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Paved trail. Pretty nice except some idiot decided to run his pickup truck on the trail.

Pretty nice paved trail, my only complaint is that some idiot decided to run his pickup truck on the trail.

trail running
3 days ago

If you have business in Dallas and are looking for a nice loop trail for a quick run, this trail is ideal. Conveniently located near both major airports, nicely paved, relatively flat. The loop is almost exactly a 5k. It loops around a lovely lake. Granted, it’s in the city and near airports so you will hear street noise and jet noise.

Part of the boardwalk is destroyed so the trail is very small

trail running
3 days ago

Ran from mile marker 5.25 to about mile marker 2.5, but I took the off-trail trails. Just past the huge sports fields, to the south at the bridge is a trail into the woods, comes out at another bridge at Champions Park. But then at that bridge, there are more trails to the west, some elevation changes and plenty of twists and turns, and rocky and rooty. Then I ran the main trail to Brushy Creek lake Park, where right before the three way intersection and bridge, there's a trail to the north. It's totally for biking, but runners use it too and it's all cool; it's very twisty and turny, and some rocks.

We started at Mountain creek reserve. As soon as you get on the path to walk, the scenery totally changes. While on one side there are trees and shrubs, the right side is a constant eyesore of construction sites, equipment and noise and trash and the constant odor of sewage. We walked to the Bonnie and Clyde bridge, which was an unexpected fun site.. but again more construction surrounding it. There is trash littering that whole part of the trail, with signs saying keep out everywhere. The smell, the whole trail is really bad with sewage. And the swarms (yes swarms) of mosquitos was awful.. (obviously because of all of the standing water). We have walked many trails, this might be the worst ever. Not what we were expecting at all. Along with all of that, we were almost afraid to leave our vehicle in the parking area, because of all the youngsters sitting around in their vehicles watching everyone that drove in.

a little dirty at the beginning and had some people sleeping in their car in the parking lot early in the morning. Other than I enjoyed my run there and will probably go again.

Needs maps posted along Trail or better signage

Nice walk to introduce you to the plant life you will see around Big Bend.

trail running
8 days ago

paved path through open fields with scattered art installations along the way.

Paved trail with small creeks, a playground and picnic pavillon. Did not run across many people. the trail backs up to neighborhoods and houses.

Lots of homeless. There is a river only .2 of trail. Covered in trash. Shouldn’t be on the list. Jogging next to freeway and under the freeway. Very unsafe. Surprised I can talk about it

14 days ago

Easy trail. Perfect for those with mobility difficulties. Location near restaurant and store make it a great pre-or post-meal walk. View at sunset unbeatable.

14 days ago

Straight forward "hike" with lots of human traffic. Went towards the afternoon and the sunset over the lake was amazing! Lots of dogs on this "trail" so be careful with their byproducts if ya know what I mean. There are bicyclists as well so try not to get run over by them.

All in all, pretty easy and chill "hike".

off road driving
14 days ago

Such a blast. Easier than I expected for me and my stock Jeep Wrangler. Very scenic, beautiful trail. Only a couple of spots where actual 4wd was necessary. Look for the spot with the old grave sites on the hill! No signs but looks very historic. Overall, my favorite off-road trail at big bend.

Seester time! This is a concrete sidewalk that is over 5 miles long. We parked at Lions Park off of Howard Road. It is a nice path for hikes, joggers and bikers. There is a creek that runs beside the trail with lots of trees. There is a dog park along the way. It was fun to see the dogs playing.
Granite stones are along the path telling you what mike you are at. The trail takes you right into town so bring cash if you’d like to get a cold drink before turning around. You also see the concrete pillars where the old electronic railroad was. That’s all that’s left. Nice trail a d very easy.

Brought my two dogs, so much goose poo and mud piles all over the trail. lots of bikes, kept having to get off the path into the grass/mud to let them by. Most never warned me they were coming up and startled my dogs. I wouldn't have minded too badly if they just warned me. Came across a dead dog in the field, and there were no rest spots to stand or sit and let the dogs breathe. It was ok, only will use if it rains again.

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25 days ago

There are several trails at this park. We did the outside loop trails that came to about 2.5 miles. Loved the hills and rocky trails. The river was pretty and nice to walk along at the end of our hike.

26 days ago

Good for exercise, but not great on sights or beauty. Underwhelmed.

Easy trail with a great chance to view wildlife / gators! Good trail for Brazos Bend (or any trail) newbies. Wide trail path with lots of scope for sharing the trail with runners, bikers, dogs and the like. Lots of viewing points as well.

it's sad yet disgusting how people in the city trash places....and tx has some of the highest property taxes in the nation, yet our corrupt officials can't even keep our parks clean. yet they drive fancy cars...wear designer suits...and make tons of money that isn't "salary". this trail is a stain on our cities. a true testament to how polluted our government has become

Moderately trafficked? Not on the weekends. Everyone lives white rock lake.

trail running
1 month ago

Ran the entire trail in the cold and wet. It was just under 40 degrees, got awful wet due to two shirts (one short sleeved, one long) and all the humidity, but it was a pleasant run.

The monument is cool.

I've walked the whole trail. It wasn't a bad trail. There are some parts that feel tucked away, and other parts are paved and feel more urban.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This is a very easy trail if you stay on the paved/gravel track. There are also several side trails that are more demanding and/or easy, if you want to venture out. I get the feeling this can be a very busy trail on weekends.

Nice paved trail with a path large enough to accommodate safe passing on bicycles.

Love the views. Saw an armadillo. Need maps.

Nice place to walk the dog on a Sunday in January. A lot of downed trees, might be leftover from Harvey. Some of the trails are boardwalk, which was kinda slippery because it had rained the day before. Probably much prettier in the spring/summer.

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