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2 days ago

Nice simple trail, not very scenic or adventurous for us, have our 6 and 8 year old that wanted more challenging trials. Again This trail is nice but nothing compared to the rest. Definitely would rate as EASY not Moderate.

10 days ago

Backpacked from McKittrick Canyon Day Use Area to McKittrick Ridge Campground. You can park overnight in this day use only area with a backcountry permit, which you put on the dash of your car. The trip was approximately 7.6 miles and 2800 ft elevation gain. The first 3.5 miles to The Grotto are very moderate, but consist of hiking through a substantial amount of riverbed wash. The next 4 miles are much more strenuous, especially with a pack. 1 mile past The Grotto is The Notch, which offers some great views of the canyon and would be good for a day hike. Importantly, The Notch is not marked on the trail, so you will have to keep an eye out. It is distinguished from the trail as an outcropping of rocks on either side of the trail (going up from McKittrick Day use area, about a 10 ft tall pillar on your left and a canyon wall on your right). The views of the canyon become increasingly beautiful as you hike past The Notch. We did this in the dead of summer, and it was a pretty hot day. That being said, if backpacking during this time of year, I recommend taking about 5 liters per person per day, because both my hiking partner and I drank a little more than the 1 gallon recommended per day by the park. It makes for a heavy pack, but it was better to be safe during this time of year. We hiked up in 6.5 hours and down in 4, but were moving pretty fast on the way down. The campground is marked along the trail, so you can't miss it. There are at least 10 campgrounds. We were the only ones there overnight and were visited throughout the evening and night by a small group of very curious mule deer.

Ran/walked the trail to the grotto at high noon on a 100+ day. A pause at the Pratt cabin and the at the grotto was much needed, but the dip in the cool spring on the return trip truly saved us from combusting. The change in topography and views made this one of my favorite runs ever. Can’t wait to return to explore more of the park in cooler weather.

1 month ago

Decent enough, not too much to see except for the vastness of the landscape, but there is some water and waterfalls in some shaded areas at the halfway point, otherwise you are in the sun most of the time.

This trail is perfect for those who want a more leisurely hike. It starts off with wide open spaces and an incredible view where you can “see forever.” We prefer to take the trail up the foothills to the left since it’s less of a strenuous climb. All the way up you will wonder at the variety of desert trees and plants. We traversed through at least 13 creeks. The surprise awaits in the grove of trees that are nestled against the mountain. In it you’ll find a stunning spring with small waterfalls, pools and bridges. The source of the spring is right there under a large boulder. It is especially beautiful in the fall when the trees turn orange, yellow, red, pink and purple. It’s like an enchanted forest! It’s one of my favorite trails!

This is my favorite place in Texas! Best hike with an actual oasis!

3 months ago

Went up and back Tejas Trail. Not too hard I would say moderate on hiking level. Some some mule and a small lizard. Great hike. 4-14-18.

4 months ago

Kristen and I were first on the trail after gates opened at 8 am. Lots of scat. When you get to canyon the trees are amazing. Some water although looks like this may have been more in the past. Loved the Pratt cabin and the hunter cabin. Magic place.

Loved this hike. Beautiful scenery and the Grotto is a nice rest area. Be aware, after the Grotto, the hike gets tougher-not hazardous, just tough. Most of the elevation gain starts then. If you're planning on camping at the site at the top, you'll need to take water, which makes the hike a bit tougher. We went in late October. After the Notch, only saw 2 people.

Great trail no services, restrooms at trailhead but very good moderate hiking trail

Great views with wild life deer and aoudad

6 months ago

Essentially flat walking along a river bed. Wind was howling through the canyon. scenery is spectacular.

7 months ago

Great long hike. The Tejas Trail is gorgeous and the switchbacks are exposed on the mountainside. Got slightly lost: when you take the Bush Trail, you want to veer towards the Pine-something campground, if you don’t, then you’ll end up somewhere back on the Tejas Trail. You do hike four little peaks before Bush, but the incline is not intense. Great long hike.

