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For hiking in Nashville, this is my favorite spot. It connects to the loop trail around the lake on both ends, so add this Gainer Ridge section for more of a challenge and gorgeous views. With the connecting loop trail, it’s about 3 miles total, not too difficult. Even though Radnor Lake is inside the city limits, 15 min. drive from downtown, you’ll feel far away from it all. There’s heavy foot traffic on weekends, but if you can catch this place when it isn’t crowded, it’s wonderful.

my favorite stretch of road in the world. breathtaking views everywhere.

Beautiful trail

Amazing view!!! The hike to the top was steep and for the out of shape (me) it was difficult but completely worth it! Had to take a hand full of breaks along the way. Trail is very well maintained. Some sections have stairs but I found them more difficult going up and for coming down was much much quicker. Jog back down due to the incline. The top is VERY steep ledge and only the really steady and brave should climb. It took everything I had to do it without chickening out. Took few hours to complete. Trail wide enough it was comfortable meeting people. Great experience lots of beautiful pictures. Make sure you have good shoes and a backpack with water and snacks.

Easy hike. Adequately marked. A lot of the "trail" is actually on road and uninspiring. A short pretty forest section at about 1.2 miles is the exception. The big payoff is Welch's point which is as beautiful as advertised. Never found Amber's "den". There is a sign indicating the direction (this is about 2.2 mi in) and 1.1 mile distance to Amber's Den near Welch's Pt. I took this fork in the woods and after 1.4 miles ended up on the banks of the Caney Fork. Pretty, but not what I was looking for. Virgin Falls definitely the better option if looking to hike in this area.

beautiful trail easy to follow but not for children or the faint of heart. trail was completely empty the path was very Rocky but it was really very pretty. many small waterfalls.

One of
The best hikes I’ve ever done in my life

Super easy stroll. The snow added to the gorgeous element as well.

Good place to get an introduction to GSMNP. Not really a hike, more like an aggressive nature walk, unless you continue beyond the falls.

Great for kids, just watch out around the cliffs and falls.

went by myself though and did not feel safe since it was pretty secluded. tons of trails

One of my favorites. I have been many times. I do the trail down to Machine and then I go to the wildflower loop and take it to lower Busby falls which few people really get to see. Lots of dead-fall and trail finding but the payoff is awesome. You can come back the way you came or climb up on the right side making your way up to the bridge that is at the top of Busby. If you go that way it is steep and tricky in spots. It is especially tricky when you get to the large rock slab that is taking up a large chunk of the area you need to be. I climbed up the side and over the top of it. Just go slow and you should be fine.

We started hiking again and picked this as our first trail. It is a beautiful trail with lots of scenery and a great view of the Tennessee river.

beautiful! it was co eres with snow and ice.

We went yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no cell service and I failed to go to the end of the road where the trail started. Instead, pulled off and took an old logging road which eventually brought us to the trail but only added a mile or so to our hike. As we hiked, I noticed a burnt log and a second later, thought it was a bear cub until it turned and saw it was a very huge wild boar! Fortunately, he ran down the mountain and not at us!

When we got to the loop, we opted to make our way out, but the river and falls were stunning and we will do the full loop soon.

Love the trails at Bledsoe.

If your not use to hiking, then take it super slow... I am not in shape and it took me 1-2 hours to climb up. Also be prepared for steps!! The view is worth the climb!!

Nice trail. Once you get past the elevation, it's easy. I went after a storm there was trees down. It's nice that the trail is paved. Amazing views!! Becareful around the waterfalls.

5 days ago

Definitely a top three trail in Tennessee. It's only eight miles long, not much as far as steep inclines. Went out when some of the rock were still frozen over with water, so you want to be careful when heading out in colder temps. With the overlook, the falls, and the diversity of the trail it is one of the best in the state.

You can tell it is mainly used for mountain biking. But not a bad walk through the trails.

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