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We loved this hike! The hike to alum cave is an easy hike, beautiful scenery, you can see the ridge and “the eye in the needle.” We continued to Mt Leconte which is a more difficult hike - moderate/strenuous with beautiful views, flowers, unique rock, along the way. We learned the meaning of why these mountains are called the Smokies. When we got to the top, we were in the clouds! Wish we could’ve seen the view but sitting in the clouds was equally beautiful! We went straight to cliff tops, instead of the Lodge, but from reading other reviews wish we would’ve checked out the Lodge. We left around 9am and got out around 2 pm (We ran for part of the downhill portion back to get out of the rain).

Beautiful hike.Started off early 700 am 1/2 hour spent at Lodge returned 130 pm so 6 hour trip.
50 years old with wife found it Moderate climb.
Be back next year to stay overnight in Lodge.
From Canada and love these mountains.
Tennessee you’re truly blessed.

Love it!

It was a good short hike . First one I done . Nice waterfalls view!

Awesome trail and easy access to the falls. Ya don’t want to miss it!!!

loved the hike my first time hiking leconte

Just what I needed. Although I cannot speak for the view as it was densely fogged. Warm resort lobby with fireplace and snacks at the top.

We only did the first 2.5ish miles. The first 1.3 to the cave is a moderate hike and after that it’s more strenuous to get to the cove. We walked a bit past the cove. If i could go back, I would have started earlier in the morning, and brought lots more water and walking sticks to get up to the lodge.

Always a great hike.

Really loved this hike. It was a major workout, but truly worth it at the top (the very top). Incredible panoramic views. The rest of the trail had interesting things to see as well though, and the first/last part is really lovely. Do the whole thing if you can, it’s amazing to stand at the top with the wind in your face and the mountains all around!

Uphill most of the way but worth the trip. We had a blast.

We hiked this trail today all the way to the top. They aren’t kidding when they call it strenuous! There are really beautiful vistas along the way, little wildflowers, interesting rocks, this hike has it all! Fortunately it was a really clear day and we could see very far. The extra hike to the cliff tops was worth the view. But be warned, this is a difficult hike! Round trip it took us about 8 hours, including a break for about an hour at Le Conte Lodge.

Amazing trail, only went to alum cave bluff but it was spectacular. Great views, nice obstacles to make the hike interesting. A little crowded but not bad

The day we went, we got to learn how the Smokies get their name -- the entire trail was nothing but fog the entire way up. Once we got on top of LeConte, you could watch the fog just absolutely whipping over the sides of the mountain. It was beautiful and windy and crazy. Can't wait to go back and actually get to see all the views!

We went up Trillium Gap Trail past Grotto Falls and came down Alum Cave Trail. We took our time both going up and down to look at all the sites.

Great hike up to Leconte Lodge! Recent trail work has hardened trail surface and improved conditions for heavily used trail. Terrific views of Chimney Tops and spectacular sunset from Cliff Tops. Had a great stay at The lodge, and passed over 400 hikers while heading back down.

19 days ago

Bring your hiking boots for sure. Straight up to get there but so worth it at the top! Bring plenty of water.

19 days ago

Great trail and beautiful waterfall . Worth the effort.

First 1.3 miles is fairly easy. The last mile is moderate to hard, especially just before you get to Alum Cave. However, the views and scenery are worth it...really enjoyable hike. Took us 3 hours up and back.

Nice views, great climb, great workout.

I can't imagine a trail being better than this. There is a gorgeous view around every turn. Alum Cave is gigantic and the views after that up to the summit are breathtaking. Tip: skip the lodge and go straight to the summit for your drink and snack break. You won't be sorry.

Wonderful hike! Some of the best views in the Smokies, especially at the top. Watch for ice (even in late April) and use the cable handrail every chance you get.

Don’t turn around or else you’ll miss cliff tops, the best view in the whole park.

Been up the lodge 3 times on this trail. What a great trail, the lower part has log bridges over the creek. A great spot for a break at the "Alum Bluff" where most hike to. Most turn around after getting here. They miss some of the best sites higher up. Gracie's Pulpit up the trail where Ms. Gracie use to sit on rock reading a bible and said hello to hikers. To other spots like late Sister Betty Janes "Stairway to Heaven" near the top. And the late Margaret Stephenson's viewing spot just down from the old "horsegate" up top. I like to ascend this trail and descend down the Trillum Gap trail and walk behind the Grotto Falls waterfall. On Mondays, Wenesday and Friday you could see the llamas at the lodge or hiking up Trillium Gap trail.

Really fun! The NPS rates it at "Severe", but its a very well maintained wide trail that I would call moderate. It took us about 2 hours total but we were moving at a quick-no-stops pace. We went in the afternoon (5pm) and by that time it had completely cleared out.

This was a really nice little hike.The waterfall was great.Climbed 2 the top 2 take some pics.Will do this 1 again.

Might be the best trail in the Southeast US.

Fun easy trail with a great fall and grotto at the end! Beautiful! The only problem is it is so heavily trafficked! A very popular hike and feels very crowded.

28 days ago

Beautiful hike, terrain can be a little rough in places but well worth the trek up to the waterfall!

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