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Tennessee Map
5 hours ago

I am surprised that I haven't done this hike after living in Tennessee so long. I believe it to be one of the gems of the entire state. I have been hiking a lot of the country (you can check out my recorded history if you'd like) and this one competes with some of the best. It reminds me of The Subway in Zion if you are aware of that one. Anyways, I wish this hike was a better kept secret because there is graffiti on the rocks and quite a bit of trash. I packed out a full plastic water bottle, 3 beer bottles and 6 beer cans. This was just the stuff that I could safely reach. Show some respect people......such a shame. However, this did not deter me from enjoying the hike. I consider myself an excellent hiker and I fell 4 times. It had just rained the day before and the rocks and roots were extra slick. Just be aware that this is not for your average hiker and that wet conditions make for very difficult/treacherous time. Like others have said, this was more like a 6-7 mile hike. Be prepared and bring food and water if you're gonna do the whole thing. After doing it, I would recommend going clockwise (opposite of the way that the AllTrails map suggests) just so the views/features progress better. It might make for more of a physical challenge though. The last couple of mile for me were pretty uneventful going anti-clockwise. I did get off track a couple of times but honestly, considering the nature of this trail, I think it's pretty well marked. This hike has a little bit of everything and I am shocked that I haven't gotten to it sooner. Will be going back

12 hours ago

Great trail. Well marked and plenty of wildlife. Had a family of about 10 wild turkeys walk past me. Highly recommend.

12 hours ago

Great hike! My hubs and I took our four kids (6-15 years old) and we loved it! Moderate trail, rocky at times, lots of fun!

Beautiful wooded trail. There was only a trickle at the falls but never less a beautiful spot. The trail is easy until a few sections where the trail become rocks which justifies the moderate rating. Can’t wait to return once we get rain.

A must see if you’re near Nashville. A lot of tiny caves to explore if you’re not claustrophobic. Couldn’t take the dog off leash- too populated

A must see if you’re near Nashville. A lot of tiny caves to explore if you’re not claustrophobic. Couldn’t take the dog off leash- too populated

16 hours ago

Easy hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end. A great viewpoint of the mountains close to the waterfalls

17 hours ago

Yay! Water in the falls. Great easy hike!

18 hours ago

Nice trail. Awesome waterfalls!

18 hours ago

Be aware you will be walking across several creeks. Wear water proof shoes. We didn’t realize that and had to suffer cold feet the entire hike. It’s about 2 and half hour round trip for us.

18 hours ago

Pretty rooty and the only views are shelters

18 hours ago

The waterfall was flowing good. Such a beautiful sight and a warm sunny day to see it. Saw it 2 years ago when it was only a trickle so glad to see it flowing. Great day in all.

Great day for the hike. Trail was in surprisingly good condition considering all the rain the night before. I had proposed to my wife on top of the tower over 12 years ago. So we went back today to celebrate my 40th bday. Had the whole peak to ourself for well over an hour, and enjoyed a nice picnic and peaceful nap. Definitely not for young kids. Glad we pushed through and made more memories.

19 hours ago

Great, easy trail for hiking and exploring with the family. Loved various access points to the river along the way and the ability to play on the large rocks at the end.

Our favorite hike during our visit to GSMNP! The views are beautiful and the trail is wonderful and well maintained. The hike out is a slight descent which you’ll notice on the way back

21 hours ago

The upper elevations were socked in, but even with zero views this was a great trail! To echo what others have said, you will not have solitude. Plenty of challenge without being overly difficult. First portion along the creek is beautiful right now with the changing leaves. Have sturdy shoes! Beyond the cave, the trail is often uneven rock. Cables are bolted in if you need them. The true summit is another half mile or so past the lodge. To the summit & back (plus wandering at the lodge, taking photos, etc.), it was 14 miles.

One of my absolute favorites! I definitely preferred going mid-week and mid-day when there was less traffic, but thats just a personal preference. Awesome trail all around.

Enjoyable uphill trail to Grotto Falls. Wide trail. Heavily trafficked! A great option for a quick hike-1-1.5 hours. Can continue past the falls for a 7 mile looped. Trail has llama skat on it, from the animals used to transport goods to Mt. LeConte. Kinda of cool!

Very nice, easy hike. Level ground, no roots, right next to the river. Leaves were changing.

10/20/19 great hike if you want to avoid the traffic of Cades cove to see Abram falls. awesome view off of Hatcher mountain of the Abrams Creek gorge.

1 day ago

The boulders are tough! Also one of the rootiest trails I've encountered. I am surprised to see this one took some reviewers only 5 hours. If you stick to Dog Hole and avoid it as a loop, them sure. Otherwise, you'd be hardpressed to make it through in under 6 hours unless you skip overlooks and rest breaks. Trail before the loop is very well maintained, but there are probably 20 downed trees to step over on the loop itself. Great hike. Do it, and leave dogs and small children at home.

Beautiful. Easily the best view I’ve seen from any lookout in Chattanooga. Very heavily trafficked stairs/trail. Saw people rock climbing. Parking is very difficult, only 6 or so spaces at the trail head. The neighborhood is very particular about street parking.

How many miles is it from Indian grave gap to cherry gap shelter. It’s north from the parking lot. Do they have a water source there Any info would be awesome send me a text if anyone can. 7045269121

not for kiddios , starts off flat and wide ,then becomes. Rocky and lots of roots ,uphill all the way to the beautiful falls ,I am a experienced hiker ,got to say this trail is not for beginners..

off trail
over grown
1 day ago

We chose this I could because we prefer loops. We are both in reasonably good shape and are tall people so can climb over fallen trees that were plentiful on this trail. Honestly, the hardest part was finding the trail after the waterfall. Even after reading the reviews. Don’t go all the way up to the falls, look for a tree that has a little orange ribbon. We went off on so many rabbit trails based on other reviews but never did it say look for the orange ribbon in the tree, or I didn’t scroll back far enough. We literally wasted 45 minutes on trails that ended up nowhere. Once you find the trail it is pretty evident. There were Some parts that were so overgrown you felt like you should have brought your machete. About 15 downed trees that were to where you had to really bend low or climb over to get past. Once you get to the official trail it feels like an absolute cakewalk. I enjoyed the trail because it felt so remote, but I would imagine it would make others unnerved for that very reason. We saw a few people at the waterfall and then only one person the entire rest of the day. Absolutely wear pants and real hiking boots. We crossed over the water multiple times, all with very slippery rocks so you need good balance. At the end we were exhausted so naturally I turned my ankle 30 minutes from the parking lot, just not being as careful because it was easy at that point.

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