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Austin, Texas Map

Moderate with different elevations. Good access to the river. Great secluded woods within the city.

some parts are really nice and some parts are awful

Closer to easy than moderate, kinda rocky but really enjoyable and close to home! Not sure where the dead ends are, as it's a loop. Maybe he's talking about where the trail meets the neighborhoods at several locations, but its really not that difficult to navigate.

Not really moderate... easy trail, not really sure where it really ends though....I followed the all trails guide, but it definitely continues past where the end is listed. Nice views, but the bridge is the main attraction of the hike and to get up to the view point is more of a short climb than an actual hike.

Great place to play with dogs that aren’t yours.

trail running
4 days ago

Parking is usually pretty full, but since it was like 99% humidity and 45 degrees, I actually got there and had my pick. Ran all the trails a few times, just had to be careful not to slip.

I think the thing I like the best about this place is the variety: Waterfall (though not always gushing) into a small lake, the rock formations, the sparse trees up top and more dense vegetation at the bottom, the overlooks are all rather cool, and plenty of creek crossings.

Excellent trail, well marked, shady. Awesome!

trail running
9 days ago

So yesterday I decided to take all the offshoot trails. This wide, mostly flat, concrete trail through woods, parks, and a little neighbohood has all sorts of trails in Walnut Creek park, but then when you get past Gracey Woods, there are only a few offshoot trails.

All the trails I took are to the south of the trail except one. The one trial to the north, just before you hit the park-n-ride, was rather short and led me to some tents (probably a homeless camp). The trails to the south, though:

The first two or three trail climb almost straight up, and end rather quickly at an apt complex. Good for a short, steep, sorta scrambley hill climbs. The third or fourth trail, though, took me further back into the woods, still gaining some good elevation. The trial forked a few times, the trails either dead ending in the woods or at the apt complex. But stay to the west and this trail does run by the creek, high above it. Back to the main trail, the next few trails after this one leads into some sparse trees, some of the trails are short, the one with the "no motorized vehicle" sign looped back to the main trail; and the final trail was comparatively longer, ran along side the creek with some neat rocks formations, and went across the creek- but when I got to a fork and heard some loud banging, I decided to turn around.
Then you get to the trail going north, which winds through the woods a very brief way, hits a clearing, and you spot the tents.

I'm sure there are more trails back there, none maintained by the city or the parks&recreation people most likely. But if you want to mix it up a little, these trials give you a break from the down-and-back concrete trail.

Cool park. Lots of trails to get lost in. The dog thing. Some owners don’t keep them on a leash. Got nipped, scratched and jumped on and the owner was oblivious. Really do like the place itself though. The creek and cliffs can be really pretty.

10 days ago

Cute place! I loved it. It’s about 3 miles to see all of the trails. No pets allowed so there’s no worry about stepping in poo. There is a pretty creek, waterfall, and scenic overlook.

One of my faves. Beautiful clear creek. Limestone cliffs on the side. I’ve returned to this trail multiple times. Lovely place to swim too.

Gorgeous place. Love swimming here when there is water. Trail can get a bit yucky after rain.

Nice local swimming pond. Don't be fooled by online guides as I was - this does not connect to Greenbelt and breakthrough to Hill of Life. would definitely frequent as a swim hole if I was a local.

14 days ago

Super cool. Myself, 3 year old and 5 month strapped to me. We only did about half the trail and I loved it.
A few options.
Starts at the top of a decent size hill and yoo work you're way downto valley. Did not see beckoning water fall this time.

Beautiful and a lot of low water crossings with perfectly placed rocks. Perfect for the dog or family.... pretty

15 days ago

Enjoyed the off the main trail excursions. Not many on those off-shoots.

Yeah, don’t hike here and don’t bring your dog. This is for off road motorcycles and mountain bikes only. I can’t stress this enough. A very fast and technical trail system. I have been riding this for over 20 years.

16 days ago

This trail is pleasant. Some of it is near apartments, some near a man-made lake. There's also a collection of food trailers on it. It is a good trail to walk with kids.

I found it enjoyable.

I love this trail. I'd call it difficult and not moderate, if I compare it to other moderate trails.

It's pretty and is a great getaway in an urban area.

I love that this trail has two falls on it. It isn't too up and down but it's rocky. Even though the rest of the creek was dry Sculpture Falls had water. Twin Falls looked like a fun place to boulder as it was dry. I didn't have time to try it, but I'll definitely go back.

Dogs are supposed to be on leash but almost no one follows that rule. Even when the APD has officers making people put their dogs back on leash they just let them off once the officers were gone.

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