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Dog friendly, limited parking on weekends

Red Bud is more of a park than a trail. My pup really enjoyed being off leash and playing at the many water access points. There are numerous small trails that lead through the woods to small access points, but be cautious. I did see a very large snake (3-4" in diameter and dark colored with faded blotch pattern). It was probably non-venomous, but I didn't stick around to find out. Stick to the main trails and cleared areas and you should be fine.

14 days ago

This place is hard to find an entrance for but amazing once you do! There’s so many cool unusual sights to see. Very lush and sometimes overgrown, really interesting natural and human made bridges, many little out of the way cubbies, and random little details like a statute embedded in a wall. Many trails in the city are just generic well-kept parks, but this is a very Austin Weird kind of place. Will definitely return many times.

As a side note, the address given by this app is a bridge with no parking or entrance. The tip to park at the Randall’s by 35th and 38th was a solid one. The entrance to two trails is just a short walk down the hill.

18 days ago

A delightful stroll.

Shade is abundant in most areas. There are at least 5 well used paths off the loop I’ll likely explore on further trips.

The trail is slim in most areas, overgrown a bit in a few stretches. Would not recommend shorts.

Poké Stops: 1 at entrance
Poké Gyms: 0
Pokémon occurrences: Average

nature trips
26 days ago

Overrun with dogs, hard to enjoy the beauty.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Awesome trail for beginners. Lots of varying terrain including nice stretches of open, moderately roller coasteresqe hardpack with manageable but challenging (for begginers) semi sharp turns/switchbacks and steep rocky/rooted inclines/declines. The guide indicates a 1.3 mile trail but it's considerably more with all of the interconnected sidetrails of which their are quite a few. This will be my go to trail until I'm ready for the more technically difficult challenge of Brushy Creek (where I spent half of my time pushing my bike/or on the ground).

Parking is easy to spot, on the north-west side of the road, just north of the bridge. There are no restrooms, benches, water fountains, etc but there is a garbage can which, well, is usually very full and thus not collecting all the trash. But as for the trail itself-

Immediately you climb lots of feet- really steep, high steps, slick rocks, loose rocks to slip on, etc. But this somewhat treacherous climb must be worth it, because lots and lots of people come here everyday. You'll see people in wedding dresses, formal attire, graduation gowns, etc. with photographers in tow, some with rather expensive looking equipment, because the view is spectacular.

But then you hit the fence. After the climb, you see the view. After the view, go west and you'll shortly come to a fence that's cut. Well, supposedly, it's not private property, you're not trespassing, etc. when you go through this fence. There are signs elsewhere saying "no trespassing" but here, well, I guess the gate people didn't want to climb or something. After the gate, the trail goes for a ways. Plenty of scenic views; some trails to the north that go into the forest, but quickly hit the no trespassing fence; and plenty of trails to the south but, of course, they're on the edge of the cliff overlooking the river, so they're rather precarious. Looking for some scrambling or some danger? Try and hike/climb down to the river without sliding. Have kids, or just want a nice hike? Stay on the main trail, and all should be well until about the last quarter mile, where it gets a bit "woods", the trail is a little hard to see, but the loop at the end is short and you're headed back to the bridge.

1 month ago

Hit this trail again, hiking this time. It was really, really muddy at the bottom by the creek, but the rest was solid. There are just enough major forks in this trail system to give you a sense of exploration and adventure, but nothing so bad that you'll get lost, because every major fork leads you back to the neighborhood.

No water fountains, rest rooms, doggy-bag stations, etc. I think there's one bench near the beginning of the trail, and that's it. But don't let this deter you, it's a fun trail, and hey, it's like, 99% shaded.

1 month ago

Parking on a Sunday was more of a challenge than the actual hike! It’s next to Barton Springs city pool. Place was jam packed at the pool and their were a lot of people on the trail. The trail leads to mountain climbing areas, small water holes, small observation cliffs. There was a really nice place where a couple found a random lone tree in a pebbled creek and we’re having a picnic. The biggest issues are the bikers on the trail. I passed about 11 of them and only one warned me that they were behind me. The rest were zipping by liked they owned the place. No heads up, no head count if they were in a pack, and going too fast on lose gravel.

on Walnut Creek Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful, natural scenery. Mountain bike trails range from easy to difficult. Can be busy at times.

nature trips
1 month ago

Very pretty view as you walk above and along the water. It is Rocky climbing up at first but quickly becomes even and easy from there. There are a few areas with a trash bag set out that are more than overflowing with water bottles/trash, but other than that a very nice, simple trail.

Great ride, so many beautiful sights. Easy and exciting !

Lovely hike, it was under construction in some areas due to severe weather damage - but don’t worry, it did not distract from the wildflowers, the beauty of old bridge arches, super cool wildlife and of course the amazing food & drink stops along the way!

2 months ago

Fantastic trail. Great for a long backpacking training hike.

Great hike trail went on Mother’s Day

Love to hike on weekends and on climb some bluffs here. It has some pretty nice views and fun sights! Bring bug spray, camera, and sun screen. There are also lots of animals out there!

Nice park for the family and dogs!

this was an amazing hidden gem, in austin, really beautiful views and trees, really shaded. My girls loved it to.

fun trail for the family, well marked and cool sights

2 months ago

We went to Austin for the weekend and did this 10 mile loop. This is a great trail. One side is more crowded then the other. But over all we had a great time on the trail. There are lots of other things to do on the trail; water activites, boat rentals, a couple restaurants, starbucks, dog park...

2 months ago

Great trail, not very technical for hiking but dog and family friendly. Lots of side trails to explore and wander. Watch for mountain bikers coming around corners but everyone courteous.

Mild hike, rocky at parts, had to cross in the creek twice. Hill of life was a great end to the trail! Mostly shaded woods, so bring bug spray. Still Texas, so bring sunscreen too!

Great View , loved the hike.

Lots of great options- I just let my dog lead the way and took several side trails. Lots of flat trails that are easy and lots of opportunity to get to the creek.

Fun mountain biking trail.

Nice trail.

But since it was a holiday weekend, it was pretty busy.

Two things:

What’s the point of picking up after your dog with a baggie if you’re just going to leave it on the trail?

If you’re looking for solitude, be ready for people sitting on the rocks by the falls with music playing from a speaker.

Other than that, great trail and a fun day.

Great running trail.

Easy elementary kid and up hike. A climb to the top at the beginning. Some drop offs so people who are afraid of heights may not like parts.

3 months ago

I absolutely love this park. We come here once a week with the puppies. Great off leash trails leading to water and everyone is respectable to each other. there's a healthy mix of cyclists, dog walkers and hikers. it can either be as easy or challenging depending on which area you hike to. we have yet to get bored here...always some place new to explore.

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