One of my new favorite hikes in the Smokies. The trail starts out fairly wide and meanders along a stream (Lynn Camp Prong) while inclining steadily. This trail offers a little bit of everything: beautiful views of the stream, interesting rock formations, and relics from days gone by that give hikers insight into how this area was used in years past. In fact, most of the trail follows an old railroad bed—when the Smokies were logged, the last logs were hauled from this area of Tremont. Pay close attention to catch some of the pieces of history along the trail (including an old cadillac, an old chimney, and stone walls), as there are no official markers, just helpful indicators left by fellow hikers. The trail gets a bit more rugged beyond the junction with Panther Creek Trail at mile 2.3. Be aware that the side trail to Indian Flat Falls (approximately 4 miles from the trailhead) is not an officially marked trail either, so keep your eyes peeled for a side trail to the right when the Middle Prong Trail swings left. If you hit the junction with two other trails, you've gone too far and have missed the falls.