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longer trail, 4.8 up but it is a constant gentle climb. Have seen many rattlers up there the last 2 years so use caution if you have dogs

Great short hike, some climbing. Wear good ankle supporting boots

Well maintained trail. The views at the fire tower are breathtaking. This trail in my opinion is easy. I would rate it moderate only because of the mileage.

took this hike Saturday march 31 fantastic weather and very clear. it's a pretty strenuous hike hike but it was worth the effort and the views at beauty spot were Incredible. l will be doing this one again in the near future

2 months ago

This is a really cool trail, but packs a punch. Climbing down to the falls can be very sketchy in wet conditions. I would not take kids on this trail as a fall could result in death in some spots. We did see a black bear on this trail. Parking area is hard to find and no sign.

2 months ago

Deep woods trail that makes you feel like you are deep in the wilderness. Which that isn’t far from the truth. I prefer to cut off this trail and go visit Lower Dicks Creek Falls.

Well maintained trail. Lengthy but the climb is gradual, so it isn't too difficult. Views are great if you are willing to climb to the observation deck. It is nice, large deck. Had my lunch there.

Loved this trail. Easy hiking but is 9 miles so still a good workout. When you get to the top the view is amazing!

6 months ago

Definitely more of a climb than hike but well worth the effort if you love waterfalls and be sure and go all the way to the bottom

Be prepared for an uphill battle. Well maintained trail with beautiful views.

More of a climb than a hike. Could be very dangerous in wet conditions.

Great hike, kids loved going up the tower.

6 months ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS! I know other reviews and even the description says this, but seriously, don't take your dogs, unless they are well trained and don't need a leash, and even then, it may be a challenge. There will be times on this trail that you will be on your butt going down or on all fours coming up. I chose not to read and/or listen to this advice and my wife had to turn around and the take the dogs out as they couldn't make it and were pulling us down the slope.

All in all it's a great, short hike. Probably a half a mile in to get to the Falls. Even in dry conditions the ground can be slippery so be careful. Great main waterfall and some beautiful smaller ones around as well to see on the way.

Great, well marked trail with a fantastic view at the end that is worth the climb. It is a climb, however. So, be prepared to relentlessly walk uphill for 4 to 4.5 miles. It's a pretty gradual climb with only a couple steep spots. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the distance and that is a in and out trail, so once you hike it up, you have to hike it back the same way. Can be a little repetitive and boring, but again, the views to me are worth doing it at least once.

7 months ago

Please take note that this trail can be tricky to locate. After you turn onto Red Fork Rd., it is roughly 1.1 miles. Look for a wide spot on the right side of the road. (if you come to a gravel road, you have gone way too far) When you see the wide spot, look for a faded red dot that is painted on a tree. Just down from that red dot is a trail that is supposed to be for an ATV. This is where you need to be. You will cross a creek 2 times on your way to the falls. On the way, you will be treated to several small little water falls that is very pretty. Once you arrive to the Red Fork Falls, you will arrive at the TOP of the waterfall. Although it is a tricky climb down, it is so very worth it to take in the view of this waterfall. It is so pretty! Be very careful...it is rocky, full of tree roots, and wet and slick. Keep a firm grip on trees that are growing close on the trail - you'll need them to pull yourself up and just to keep a steady hand. I would definitely do this trail again. I highly recommend it. In my group we were all women, our ages ranged from 21, 41, and 62 and we all did just fine. All of us managed to fall at least once and wore some mud as badges of honor. Definitely wear waterproof hiking boots. I personally would not recommend children or dogs on this trail because of the slippery rocks and tree roots that makes tripping so easy to do. The 300 ft waterfall is indeed spectacular. I'll be doing this one again.

horseback riding
7 months ago

We followed gps to this location with a loaded 20 ft horse trailer and the road leads to a private driveway (with not very understanding landowners) and had to back the trailer 1/4 mile to a place to turn around

Nice hike. Will be back next year when the mountain laurel is blooming. Trail is lined with hundreds of plants. Beauty Spot is phenomenal!

mountain biking
8 months ago

One of my favorites. Nice steady climb, and a fun decent back out. Beautiful views once you reach the tower.

great short hike. Alot of climbing with 5 falls with pools to swim in. Look for the red Dot on the the tree and a pull off area on the right coming from 107. Cross the first creek and a little way down look for a creek to the right and cross it. There are actually rocks on the ground spelling out falls with an arrow but everyone seems to miss it

10 months ago

Trailhead isn't clearly marked nor is the trail itself but you can somewhat make out the trail but it is overgrown. Not very heavily hiked, as I have been three times and have not encountered a single person. So it's nice to let my dog off his leash, but definitely put the leash back on around the waterfall as it is very slick and steep.

I was unable to find the trail-head even with GPS. It is easy to find the Carver road, but after few hundred yards it disappears and all you see small roads that lead to houses.

made the entire trip took 5 hours but had to take several breaks its alot of steps for a 7 yrs old up the mountain and back next time were drivin to the gate lol the view is worth the hike trail head restrooms have always been clean on our visits

11 months ago

Beautiful hike. Trail is not marked clearly. Cell service was bad and that's why I recommend downloading the map or printing it out. Don't forget your hiking poles. Two creeks to cross.

If you go to the other direction (see my recording) you will see a very unique forest on the top of the mountain.

My husband and I attempted this trail today and only made it to the one mile marker and turned back. Why? We haven't hiked in months. Great trail with switchbacks but we are out of shape.

Trail. Park then proceed on gravel road that goes behind the small building from the parking lot. The parking lot accommodates about 6 cars but people were parking on the grass next to the main road. We ran into a guy running with his 2 dogs who weren't on leashes and one was 25 meters behind him. We found 3 piles of dog poo of which 1 pile was on the trail and the other 2 on the side of the trail. Please people put your dog on a leash and clean up their poop. Nice peaceful walk without a lot of people. We will go back.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Slick rock scramble but great view.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

great short trail with some climbing and beautiful views

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fairly steep climb most of the way. Compared to other trails on this site I've hiked classified as "Hard", I think this hike is more than "Modetate". I enjoyed the challenge and solitude this trailed offered.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fantastic hike. I logged a little over 11 miles up and back and it took close to 5 hours. I went off the beaten trail a lot and looked at the wild orchids and many different Trillium species. If you really like wildflowers, this hike is for you!

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