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great trail. well marked but also challenging. well worth the hike. I did an over night trip and the areas to set up a twnt are great and right nest to the fall. I would not recommend this hike for kids.

Beautiful hike!

Really liked this trail but if you go on the grove loop portion on the right there is a downed tree that makes it almost impossible to continue (we turned back).

We let some park rangers know at the visitors station who mentioned sending some folks up to help clear the way in the near future.

I did this trail on 1/27/2018. This trail is not maintained as well as it probably could be. The trail is marked well until you get up around Buzzards Roost Bluff and all the leaves start to obscure the trail. The blazes are either 2” x 6” pieces of metal hammered to the trees or white paint. The white paint is faded and will look like moss at times because the blazes are not as close to each other as they probably should be. There are several great rock formations in the area though. Watch your step while exploring off trail to prevent twisted ankles/knees because the leaves will pile up and it’s hard to see any holes or crevasses between rocks. I used my trekking poles to prod the area in front of me if I was unsure. A friend of mine recommended having your phone charged and this app available in case you’re unsure of the trail or you’ve lost it. The recorded trail on the app can guide you back when you lose it. I enjoyed seeing the historic entrance to Cumberland Caverns as well. Above all, it’s a good adventure if you’re seeking one and you’ve never been here.

Very pretty with a variety of scenery. Easy. A little bit of an obstacle course feeling with bog “bridges” and log crossings over creeks. I wouldn’t go in summer with the swampy bits being a haven for biting bugs and snakes. Didn’t meet a soul...this park is back pretty far and very large. An overall pretty walk.

1 day ago

Moderate. Well blazed & maintained. Hiked counterclockwise. Begins easily through mixed forest. Descends to creek side past a few rock houses. Long rolling section along the water is very pretty/peaceful. A bridge is out along the creek but no trouble going around. Leave creek w moderate uphill. Finishes on the road w approx. .5 mi back to trailhead. Bit of a drive to get to this trail but worth it.

1 day ago

Easy. Well marked & maintained. About 4.2 mi with spurs to Needle Arch & Slave Falls. Really nice hike with superb geology & water. Needle Arch very cool. Slave Falls is spectacular. Recommend going after a recent rain.

1 day ago

This is a nice hike! If you just want to see the waterfalls and make it to the top of the racetrack, I suggest parking off of Shelton Hollow Road. The waterfalls are less than half a mile away from the pull off where you park. If you start at the official trailhead you hike alongside the interstate and the noise and smell is distracting.

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2 days ago

Well-maintained paved trail. Gradual inclines near the bridge and the UT buildings. Not a difficult short run, but multiple laps or runs above 8 miles probably deserves a moderate rating. People I came across seemed very friendly.

A nice trail for the dogs that also has some pretty views.

Beautiful trail with great river views and interesting historic sights. A nice, slow climb with a great, accessible waterfall at the end. Loved every minute of it.

I took my girlfriend here as a surprise for both of us. I’m obsessed with climbing and exploring so this place gets two thumbs up from me. There are several great views, and photo opportunities. As for the people who leave negative reviews due to bugs, heat, cold, etc. It’s probably best for you to get back to that couch and binge-watch something on Netflix.

Good for in shape beginners. Been to Hobbs cabin a few times now. My favorite 1 night hike.

Hiked to Devil's Den & completed Leatherwood Loop Tr on the way back. 8 mi. Majority is easy. Mod .6 mi section beyond the bridge to Devil's Den but this is the best section. Trail is well marked & maintained. Really nice waterfalls just before the bridge & .2 mi before Devil's Den. The O & W bridge is historical. Devil's Den a nice geo feature & camping site. An enjoyable afternoon.

What east TN represents well: waterfalls, peaceful woods surrounded by giant rock cliffs making a holler. Marked well with blue blazes.

3 days ago

Absolutely a must do!

Short easy stroll to an ok overlook. Can be a nice trail run or warm-up hike.

3 days ago

Easy. Well maintained trail. nice views along the river and some water coming off the blufff. Interesting exploring the shoreline at the "Falls". OK experience. Do with another trail to fill a day.

4 days ago

Very easy hike. I packpacked a night and it was nice. There is a bit of trash on the trail, bring a bag to pack it out (please). Be sure to lock your vehicle, mine was broken into a few years ago. Great for a trail run also.

I like this trail because of the cedar glades and the wildflowers, the problem is that it is easy to get confused on the trail, it wasn't well marked when I went the last few times. Also it can be very muddy...but still worth it.

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