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1 day ago

Beautiful sight! Very steep, rocky terrain.

This is a short hike with a great, refreshing reward at the end. Beautiful! We will hike this one again.

Nice hike with nice falls. We added busby falls to the loop just to play in the water more

We came with our four kids, ages 2, 4, 6, and 8. We decided to go counterclockwise which I think was the right move. We already got the payoff of seeing the falls before we had to climb up the stairs, so we had no choice. :) We had the youngest boy in an Ergo, but the older girls all handled the trail—and the stairs—just fine. The trail was clearly-marked, but it did help to have downloaded the map from AllTrails just to be sure we were on the right path.

The falls were incredible, some of the best we’ve seen around. We really loved that the pools are wade-able, and you don’t have to decide you want to go swimming in the cold to get close. Combine that with a really wide, really beautiful cascading waterfall, this one is near the top of our list.

Beautiful place. Great place to swim., but the Water is very cold. It gets crowded but walk on down from the falls and there’s plenty of places to swim, wade, or just hangout in a hammock.

Pretty easy hike. We took our 3 boys: 5, 6 years and a 5 month old in a baby carrier. The down slope wasn’t bad as long as you take it slow. We will definitely be back!

29 days ago

Hike in was easy until you start dropping down to the falls, it had rained day before so it was a little slick in spots, had to watch where you were stepping for sure. The rain had made the falls run really full, it was beautiful! Hike out was super easy!

Absolutely gorgeous waterfall, the hike wasn’t bad other than a bit slippery after the rain we’ve had. Looking forward to going back during the Fall & winter.

it was an overcast day just after a rain storm. the trail was not crowded and very easy for the family. the waterfall was specracular.

1 month ago

Arrived a little after 9 AM on a Saturday, waterfall was relatively empty with only two other groups there.

Park at water tower, trail is across the water tower (opposite side over the road)

Trail to me, was easily marked..
- WHITE marked trees — Machine Falls
- BLUE marked trees — Bugsby Falls

nature trips
1 month ago

Took our 4 kids (ages 8,5,3, & 3months) on this “hike” this past week. It is not a hike, but it is a great swimming hole. The decent down is tough but we went slow and everyone did fine. It was quite busy while we were there, but we had a great time swimming and playing around the rocks. There were several people smoking that really took away from the pleasant experience of the day, but other than that it was very fun!

Beautiful Falls! You can hear it as soon as you get to the gate. Great spot for cooling off, just mind the rocks! Most of the submerged rocks are slick and some slick spots by the falls as well. Not much as far as hiking, it’s basically just climbing down the bank to it. Go to Machine and Busby Falls just minutes down the road if you want to get some hiking in first. (Thanks Jess Breznican for that suggestion!!)

Beautiful waterfall! Went 6/27 in between rain storms. The way it’s nestled it’s like a hidden treasure. We got there around noon and no one was there. Then there were about 10 people that came in different groups. Perfect for wading, no deep spots. Saw a few salamanders by the rocks too.

Pretty easy hike. I brought my dog who is still a puppy and he did great. There is a point where you kinda have to walk along the creek or in it if you don't go across the bridge, I thought it was more fun. You might as well walk along the water because if you want to see the falls up close - you're going to get wet. I went late in the afternoon around 7 and there wasn't a single person there and it was straight up beautiful.

Also if you do plan to walk around the falls I'd wear water shoes, the ground is uneven and rocky and hurt! I will admit to having been unprepared in that department as this was a spur of the moment trip. Well worth it!

1 month ago

I loved this trail. I did the trail clockwise, heading through the woods for a little over a mile, along side the creek part of the way. There were two spots along the wooded path where you have to cross water but it's shallow and there are rocks in place.

The path was a bit over grown in parts but manageable.

Once you get down to the Waters edge, you can make your way across it to get all the way to the base of the falls. If you don't mind getting wet, wade right through! I managed to stay dry and sat and had a bite to eat there.

A small word of advice for non hikers on the trail .... the trail and falls are gorgeous. Keep them that way. If you pack it in....pack it out. The trash along the way wasn't bad but it was noticable. Let's keep our parks clean eh?

