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I would have been a nicer day had not a dog followed me around for half of the mileage. Then the crowds expected on Abrams Falls trail. Solitude is difficult in the Smokies.

A very steep climb on the first day. We camped at a great camp site with easy access to water. It was honestly also a steep climb down the second day. If I did it again, I would probably avoid the summer since we sweated our faces off with all of the elevation change... But the view from the bald was beautiful and so worth going to see. From the campsite, it's about 400-800 meters up to the bald. We set up camp and hiked up to the bald to eat, which was well worth it.

Started at Twentymile Ranger Station and took Twentymile Trail to Long Hungry Ridge Trail to Gregory Bald Trail. Blueberries were gone in mid-August, so no bears to be seen. Stayed the night at Campsite 13 then finished the loop the next day by continuing on Gregory Bald Trail to Wolf Ridge Trail back to Twentymile Trail. Lots of beautiful bridge stream crossings on the lower parts of the trail and the views from the Bald are worth the trip. I found the posted mileages on the trail and on the description above to be significantly different from what my AllTrails app was registering. The app showed 13.4 miles from the Ranger station to Campsite 13 and then 8.5 miles to finish the loop the next day. That's 21.9 miles compared to the 15.3 listed above.

Bring trekking poles, or hiking sticks to safely cross the creeks. Hike starts with an immediate creek crossing, then there is another after you pass the Hannah Mt junction, and one more when you arrive in Cades Cove. Only overgrown in a few places (including the very beginning, so don't let that detract you). I passed zero hikers on the whole loop on a Wednesday morning (FYI, Cades Cove gates are closed on Wednesday mornings, so Abrams Falls trail was empty!)

Awesome trail cs17 is great place to hang a hammock

This is a nice 17 mile loop up to Gregory Bald from Twenty Mile Ranger Station and back. It’s virtually all uphill to the bald and all downhill coming back. We camped at campsite 92 on the way up and campsite 95 on the way down. We encountered 3 bears, but they were in the distance and scattered pretty quickly when the heard us. Despite gorgeous weather, we only saw about 20 people, most of them on the bald. The bald is the highlight of this hike with 360 degree views of TN and NC and a nice overlook on to Cades Cove below. There are several creek crossings on this hike, so plenty of water sources. Depending on water levels, you may want to bring water shoes for some of the crossings.

5 months ago

My review is from the perspective of an amateur landscape photographer

I only did the first 2.3 miles of the trail. That’s because my main purpose was wildflower photography. The first 3/4 of a mile is great for wildflowers in mid-April. I counted at least a dozen species within the first 3/4 mile. If you are more adventurous, then go 2.3 miles. You’ll find a large group (20+) pink lady slippers. But they don’t fully bloom until the first week of May

I consider this to be part of the Gregory Bald Loop, which includes Parson Branch Rd and Gregory Bald Ridge Trail. Good tough loop with relatively light traffic. Enjoy.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Be prepared for a serious hike if you're headed to Abrams Falls via Little Bottoms...close to 11 miles out and back. That said, this is an immensely beautiful trek with several distinct environments. The trail goes from pine forests to a lush river valley to a grassy, rocky new-growth portion. There is no want for lovely scenery!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

This one got me. Pretty tough. Several long pulls. Wanted to do a loop from Little Bottoms Trail to Hannah Mountain to Rabbit Creek. But once we crossed the creek on Hannah Mountain trail it got pretty dense with several fresh bear scat droppings. We decided to back track. Like I said, for me, pretty tough with an artificial hip and knee. Adam and I did this one about 12 years ago and camped at #17. Probably won't do this one again

Amazing, amazing trails that lead to the back-end of Cades Cove. The vegetation, landscape and ecosystems found on these trails are different than other areas in the smokies. Many areas of the trail are wide and more muddy than rocky. If you go just after rain, be prepared to get dirty. If you get a good start early in the day, you can make it to Abrams Falls from this location, but know you will have quite the trek up and down many tall hills. Highly recommend!

horseback riding
Friday, April 28, 2017

One of our favorites rides... Peaceful and beautiful with scenic vistas, creeks all the way out to cades cove. We saw deer, black bear and a huge wild hog on the trails

Beautiful scenery all the way out to cades cove. We rode the horses and saw deer, a bear, a huge wild pig! We love this ride

