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Trail was nice for shade and interest but the route was not 1.9 miles nor was it clear what the specific route was. Lots of cut through paths made it somewhat confusing but for being a mostly unpaved trail, I enjoyed it. Definitely one of the more "nature" oriented trails in the area.

Beautiful trail with lots of wildlife.

A nice easy trail in the midst of the Ft Worth suburbs. Almost entirely shaded with several offshoots worth checking out. Little bit of mud, but not bad considering the amount of rain in the past week. Trail has several ponds with folks fishing.

The unpaved trails add a real sense of the outdoors in the suburban nature center. Several ponds allow for wildlife to visit. This is truly a nice area to visit. As others have said, the trails are not well marked, but they are short enough to be able to back track and pick up another trail easily.

4 months ago

Don't let the loop around the park fool you. Take to the Tara Trail via the bridge at the SE corner of the park. You'll see the back of houses on one side and the creek on the other. While the trail is behind houses on both sides at some points, the trees, vines and asphalt paved trail offer an enjoyable hike. This trail will take you back to the park for a total of about 2 miles.

washed out
7 months ago

My kids really love walking this trail! It’s very easy, often has fun puddles, and is very beautiful and peaceful. Unfortunately does have some trash in the creeks, but worth checking out for sure.

Very confusing trail system. Would be nice to see trail marked, at least for a walking/running trail.

Pros: has some dirt paths, nice trees and ponds Cons: no trail markers, lots of trash in creek

11 months ago

Nice urban trail. An unexpected wildlife park in the middle of town.

At less than 50 acres (9 ponds) this preserve offers a wealth of opportunities including walking, jogging, fishing, hiking, bird watching, picnicking, and wildlife observation. Located in the midst of a residential area, it is a wonderful asset.

nature trips
Fri Nov 16 2018

Beautiful trail! Paved and great for all skill levels. Did it this morning with my 2 year old and 6 month old. It was upsetting the amount of trash I saw down by the stream. Picked up what I could but come one people leave no trace!!

Considering what's immediately around the area, this trail is a hidden gem. Great for running, fishing and I notice a lot of birding as I pass through. A nice reprieve from the hot Texas sun.

Sun Jul 30 2017

This is a nicely shaded trail with lots of wildlife to see along the way. The trail is short and ends with exits to the surrounding neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are very nice however so we chose to walk through a little bit of it. I'd given this a five if it offered more trail walking within the park itself.

Walked this just after sunrise a few hours after an early morning storm. I love how woody and secluded it feels in parts. The paved walk is fairly short and goes into a neighborhood for a short bit but still nice. Some of the paths were washed put after the storm. Nice blend of paved, gravel, and dirt paths. Clean, nice picnic areas, fishing, and a few play areas for kids but stil very trail oriented. Lots of ponds and bridges, marshy area, and the peaceful.sound of running water. I'll come back when it is drier and walk the trails. l

I do love the area! This is a great hidden gem right smack dab in the middle of Colleyville. But be aware that this trail is closer to one mile than two.

Wed Jul 13 2016

so much tree cover, which is great on a bright, cloudless day, but this is more like a little park than a trail.

Excellent beginner trail. A mix of paved and non-paved trails. It is a hidden secret, because I've lived in the area for 9 years and drove past the neighborhood where the park entrance is every day and never knew the nature center was there. It is my new favorite quick getaway. Great for a little Date Night Trek, with a few benches, a few ponds, and plenty of trees. Nice peaceful haven.

bird watching
Sat Aug 08 2015

Great! Good variety of birds!

Nice trail very easy, trail not marked very well there is a map at the trail head but little hard to understand, but over all very easy to find your way. Nice place to take photos and feed the ducks. The trail was much shorter than I thought. I enjoyed the bridges on the trail and there are signs alone the trail that share about nature, wildlife and trees etc. over all it was nice. There is a paved portion of the trail for those who need a clear smooth path. You can see houses from the trail, which at some parts gets close to back yards but not bad if you out just for a nice walk. Somewhat noisy lots of people, bike tracks are common but didn't see any during this hike. We will go back for a short hike no gear needed.

This is a perfect trail for dogs, kids & a leisurely walk through the woods! It is beautiful with lots of wandering trails and small lakes. Take your kids fishing here or take the dogs for a walk & let them play in the ponds. There are picnic tables, a playground, mountain bike trails, and plenty of fowl to checkout too! We were able to get in a total of about 3-miles with our dogs & they loved it! We'll definitely be back. :)

We went here because it was in our hiking book "60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Dallas" and had an enjoyable walk but as far as classifying this area as a trail or a hike it just did not cut it for me. There are absolutely trails and paths all over this small parcel of land and you are never really following a particular route. There are a number of small ponds with water fowl, a nice variety of birds in the trees, but you are frequently looking into someones back yard at the same time. The bonus of the day is that there are three geocaches in the area that makes up the nature area. We are glad that we went but would not recommend it for anyone that is really looking for a true hike along a trail system.

on Tara Trail

14 days ago

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