Just beautiful and so well maintained

7 months ago

Great hike!! Went up via Bear Canyon steep climb but well worth the effort!!! Saw a herd of Bighorns. The view at the peak is breathtaking. The views coming down were just as beautiful coming down via the Tejas trail. I have done Guadalupe Peak as well and I’d have to say that Hunter was just as challenging and the views were better!! We went in December and just be prepared for cold weather towards the top

7 months ago

Very nice trail with many wildflowers in season and good views of the mountains.

8 months ago

SO BEAUTIFUL, people said the trail was very over grown, they haven't been to slaughter canyon or the back end of guadalupe ridge trail, those are hard trails. This trail if you're in shape and hike an average of once every 4-6 weeks this trail is moderate and we managed to finish in 7 hours and that was with breaks and taking a lunch. So many great views and pics, if you're worried about safety we actually had some cell reception most of this hike which is unusual for this area. We saw lots of deer and we happened to have some really great over cast with slight breeze. We also saw a HUGE road runner, like probably successfully take out a jack russell if given the chance. You can't beat the views, when people were slightly unimpressed with this hike they clearly didn't spend anytime looking around or have no idea how to appreciate desert beauty.

Gorgeous red maples in the fall. First part of trail is really easy. Getting to the grotto a little more work but doable. Nice picnic spot.

Trail starts by Frijole Ranch buildings. Nice views of the surrounding flatter areas. Trail covered in loose rock. I met a couple of Javelina on the trail. I went mid November, but would not have enjoyed this in warm weather as the trail is mostly non shaded.

9 months ago

Shorter hike with year round pond and stream another gem of the Guadalupes

good hike for senior citizens. seems to longer than 2.5 miles. enjoyable in cool weather.

Paired with Devils hall. Loved the spring.

10 months ago

This hike is harder than Guadalupe Peak trail and Hunter Peak trail in my opinion. The first portion, on the Tejas trail is awesome. Once you get to the top, you take the left fork which is Bush Mountain trail. At this point, you are only half way to Bush Mountain peak. From this point on, the trail becomes very rocky with lots of loose rocks. At certain points, I got lost because the trail was overgrown with vegetation and it was hard to follow. The hardest part of this section of the trail was mental as you have to crest FOUR mountain tops before reaching Bush Mountain Peak. So four ups and downs and knowing that you have to do it again going back to base camp was a little tough . Still, well worth the effort. Starting out early is highly recommended. It took me 7 hours 15 minutes before I got back to Pine Springs base camp.

10 months ago

Had a great time, planned a group hike, four adults, four kiddos they loved seeing the water definitely a great trip!

11 months ago

The spring at the top is shady and cool

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Starts at Frijole Ranch, follows a canyon for a good while through desert terrain and just when you think you've had enough, you walk into the Spring area. It's a beautiful oasis in the middle of a harsh desert-mountain climate.

Beautiful and amazing in every way! Had the whole trail to myself and just myself and a deer at the Spring for probably over an hour! A must do for Guadalupe Mountains, in my opinion.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My time at Guadalupe Mountains National park was very limited, so I chose this trail instead of the Peak hike. Sadly, I probably would have been better just taking a pass. The trail just isn't that interesting and the views are kinda meh. I chalked it up as a chance to stretch my legs after a long car ride.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I think I enjoyed hiking up Bear Canyon even more then Guadalupe Peak. With a predawn start I got to the canyon at sunrise and it was alive with bird songs. It is steep but shady with trees and huge boulders you go around as you get higher up - the cool and pleasant surroundings helped make the steep ascent more tolerable. . When you join the Bowl Trail it is pines and firs and easy going - spotted 3 mule deer there.. Great views of Guadalupe Peak from Hunter Peak. The only downside of doing it counterclockwise is you get full sun all the way down on Tejas Trail. All the trails are marked and in good shape with fresh signs of maintenance.

Hard hike. Awesome views. Hard to see a trail sometimes!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Great little day hike up to a natural spring at the top. We did the loop counter clockwise which was a little steeper right before the springs but we'll worth it. Great picknic area to have lunch at the springs before you head back down

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