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trail running
10 days ago

This route shown is cutting off miles of trail. BJ clears things up below. I used to run here quite a bit several years ago. I tried hard to manicure and make routes clear but after showing up twice and having all of my work purposely removed I stopped going. I'm guessing that someone in the nearby businesses do no want people there. 3/21/17 was the last time I've visited.

horseback riding
15 days ago

A nice local park. Early morning off paved trail hikes and trail running great for in city. Lots of trees, live creek. Horse corral and riding, bring your own horse.

Love it

Beautiful hike and creek. Easy for all ages. Also, dog friendly.

1 month ago

Great if you have dogs or like dogs. It's an off leash park. I took my dogs. There are places to sit by the water and ponder but you'll probably be greeted by a wet snout. I kept my dogs on leash and they still had a good time. it's a short circle trail we made 3 trips around. Limited parking for sure... we went on a rainy day and got lucky finding a spot.

Awsome view of 360 bridge and river.

First off, let me start by saying I’ve lived in & run Maine wilderness trails for 8 years. I love a good challenging run but...
If you’re looking for a good run, this is NOT the proper trail.
It starts off easy but quickly becomes way too rocky, I thought I would twist my ankle if I kept running & turned back half a mile in:

Cute trail for a stroll with Frodo but I cannot in good conscience recommend this trail to runners.

The app does not adequately describe this trail. It is more than 1.3 miles and I would call it moderate with very rocky paths, big step downs on rocks and narrow, grown over paths. It was beautiful and peaceful and I enjoyed it. I just want everyone to know exactly what the trail is like.

A pretty easy trail, but long so it's still a workout. I went around 9 am on a Saturday and it wasn't crowded at all! It's shaded the whole way, which was nice, and very scenic. It's well marked, too.

Good after a rain. Can become dry during summer during drought years ESP waterways.

Cute park with a variety of activity options, for the entire family.
There’s a playground for the little ones, a covered picnic area & LOTS of trails. If it weren’t for this app, I could easily get lost.
I’d give this 5-stars but it reeks like outhouse throughout the park & I came across a spot where people dumped their belongings- mattress, old wood, etc.
I’d run it again, but it wouldn’t be my first option.

Really nice trail, specially the Violet Crown stretch!

trail running
1 month ago

Nothing moderate about this trail - it's easy. Great scenery, plenty of space, and well groomed non-technical dirt trail. Some sections are engineered (boardwalk, paved). In addition, plenty of options to add on distance if you're looking for a longer day. I ran 7 miles out from Barton Creek Pool lot and could have completed the loop at probably 8-9 miles. Just note - if you park at the pool, there is a $5 fee after 8am.

trail running
1 month ago

Fun trail and well marked. Ran the first three miles during the early morning hours with light trail traffic. For runners, I would recommend trail shoes as some sections were a bit technical (rocks, roots, unstable footing). If you are looking for a trail where you don't need to watch your step, I'd recommend the Lady Bird Trail.

2 months ago

The trailhead is to the right of the CoA Water station. There are some lovely rocks and murky water. The trail is shaded and easy at first with some elevation toward the end.

2 months ago

Starts off pretty flat but does elevate. Breaks into multiple trails, which are marked. Easy to navigate on the side with the parking lot, clearly marked. harder to navigate on the other side, lots of rocky/steep ledges & not marked. Got lost, but was fun haha. Will hike this again!

2 months ago

I couldn’t find the entrance at first. The trail is big enough for a single line, it’s hard for your dog to walk next to you. There’s a good amount of overgrowth and you’re dodging bushes/hanging tree branches. Lots of horse flies and mosquitos (yes, it’s nature, but just forewarning you). I got to a break in the trail of 3 different paths to take (no direction on what led where) and chose one. That one led to a random suburban neighborhood. I got lost and my google maps said I was a 20 min walk from my car. I didn’t want to go back to the trail so just decided to walk back. I don’t recommend this.

2 months ago

Great hiking trail active families with younger kids.
Watch out for mountain bikers, as there are loads.
Also took the pup, loads of shade on many trails.
It was our first time and we will be back!

I wouldn't call this a trail. It's a walking and biking path right in downtown. It's nice enough for that, although there is quite a bit of garbage. Overall it's not particularly scenic except for going by a park.

shaded trees and water trails. lots of trails to walk around.

The homestead Trail was nearly impossible to find. I went out there once before and couldn't find it at all. I went out there second time with my cell phone that had a GPS map on it, and I almost missed it again. My friend and I walked down it a little bit and it's really overgrown. We turned around after about a half-mile because there was a huge spider webs crossing the trail with a huge spider on it. We figured is that was at the beginning of the trail, where most people probably walked, it was just going to get really primitive later on. The Onion Creek Trail, which we did only that loop instead of doing both loops, was nice but a little boring.

2 months ago

Very good trail to hike, run or bike. Some elevation changes but nothing drastic. It's mostly dirt with some rocks, and a lot of it's shaded.

Loved this trail, great views and a couple nice waterfalls at the end of the trail! Plan on going back more often.

The hike was to easy for me, but still enjoyed swimming in the Creek and taking in the scenery. Wont be back for hiking though.

I wouldn’t follow this, stick to the trails. I was bushwhacking half way through and county continue because of the overgrowth.

As an in-town, beautiful, easy access trail, it’s about as good as they come.

my favorite place in Texas <3 great views and easy trails. plenty of places to cool off too.

3 months ago

Great for a short hike, especially combined with a neighborhood walk. Ends at a pretty little creek that runs during wetter times of the year. Has a number of side trails to explore.

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