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Austin, Texas Map
5 days ago

5 days ago

Nice wandering trail. Even though they close in some areas...the foliage is thick. If you hike this one after it rains be prepared for some extra mud weight on your shoes. And...keep a look out for armadillos!

5 days ago

6 days ago

I love this trail. It's perfect for a family hike with my very active three and four year old. We loved that we were able to bring our dog, who got to chase other dogs around and have her first swim. This will be a family favorite.

Watch for the stream crossings. They can be slick. My only complaint is that there are not doggy pick-up stations throughout. We ended up holding dog waste for over a mile.

Great hike, very easy, but there is no restroom around. So make sure you go potty before you hit the trails! It does get crowded during summer, so be warned! Make sure to stay hydrated. :)

6 days ago

Loved this trail! Moderately difficult. Uncomfortable to walk up on a lady smoking illegal substance, but we just kept walking.

One of my favs! Strenuous 3 miles. it is a little narow so you will have to scoot to the side for people to pass. Lots of shade and a nice creek if there's water.

Great hike! A little bit of everything...shade, mini waterfalls, slight cliffs, rocks.

trail running
7 days ago

Loved the trail

Good parking at the north end of the trail, south end of the trail it's hard to find.

But hey, the whole reason this trail route exists- there are two other routes on this same trail already- is the infamous "Hill of Life". The Hill of Life basically the last half mile of north end of the trail. You can go to the falls, climb some walls, or get to the other parts of the greenbelt, but the main draw is the Hill of Life.

Small, medium, large, and humongous loose rocks cover entire trail up the Hill of Life. There are some stationary rocks too. Also, high steps- some short concrete and asphalt barriers, I guess to help stop erosion, have themselves eroded on the edges, leaving f\one to two foot steps up- there's about five, six, seven of them (I've only been there once). In less than half a mile, you'll climb almost 300 feet.

yes, you can casual hike it, even bring some kids (I'd suggest no stroller). But the main attraction is for the serious hikers, and especially serious trail runner and doubly especially the serious bikers. You wanna do some good hill repeats? Go else where, unless the repeats you're looking for is a hill obstacle course. These hill repeats will kill!

Parking a bit difficult to find, and really no RR or water facilities on this trail, to my knowledge.

This is part of the larger Barton Creek greenbelt trail. The whole trail is good for hiking, biking, trail running, exploring the many off shoot trails.

This particular section seems especially good for some just-past-novice bikers and trail runners. Some ups and downs, some rocks and short ledges, plenty of trees and roots, and a creek crossing. I'd not reccomend strollers, though it's not impossible.

Mostly, though, this is the bets spot to park (if indeed you can locate it, and it's not full) to park to get to the coveted Twin falls and sculpture falls.

trail running
8 days ago