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I love this trail. You depend a lot on the weather though. The scenery is beautiful and the trails are in very good shape.

1 day ago

It was a great moderate trail! Not very many animals, terrain varied somewhat! There were bathrooms along the trail and several picnic tables! The only downside was that it was not very well marked however, the app really helped!

Love taking my dogs on these trails, but the trash is getting out of hand. By the creek there are mounds of trash and I’ve seen trash bags just dumped around the trails.

2 days ago

An amazing number of ecosystems within a small area.
Don’t miss the Crystal, West Main, and Dome trails.

My girlfriend and I came into check out the park. We approached the gate 45 mins before it closed to be told it was closed. My girlfriend had to go to the restroom and approached what looked like a restroom for the booth to be yelled at to turn around and leave.

That was what clenched this terrible experience. I can't believe she yelled at us and told us to leave. We had plenty of time for her to go to the restroom and make a few miles.

Please save yourself the time and heartache. The trails looked beautiful in all trails and we were excited to hit up the canyon ridge trail but we are never going back and you shouldn't either. Never go here. The hours are terrible too. Why close at 5.

Also if you have an iPhone you will be sent to a random road that will never take you to the park.

Wonderful hike! Just enough water to make the crossings interesting and challenging.

Great trail with kids. Beautiful views and when you get about a mile and half out you can start climbing as high as you want to your climbing level. Took us about 3 hours to go up to the ridge and back.

Very cool trail that takes down into the canyon along the Rio Grande. The rock faces are amazing when you get down to the river and into the canyon. Nice hike!

Very nice trail. It is well maintained and beautifully constructed. The views at the top are magnificent!

Great workout. Super rocky. Overall incredibly gorgeous. Make sure to stop at the Country Kitchen afterwards!

What a thrill to stand at the highest point in Texas! This was my birthday hike, fortunately delayed from August as the temperature was perfect in early November at mid 60s F. According to my GPS, this trail is closer to 9 miles, most of which is quite steep and rocky. The wind was strong and consistent throughout. There are few signs, but only one place near the summit had us tracing the trail visually from above us to find our way. Take extra water - my daughter drank 3 liters and ran out a mile from the trailhead on the descent. Start early to finish before dark as the days are shorter, and bring a headlamp/flashlight in case you don’t. Poles are a big bonus on the way down. Expect a challenging and very rewarding hike!

3 days ago

It was very pretty! Love the scenery and fresh air on an overcast day ❤️

Lots of steps. Narrow path so lots of stopping to let people pass

Great trail to power through. Stair climbs really got the heart rate pumping.

trail running
3 days ago

Best trail system around, hands down.

trail running
3 days ago

great trails

4 mile hike. was steep in some areas. has to stop and rest. had to cross a few creeks. one climb was tough and the decent was steep. definitely worth it. the view was beautiful

great trail! some steep areas and long upward climb but a beautiful view. definitely worth it .

Moderate, well marked and maintained trail with a few areas of climbing. Not overly crowded which makes for a peaceful hike. Beautiful views of Lake Worth. $5 entrance fee. Great trail!

We tried to go hiking but all of the trails were flooded. It didn't say anything about it on the park website. so if you're driving any sort of distance, I would suggest to call the park if it has been raining a lot. Other wise, the fall colors on that area are gorgeous.

4 days ago

This was our first time at this trail, and I must say that we were impressed. It was a bit confusing at first maneuvering through each of the trails, but overall it’s just a really big circle which is nice. The walkways were wide enough to where we could walk side by side with our dogs. Not overcrowded at all, hardly saw anyone, the staff was friendly as well. There was a bit of trash, but nothing too drastic. The trails were a bit wet as well which was unfortunate, but then again we did go after we just received a lot of rain. Overall, we give it a 9 out of 10 and will most definitely go again!

Nice trail, well maintained narrow trails. Good views with lots of wildlife

We did about 28 miles on a two day weekend. There was plenty of water in the 3rd week of February 2018 and the temperature was great. It's definitely a winter backpacking trail and not so much for the summer months. I like that it has a lot of options for distances.

It’s flat, boring, the trails aren’t well marked, and there’s quite a bit of trash. If you’re just looking for a place to walk your dog that isn’t the sidewalk on the side of a main road it’s fine.

Great for kids. Paved. Avoid during hot days, there is zero shade. There is a gravel/woodsy trail behind the tennis courts and playground that is worth exploring. That one gets 4 stars, low traffic and shaded.

Went hiking here three weeks ago. The wetlands portion of the trail was impassable, but we slogged along anyway, thinking it would be better around the next corner. Wound up barefoot the mud was so bad. I'm sure it's great when it's not underwater. We had fun anyway! Saw a beaver and flocks of geese settling in as dusk fell.

today, trail was a bit muddy from last night's rain. well worth the time.

5 days ago

For the Fort Worth area the refuge is the best option for nature hiking. The views are good (for DFW) and the trail is well maintained. The trail is about 70 percent covered when the trees have leaves. If you want a decent route with some elevation change this is the best option in the refuge. Ruins of an old summer camp lay in a few places but were made with natural rock and add a little touch of an old world.

On the downside, highway traffic is heard from all parts of this trail, edges the natural aspect out a bit for me. The local military base fly's a lot in the area and jet traffic is notably loud (I love fighter jets, but not on a hike). Ticks can be prevalent in the brush, permithicin or a bunch of DEET will suffice.

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