤️

road biking
5 months ago

The wooded areas are really pretty. Creek levels are low and there was a lot of trash in it and on the trail...makes me sad and mad. Saw a couple of men sleeping under the bridge at Forest and another taking a "shower" at the water fountains near 75 and 635 in that open area. Decided that I should probably turn around there...met back up with WRC trail and biked it until the trail was closed...somewhere on Park Central. It's probably best to bike it with a buddy...definitely felt safer on a bike than I would have running alone.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Trail is well ridden and easy to access. Its pretty dry this time of year so the trail was dusty, but fast. My eight year old rode a few miles on the trail and had a blast but made the comment that it wasn't very challenging because it lacked elevation change.The trail is a nice alternative to more technical or scenic trail systems for locals, but I wouldn't make it a destination stop. Really its more of a convenience.

mountain biking
6 months ago

excellent trails, can be very crowded. the easiest of the 3 lines is probably still a bit difficult for a first time rider. great area and scenery.

trail running
7 months ago

Awesome place, pretty crowdedon weekends.

Beautiful cedar trail with birds and vistas.

Great biking trail.

7 months ago

Slightly experienced people would definitely call this an easy-moderate difficulty trail. The cedar brake trail specifically is the longest of a series of small trails in the cedar nature preserve. The loop itself is 1.9 miles with the access trail adding about 0.4 miles to the total hike. The cedar brake loop branches off to a less-than-spectacular lookout area about 3/4 of the way through. The main trails have quite a bit of traffic but it thins out farther into the cedar brake trail.

8 months ago

good trail for our location. definitely will get your heart pumping as there are a couple of decent ascents/ descents.

8 months ago

Kristen and I walked this at 6 pm. Great sunset colors. Trees around the river were as tall as any trees in dallas. No one was on the trail or in the parking lot. After the train trestle the trail had been flooded and we had to turn back.
I liked the feeling of being remote even though we were in the city.

8 months ago

Definitely the best trail in the area! This trail has multiple trails on it that were easy to navigate and included beautiful scenery. Lots of incline that kicked my butt. We went on the weekend and there were a lot of people. The only thing I didn’t like was we almost stepped on a rattlesnake, but that’s nature for you! There were many signs warning to watch for snakes. Other than being traumatized by my encounter with the devils serpent (lol) I will definitely go back! AND IT WAS CLEAN!!! Very little trash laying around.

I'm not sure why cottontail is hard and this is moderate, but they are both great. Lots of steep elevation so wear good supportive shoes.

Enjoyed the views - a nice, short hike to get away from the city.

Good hike.. enjoyed it

Beautiful, mostly paved trail. If you go all the way to Bob Eden and back it’s about 5 miles.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Trash everywhere. Great layout though.

I don't know why it says no dogs, but I took my dog on a run/hike here and it was awesome! It was a little muddy because of recent rain, but I loved it. It was surprisingly quiet too, considering there's a gun range close to here. I'm not sure if the range was closed today so that's why we didn't hear anything, or what. We were the only ones on the trail for a while. passed another runner and one other person pulled up as we were leaving. I like how secluded it is, too. thanks for the great find!

This park is beautiful!
Horse friendly, dog friendly

Nice for a afternoon light walk. Went in early February so not much to see. Though it’s in nature there is a lot of evidence of human activity. Platform trails, bridges, built up and framed gravel trails with benches spread through out the center.

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