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Easy to get lost, poorly marked. That is part of the fun though! Have gps or a compass and it’s a blast exploring all the fun trails.
Mild elevation changes throughout. Incredible scenery!

Very fun experience and I look forward to learning more of these trails.

road biking
10 days ago

The wooded areas are really pretty. Creek levels are low and there was a lot of trash in it and on the trail...makes me sad and mad. Saw a couple of men sleeping under the bridge at Forest and another taking a "shower" at the water fountains near 75 and 635 in that open area. Decided that I should probably turn around there...met back up with WRC trail and biked it until the trail was closed...somewhere on Park Central. It's probably best to bike it with a buddy...definitely felt safer on a bike than I would have running alone.

Bike only,
Trail is really narrow
Not hiker friendly

Lots of pretty nature to see. High traffic on the morning of 4th of July. Some exposed areas out of the shade, so bring a hat and lots of water if going the summer. Trails are marked with various types of signs and some of them contradictory to others, so it's a little confusing. Also had a ton of cut throughs that make staying on the trails challenging, and again make it easy to get lost. If I'd taken my bike, I'd be annoyed with the amount of foot traffic. Still, it's beautiful.

mountain biking
17 days ago

Trail is well ridden and easy to access. Its pretty dry this time of year so the trail was dusty, but fast. My eight year old rode a few miles on the trail and had a blast but made the comment that it wasn't very challenging because it lacked elevation change.The trail is a nice alternative to more technical or scenic trail systems for locals, but I wouldn't make it a destination stop. Really its more of a convenience.

Overall, the nature preserve is nice, with many different path options to manage how far you want to go. Relatively well kept, but I did see a little trash along the trail.

My biggest issue is that the trail is poorly marked. Easy to get lost with lots of random offshoots to confuse just about everyone on the trail.

My second issue, which might be more of a preference, is that over half the trail is not shaded. If it’s summer in dallas, you will need to bring plenty of water for you and your dog.

One mile to the pond, one mile back! Such a fun trail! Tons of things to see! Beautiful views!

always a nice little escape. Use your GPs though it's easy to get lost.

A surprisingly lovely hidden gem. Parts were a bit littered when I went. Navigation can be tricky, just pay close attention and have a GPS app. Lots of shade.

Best places with a lot of deep hills. Great workout place.

Beautiful place relax paths.

Awesome park. We had a blast. It was our first time on the trail and we had no problems following the trail. The trails are clearly marked and no sand spurs.

Easy hike and pretty views. Very quiet and not many people around. Only problem is none of the trails were marked and they all intersected with eachother. Very easy to get lost and walk in circles. Nice and close to downtown Dallas!

Very fun hike, had decent shade for most of the time. Had more wildlife than I had expected.

Amazing run I was sore for a week

Not really a hiking trail. There are no trail markers of any kind and most of what is shown on the App is an outside line of a sports field. There was a lot of trash as well.

Great biking trail.

Amazing trails! Do watch out as there a significant amount of poison ivy on the fossil valley portion

2 months ago

Bike friendly. If hiking, be sure to go in the opposite direction because trail is narrow & bikers have city manners. Decent trail for inner city hiking. Easy to moderate

Loved the trail! Great hills and rocks with flat open areas too. Most of the wood bridges and cross overs spots are in need of repair. It hasn’t been well maintained but the trees and location are nice.

3 months ago

Nice, easy trail that is quite enjoyable.

This is definitely not a hard trail at all. High side of easy / low side of moderate at best. A good hike especially when combined with adjacent trails.

3 months ago

Kristen and I walked this at 6 pm. Great sunset colors. Trees around the river were as tall as any trees in dallas. No one was on the trail or in the parking lot. After the train trestle the trail had been flooded and we had to turn back.
I liked the feeling of being remote even though we were in the city.

3 months ago

This was fun. We cut through about halfway to leave due to daylight hours. I wouldn’t rate it as hard the 11 yo and 7 yo did it easily but fun for sure

trail running
3 months ago

Yellow and Orange Trails easy to follow and track to. Northern and eastern sides of Preserve are tangled with cut throughs and bypasses making it difficult to stay on the main trail.

Trails are all very well maintained. Very, very little trash along the trail; looks like it was recently cleaned up.

DORBA sign has the trails marked as closed, so there were no cyclists today, along with absolutely zero people. Surprised more aren’t out there taking advantage of today’s cool weather.

Everything’s green right now, and with the latest rain the creeks are flowing enough to produce some nice sounding waterfalls.

Great trail!

Tied with Cedar Brake for my favorite trail in Texas so far. Challenging trail with good elevation. If your children cannot clear 2 ft. obstacles it's probably best to skip this one.

A nice respite from the busy city life. Crowded on the weekends.

Oh gosh was I happy for the GPS map! So many cut throughs look like parts of the trail that we ended up back at the parking lot before I decided to use the map.

Over all a nice path for the kids to run down without too much worry.

Great trails! I took my boys aged 12-18. Trails were adventurous for the boys and the rocky terrain was good enough to wear out our dog. We will do it again. I will be back with my bike. Definitely worth the trip. We loved it was right by the church at the top of the hill. Some of the hills could challenge those not in shape. Lots of cactus and rocks to remind you that your in Texas.

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