Photos of Texas Beach Trails

Takes a little while to get to trail, but it’s well worth it. Super fun, chill, and beautiful hike! Great for all level hikers. We went an hour before dusk/sundown on the night of the lunar eclipse. Got to watch the moon rise over the mountains, and was truly breathtaking. The sunset was fantastic as well. On the way home, our gps managed to put us on a dirt road, and it turned into quite the “adventure” and extra long drive back to Terlingua as we had to turn around 1/2 way into it. Stay on paved roads!!! A 4x4 may have been fine, but we were not. Really fun, family friendly hike - that really is gorgeous. You do have to cross water at some point, but depending on water levels - it can be minimal. It was maybe 1-3 inches deep at any point. I had boots - which are not necessary (but welcomed if you have them!) and didn’t even notice it.