Highly recommend this hike. The stars are the end are the only killer haha.

Really enjoyed this hike. Trails are clearly marked and easy until you enter or leave the falls at which point the trail is a bit steep.

The falls are beautiful and there’s a pool and upper ledge to walk in. The water is very clear and COLD!

If I had to “complain “ i would say the only downside is the actual falls area is rather small so it can feel a bit disappointing to make the drive and hike for such a small area.

Definitely worth a visit.

nature trips
2 months ago

A great place to go for a swim. it is absolutely gorgeous! Was not overly crowded. Just down the road from Machine Falls. If your looking for a hike do the Machine Falls and Bugsby Falls trails first, then spend time at this falls to cool off, have lunch, and relax.

The only reason I give this trail a 2 star is because it’s not clearly marked as to whether you should start clockwise or counterclockwise. We chose to go clockwise per one of the reviews below. I had my husband, our dog and my 5 and 7 year old. We went around 6:45 on a Monday and no one else was there yet. We passed the Busby falls trail and started to get confused when we kept seeing signs for connectors. We just kept following the white strikes and finally after going downhill on a very narrow path my husband said the path came to a complete stop and went straight down and told us to turn around. Apparenlty he had kind of freaked out and didn’t mention until later that we had come across the “narrow/steep” stairs that lead up from the falls. We went to the overlook which was really a waste, it’s unkept and very dangerous. I tried to hang onto a tree and step out some but really couldn’t see much. We did play in the creek a bit but that’s about the extent of what we got out of the hike. It would just be nice to have a better explanation of the trail at the start for those that are not familiar with it. Seeing the pictures, I’m sure it’s very worth it if you get to the falls, but a word of advice, don’t take a dog and husband who are scared of heights and don’t take small kids...

2 months ago

Kids and husband went on a Monday morning. With kids, it’s quite a bit more than “a little steep” to get to. Once you’re past the small part of the “worn” path, you just choose which way you feel most comfortable taking. Without kids, this would have been much easier but with having them and them not having water shoes, it was pretty tough. I had a walking stick and held my 5 year olds hand and had to carry him in some places (where he was afraid of the water) while my husband had the dog on a leash and helped my 7 year old.
Getting back is easy until you’ve got to climb back up. Being out of shape and just getting over severe sinusitis, this was quite a challenge with a 5 year old but we made it and it was a blast. However, my legs may disagree in an hour or so....

We love this trail. We take our two dogs and two kids and spend all day there. So much to see. We hang our hammocks up stream where the water is gentle then play in the pool at the base of the amazing waterfall. We always bring friends who are visiting from out of town. Plus there are a few options (wildflower, busby, adams) if you want to mix it up a bit.

Beautiful! Worth the walk!

3 months ago

short strenuous hike. Absolutely beautiful waterfall at Machine Falls.

Overall really loved this hike! Ran into 6 different snakes though. Going down to machine falls is super steep so coming back up is worse!

Great hiking, but the paths to the falls are very steep and narrow. Absolutely worth the drive and hike. It is beautiful!

Super steep to get to, but pretty easy to navigate once you’re at water level. Worth the trip.

Great short hike with a pretty Machine Falls. Easy hike!

3 months ago

Great hike for families, kids, and dogs. There are a few trails and loops to take and all are clearly marked. There were a lot of wildflowers. Would be a great place to hang out all day with the family and a picnic. Watch out for ticks.

Bring water shoes in your pack. Went after the rains and the waterfall was in it’s full glory. Wildflowers and the trees in bloom. Perfect day

4 months ago

This is a great short hike with plenty to see and do. The steep descent and climb back up is well worth it to check out Machine Falls. With more than 6 total miles of trail in the Short Springs Natural Area, there is plenty to fill an afternoon. All of the trails are well maintained.

Beautiful hike! It is dog friendly, but unless your dogs are really great on a leash, you'll have to unleash them for a bit to get down to the falls. It's a little difficult to access because it's STEEP and quite slippery. Was a little crowded for my taste, but other than that, the falls are beautiful and definitely worth the hike!

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