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Nice easy hike with good views of the lower and upper waterfalls. Go early to avoid the crowds of people swimming. The paved Onion Creek loop adds some miles but is more like a leisurely walk instead of hiking. Nice wildflowers along the loop.

4 days ago

Fantastic trail. Great for a long backpacking training hike.

Great hike trail went on Mother’s Day

Love to hike on weekends and on climb some bluffs here. It has some pretty nice views and fun sights! Bring bug spray, camera, and sun screen. There are also lots of animals out there!

this was an amazing hidden gem, in austin, really beautiful views and trees, really shaded. My girls loved it to.

fun trail for the family, well marked and cool sights

Mild hike, rocky at parts, had to cross in the creek twice. Hill of life was a great end to the trail! Mostly shaded woods, so bring bug spray. Still Texas, so bring sunscreen too!

It was easy and relaxing.

Nice trail.

But since it was a holiday weekend, it was pretty busy.

Two things:

What’s the point of picking up after your dog with a baggie if you’re just going to leave it on the trail?

If you’re looking for solitude, be ready for people sitting on the rocks by the falls with music playing from a speaker.

Other than that, great trail and a fun day.

Great running trail.

Great hiking in Austin!!

I stumbled upon this place when I was driving around Austin. Its a great park and a fun hike. Very interesting stream and falls. Like walking on the moon!

4 months ago

I love this little trail. It's very low traffic, and if the weather wasn't so great that week, you might be the only person on it. The middle trailhead is hidden between two houses across from Mountain View Park. With parking and a bathroom, this is a good spot to drop in on the trail. After taking the rocky steps down, you can head left for a little bit of a scenic climb with some fun rock features and a pond or head right for an easy stroll along a creek.

So much space to explore! With so many access points and side trails, you can really tailor your Greenbelt experience to exactly what you're looking for.

Great trail in the city!

Glad we went and super cool that there are neat little waterfalls right outside of Austin. Lots of little unmarked trails that made navigating slightly confusing even with a map.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Decent trail

I've hiked this trail so many times over the last decade. Lots of great nature, and swimming when there's rain. Quite a few trail heads so you can kind of pick and choose your experience each time. The downside is the popularity. It's occasionally PACKED with people. In the summers some of the swimming spots occasionally get trashed by college kids. Good for getting some nature, but not a place to search for solitude.

trail running
7 months ago

I ran from Zilker Park to the Gus Fruh trailhead. Every trail i run, I seem to want to come on here and say, "This is the most rocky and rooty trail!" Well, I might've actually found it. While the Hill of Life at the west end of the greenbelt is definitely the most rocky part, this section definitely forces trailrunners to step carefully. Besides the very beginning, I hardly had a flat surface to run on. I was constantly "prancing" and "tip toeing" through and on top of rocks, loose and solid, ranging in size from golf balls to grape fruits and larger. You need some trail running practice for high stepping, careful stepping, etc? This is definitely your trail.

And if you get tired and wanna take a break from running, just cool your feet in the creek.

The part of the trail I hiked yesterday is fairly similar to the rest of the greenbelt, but the pathway leading to and from it is very challenging. The Hill of Life, as it's called, is for experienced hikers because it's steep and winding. Overall, the area near Sculpture Falls is the best part of the trek.

trail running
8 months ago

Neighborhood is nice, parking is plentiful (unless, I bet, you come on a school's-out day or something like that). The park the trailhead leaves from is rather nice. As for the trail and trailrunning:

The first 1.17 miles (that's what my running app measured) was all downhill. It's paved at first but not for very long. Once you get past that downhill is when it starts getting fun. The trail is rocky/rooty, plenty of ups and downs, and the foliage sometimes creates (minimal) obstacles. It's rugged enough that you get a great workout, and the trail system seems extensive enough- I ran into plenty of forks- that you could get more than 4.5 miles. I saw no creeks nor semblances of creeks, but I've only been once so maybe somewhere back there is some creek crossings. And there is a mixture of running on rocks, and running on dirt.

- - -
I only encountered one longish hill climb, but boy was it a doosy! Right after that first mile you get your first fork in the trail. If you go straight I don't know what you get to. But if you go left, there's a section that's, I dunno, 100 feet maybe, where I was running with all my might but it was so steep I felt like I was just taking baby steps. It's not sheer, but it is steep. I kept going straight but got back to the neighborhood.

I knew the trail should continue, but it's a little hard to spot. Right after the steep climb, to the west is a trail head. Gets you to the rest of the trails. Back there you get into the rest of the trail system.

trail running
8 months ago

fun trail if you live close- a little hard to find as it's at the very back of the park . it's a quiet trail as if you were out in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn't go out of my way for it tho as it's short and not much terrain change.

This was a beautiful trail with many sights to see along the path. Pretty flowers and water views. We took a wrong turn on way back and had to rock climb out of there.

Pretty trail but the river is dried. Would suggest when there is more water

Pretty but river is dry . No water. Weather is super hot

Nice trail (when there is water!) great for all skill levels. Heavily trafficked on weekends.

on Spicewood Valley Trail

10 months ago

Nice little trail! There wasn't a single other living soul out there except for the wildlife, of which there was plenty! Even saw a doe and her fawn, as well as a hawk. Plenty of shaded trail, which was welcome in the summer heat.

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