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Austin, Texas Map

I love this little trail. It's very low traffic, and if the weather wasn't so great that week, you might be the only person on it. The middle trailhead is hidden between two houses across from Mountain View Park. With parking and a bathroom, this is a good spot to drop in on the trail. After taking the rocky steps down, you can head left for a little bit of a scenic climb with some fun rock features and a pond or head right for an easy stroll along a creek.

trail running
1 day ago

Concrete trail through mostly woods, starting in the Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Trail head is easy to locate- turn into the south/west parking lots (there's one road through the park). Going west through the parking lots, it's hard to miss the large, open area with a highly visible concrete trail and steel handrails, on the west.

The trail is entirely concrete, except the three or four large, flat wooden bridges. The trail is rather wide with a yellow stripe in the middle. No large hill climbs, no scrambling, no twisty-turny, up-and-down stuff, no rocks and roots, etc. Just a regular concrete trail, but the scenery is very pretty. Lots of walkers, bikers, joggers here, plus dogs and strollers and kids too. Strangely enough, there are only benches and such at the trail head, then about a mile down a Gracy Woods park. But that's it.

The cool part about this trail is that the Walnut Creek Park itself has a lot of hiking and biking trails, with all the ups-and-downs, twists and turns, etc. the real "hiking in the woods" experience. So you can go down this concrete trail as kind of a landmark, and take any one of the numerous sidetrails into the woods. Most trails eventually loop back to the concrete trail, but not immediately- one turn and you could go deeper into the tangle of trails away from the main trail, so be careful if you wanna stick close to the main trail.

All in all, there's enough variation- plain old woods, some large wooden bridges, the creek, open grassy areas, play ground, train tracks and streets overhead, , etc for this trail to be not too boring.

It was my first hike and it wasn’t to challenging defiantly manageable. The water made for a very pretty hike.

Nice trail. Easy to forget you are in Austin on most of it. There were a few times we had to cross a small stream so waterproof shoes and/or steady balance is a big plus

This is not a good trail. Also not “easy”, at least on foot. All trails has the path all wrong and I spent most of the two hours I was there finding my way through dense cypress looking for the actual trail. Leave it to the bike guys and go find a better trail down the road.

5 days ago

It was beautiful and peaceful, and my dogs had a blast!

Definitely easy to get lost, needs some trail markers, but other than that it was a decent hike. No views, and lots of water for the dogs to swim in.

Beautiful shaded trail

7 days ago

Perfect for kiddos and alone. Beautiful.

Has nice area for dogs and kids. Can be be crowded, but lots of green space.

Took my dog there yesterday. It was really fun for her and not too much of a hiking challenge for me (which is a good thing). We had to cross the creek about 10 Times; so wear hiking shoes and cross carefully. Lots of friendly people and dogs. Total hike is just under 3 miles. We did inadvertently go off trail a couple times. But we managed to get back on trail within a few minutes.

So much space to explore! With so many access points and side trails, you can really tailor your Greenbelt experience to exactly what you're looking for.

11 days ago

Nice trail, saw 3 deer, easy to forget i was in Austin. Be mindful which trailhead you enter from though, i got a bit turned around.

14 days ago

A nice scenic loop trail with views of Austin and a small waterfall.

Apart from falling in the water at the beginning of the hike, the trail was uneventful and pleasant for me as a beginner.

Total BS GPS puts you in a neighborhood you would have to cut through someone’s yard this app sucks

I did this hike a while back in 2016. Loved the scenery, a decked out pond at beginning with a small shaded river running through bottom of mountain. The climb gets real so I just went from the bottom to the top where it comes out on River Pace Blvd.

Very fun, love sticking my feet in the water as the freezing current flows over my feet. The best time was when we accidentally discovered a goat trail and hiked through the rugged terrain. It also has long fun hikes with stunning views.

I love this hike so much! you can go as far as you want & it’s the beautiful the whole way. & it’s very pet friendly!

If you get off the paved trail, you may forget you are near civilization. It is nearly impossible to get lost because it all eventually loops around no matter which trail you take. There are some really nice hidden gems back there. Explore!

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