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Cedar Hill, Texas Map

We tried to go hiking but all of the trails were flooded. It didn't say anything about it on the park website. so if you're driving any sort of distance, I would suggest to call the park if it has been raining a lot. Other wise, the fall colors on that area are gorgeous.

Cost: $7 per person.

Need I say more? Other states don't charge money to walk around in nature.

The trail is very well maintained while also providing the sense of being completely immersed in nature. Choice of 3, 8 and 12 mile loops. Located in a state park with a $7 entrance fee. Ask for a printed trail map at park HQ.

All the cyclists I ran into were very courteous and friendly. Maybe one group of cyclists every 20 minutes or so on average. Hikers should start to the right so you can see cyclists approaching who start from the other direction.

Super easy hike! Wish it was longer

Decent trail that ends at a lookout point. Good for my 12 year old and I.

3 months ago

This trail is marked “closed” due to flooding. The Ranger I spoke with said there was no timetable regarding repairs or reopening.

4 months ago

my fiance and I come every single Sunday! he bikes while i hike and it's just beautiful.

Love it, well maintained!

trail running
5 months ago

Technical short track with some respectable inclines!

love hiking here has options different Trails.

breathtaking,everyone we meat on our hike was amazely nice. The sites we saw were so beautiful and relaxingthat, that before we new it we had walked 11mails.

5 months ago

Not bad for the ride. A lot of inclines and turns. Give it a try. I went on the 3 mile course twice, next time I’ll try the 8 mile

Hiked this one early may which was great so it wasn't too hot! I did the 3 mile loop, took about 1.5hr return. Mostly a biking path so keep your eye out for bikers coming around corners. Also watch for snakes on the trail!

I rode the 8 mile trail. As a moderately experienced rider it was a good challenge that is not dangerous. Two climbs that will burn the legs a little bit but overall a good ride with just enough challenges.

6 months ago

This trail is very well kept and very well marked and plenty of others hiking on this day, many with their dogs. There are several incline and declines and was easy/moderate. Most of the hike is shaded which is a plus in the Dallas summer heat. Facilities at the trail head and also a butterfly garden. I highly recommend this hike.

Closed for maintenance. Open again Sept. 2018

7 months ago

Very easy hiking trail, definitely kid friendly and not bad for mountain biking if you are so inclined. This trail branches out to some other small trails as well that contain some very pretty lookout areas, and of course ducks are super cute so that's a big plus.

Beautiful little escape in middle of everything. The Stevie Ray Vaughan bridge is adorable, great prop for photos. it's very beautiful and serene out there.

7 months ago

I hiked the blue loop (7.2 miles) and the red loop (12 miles) this week. There are large sections of the trail that are thick with bluebonnets right now. I also saw a bobcat and a large rattlesnake.

7 months ago

Great warm up trail. Take the Plum Trail off of this trail to extend the hike and check out the scenic overlook.

8 months ago

I hiked the 8 mile trail. It is a beautiful trail. Lots of bike traffic today. That slowed me down a bit. Other than that it's a great workout and the perfect time of year because of all of the flowers that are blooming.

Fun maze of trails! Set aside a couple hours at least to see it all.

This was an excellent place to come the first day of Spring. Just beautiful to look out over all the green trees. After the initial increase the trail isn’t difficult but the kids were really struggling that first little bit.

9 months ago

such an awesome trail! hiked the 8 miles today with a friend and we had a great time. dirt trail mostly trees about half shaded and a little lake views.

Great limestone ledges and cedar trees make this place a great escape from the city in the city. If it wasn’t raining I would of hiked much more of the trail.

Seester time! We needed one more hike in before our day ended. Since this is right beside the Cedar Hill SP, we chose it. I’m sure it is sooo much better when it isn’t muddy. It rained many inches last week and the trail was a mess. Another obstacle was the improvements being done near the road. It took as a while to figure out how to get to the trail. Once that’s complete I’m sure it will be great again. We will need to do this trail again.

Seester time! We camped at Cedar Hill S.P. and all the trails at the park were closed due to the rains last week. We have a book that is called 60 Hikes within 60 miles of DFW and this trail is in our book.
We pulled in to park and were the only ones on the trail. Nice wooded trails with rocky ups and downs. It was peaceful once you got away from the road noise. There is a bridge named the Stevie Ray Vaughn bridge. Lots of color coded map trails to guide you. Be sure and snap a photo of the map at the entrance before you start your hike. At some intersections of the trails there are square granite trail markers on the ground that tell you what trails they are.
Fun hike...not hard.

Solid trail for families with kids. Relatively easy paths and some interesting finds if you are looking for them. We found 2 man made (primitive) shelters amidst the brush!

10 months ago

One be of the best trails in DFW. Beautiful and challenging. And crowded on nice weekends, so come out on a weekday if you can. Still awesome either way and worth it.

Easy trail just be smart and carry a bottle of water maybe a 20 ounce and some snacks

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