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Beautiful weather and the canyon was phenomenal. It puts things in perspective to know these cave paintings are 4000 years old.

13 hours ago

Great weekend trail to get outside with the family or even solo. Nothing to strenuous just a great hike. Always a good hike. Definitely recommend.

13 hours ago

Trail is mostly sidewalk with a small portion that goes off the sidewalk into a dirt trail in wooded area. The trail was muddy in some areas so wouldn’t recommend if it rained in recent days. Overall, very easy trail, no rocks or elevations.

It was a great walking. My dog & I enjoyed it.
Someone left three bullets at the 3.74 mile marker.
Didn’t understand why......,, or what the message was. All I could think was “that’s nonsense.”

I most repeat “It was a great walk”

I went with my kids (9 and 3) and a large wheel jogging stroller.

The paved path is very nice, well kept. It ends abruptly in a wood chip path to finish off the loop. I found it to be a little short, but fun for somewhere in town.

I did take the stroller onto the wood chip path but wouldn't recommend it, it was tough with lots of rocks and a steep climb! lol

gravel trail was very overgrown. thorn bushes hanging down you have to duck under and in some areas thick grass higher than my knee. paved trail was nice. saw lots of birds.
whole place had a sketchy vibe though.

2 days ago

Dimple & short. A bit of trash along the creek which sucks, and the trail is straight not a loop so you have to go back the way you came. Not bad for a residential hike

Very little “off the concrete trails”. The pathway that wraps around the lake is all concrete. The wooded area with dirt trails is behind the spillway. It is a decent area, although it’s pretty small. During the warmer weather, definitely use mosquito repellent, as they are horrible in there. Also, there is a ton of poison ivy, so use caution when going through the overgrown, and narrow parts of the trail. I’ve noticed a lot of spray paint graffiti, so there might be teens hanging out. No big deal, but I always like to be aware of who might be around. Especially, in more hidden areas.
White Rock is definitely one of my favorite outdoor places of Dallas. I grew up in Lake Highlands, so it’s been a place I’ve grown up going to. The city has definitely improved the area. Also, the Dallas police are active there. Either in their patrol cars or bikes.
Unfortunately, like in almost every area I hike in dfw, the creeks and woods are full of trash. It’s incredibly frustrating, because I very much believe in Leave No Trace. And, people who litter and don’t clean up after their dogs, are big A Holes in my opinion.

3 days ago

V crowded. In the middle of the city. Lots of bikers

road biking
6 days ago

I rode this trail from the Downtown Denton Transit Center all the way across the Lake Lewisville bridge and back.

There's numerous street crossings (some of which are very busy in terms of automobile traffic) where you have to wait for the crossing light, and even then you have to be careful because there's cars turning that will completely not notice you're there and will run you over if you try to cross while the "Walking" sign is green.

It's also not very scenic, you're basically riding past industrial parks, trailer homes, RV parks, and old run-down neighborhoods.

I would not recommend this trail!

Great trail to see wildlife. My son and I went here in the fall and saw quite a few deer.

Sunday brisk walk and the start of a fresh new year. Super easy trail. No need for hiking boots, running shoes are better for this trail. There are a lot of bikers on this trail. So be prepared to move “on you left”.

I love this trail. It offers beautiful views with the multiple streams that run along the walkway. Easy enough for a simple stroll, and long enough for a great run. I have a blind dog who has trouble getting comfortable with walking outside, and he had no issues navigating the trail (with a leash, of course). My mother, who trains for half marathons runs here every weekend and loves it as well. Only problem is people leaving dog waste bags along the way, please practice Leave No Trace principles!

Very nice trails

It is a nice walk through the park.

off road driving
8 days ago

it was super muddy and loooong.

Great when you just want to get some exercise in

Trails were flooded, best not to go after a heavy rainy day

A good trail to run on for sure! It’s so peaceful and with a beautiful view!

10 days ago

It’s an upgraded side walk in the middle of a city. Some nice bamboo and house architecture. Very crowded.

Great trails in here. Can’t wait to go back!

Excellent opportunity to view a swamp up close. Brief but fun experience.

paved city park trail, with restrooms, playground, dogpark, horseshoe pits and more. the trail is a nice walking, exercising path. Nice park.

Nice and quiet walk pretty clean all the way through

Nice and clean, took my three year old and she had fun scanning the qr codes and learning about the animals.

mountain biking
13 days ago

Love the trail, it’s a bit tricky to get to since there aren’t much signs near the parking lots, but once you’re on the trail there will be signs leading you along the way. Lastly the trail is amazing, with rocks along the way, and if it has rained recently don’t be surprised if you run into mud.

Great paved main road through many of the western Big Bend areas. Multiple opportunities to get out and hike great short and longer trails depending on your level of comfort. All signs are well marked and descriptions are good. Unfortunately the road was closed at the Cottonwood area due to government shutdown but we still spent close to six hours exploring.

Love this trail! One of the reasons we chose our house is for easy access to the beginning of this trail. It's always been a nice easy, long walk. Perfect for the bike, and bike trailer for the kids. Always a good bit of wildlife too. Birds, rabbits, pigs, deer, snakes, alligator, and even coyote. I've lived in the area for ten years and was a little upset when they ripped all of the blackberry bushes out, but the expansion of the trail is much better! Five stars from me because I have children, and sometimes the long difficult trails are not an option.

Sadly more trash than most areas I frequent. Would be a gorgeous walk through the woods if not.

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