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I love this trail! I have completed it from both sides multiple times and the view never gets old!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Great way to access Gregory Bald with little to no people on the trail and some great views. I heard several red eyed vireos, several pilleated woodpeckers, several oven birds, and one Cooper's Hawk. The trilliums are just starting to bloom. We hiked clockwise via Wolf Ridge Trail, Gregory Bald Trail, to Long Hungry Ridge Tail. GPS clocked this at 16.54 miles and 3865 feet of elevation gained. The ascent up to Gregory Bald is steady but I would not describe it as steep. I found water readily available through out the loop. Weather conditions were typical of Spring Applachia warm to cold to warm again in a matter of miles. Views above 2100ft were completely obstructed by fog. Gregory Bald was extremely windy and foggy. Coming down Long Hungry Ridge Trail there are several creek crossings that were far above boots and not easy to transverse. This is likely due to a heavy rain event that occurred within 12 hours prior to our hike. Due to these difficult crossings, I would not reccomend this hike for children or other less experienced persons after a recent rain event. We completed this loop in 7h 25mins. I was impressed by a group of older adults (i'm 49) that were making the loop counter clockwise at a very good clip. Give it a try you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shushuck? Firetower. One of the best views in the park. Gregory Bald is very cool too. I took 20 mile to the AT then met up with Gregory Bald. Long, difficult hike but worth it. Great views, little traffic, good forest.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Avoid crowds by starting early on Wednesday or Saturday. Several other cool views along the way.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Incredible view of Cades Cove from the bald. Took a detour to Shuckstack Firetower as well for an equally breathtaking view. One of my favorite hikes in GSMNP yet.

Kellie pretty much nailed it. I went in May with a thunderstorm the night before so the path had muddy spots. The view was still absolutely beautiful and the bald was huge. The trail was poorly marked and we ran with excitement when we saw the 0.6 sign. Coming down the trail was very hard are knees. I got a lot of blisters. But overall it was fun, super super long, and beautiful. We aren't everyday hikers so it tool us 4 hours to get to the top (the last stretch it straight up) and 1 hour and 45 minutes (closer to 2 hours) to come down.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This loop was OK. It's a moderately difficult hike with two stream crossings that require you to ford the Abrams Creek. The second is the more challenging of the two and even with using trekking poles, it was tough going due to the depth and flow of the water. I'm 6-01 and the water came up to my waste. The best part of the hike is Hannah Mountain Trail since it is nicely wooded, quiet, and easy hiking. The ridge lines were not particularly attractive and the scenery is very limited, especially on the Pine Mountain section. Overall it was a decent hike, but not one I'm eager to replicate.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We visited on an unseasonably warm day in mid-April, and Parsons Branch Road was closed, so we parked at the end of the cul-de-sac and hiked up that way, which made it 11 miles roundtrip. Oof. We never saw Campground 13, so we were a little worried we'd veered off the path since it's not well-marked, but after those last 3 miles basically heading straight up, we were overjoyed to see the sign letting us know we were only 0.6 miles away! Unfortunately, nothing was in bloom, but we were the only people there, so that was pretty nice. We passed a few groups on the way down (which was brutal on our knees since what goes straight up must come straight down), but it was a pretty quiet day. We did like walking along the stream in the beginning, and we were also glad we didn't see any bears despite reports of them in the area. All in all, it took us right at 5 hours (10 am - 3 pm) to do the whole 11 miles. There were also a ton of butterflies and bugs on the first couple of miles.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nothing to really see. The trail was somewhat overgrown. It was for me just a connector to another trail on my route.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This is a beautiful hike with a great reward at the end. Make sure to do it on a clear day so you're not in the clouds when you get to the top!

Friday, November 13, 2015

The hike was mainly through some high water sections, and along a creek bed. Prepare to get muddy and wet. Also, near the beginning you'll pass through a .75-1.26 mile area full of thorns that will tear your skin up if you're wearing shorts. Had to pass through to get to our camp site, though.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I made this loop using the Wolf Ridge Trail, the Gregory Bald Trail, the AT and the Twentymile Creek Trail. Its a little over 18 miles long and took about 9.5 hours to do. You can get to the trail-head by traveling to the Twentymile Ranger Station off NC SR 28.

The WRT is well maintained and passes through several foot bridge crossings, traveling nearly 3 miles before making a serious ascent. With a 3000 foot elevation gain, the remaining 3.5 miles are.....noticeable. I was fooled by several false summits and happy to finally reach its leveling at Parsons Bald, about 1/2 mile from where the trail meets the GBT at Campsite 13. Although Parsons is practically covered now, w/ no discernible views, it still has remnants of the open-aired quality of a bald as the WRT winds down to 13 with a gentle descent.

The GBT makes a 1/2 mile ridge line ascent up to the main event - Gregory's Bald - then continues another 2.5 miles to Doe Knob at the AT. Most of the travel is (at times sharply) downhill, but rallies for a final climb up to the knob.

The AT follows 3 miles of ridge line up and down through the rockiest part of the the loop, so by the time I arrived at the Twentymile Creek Trail, I was ready for my Naproxin for the final descent.

I found the TCT to be the perfect trail to finish a long day hike. Wide and easy to maneuver, it was obviously once a road of some sort, but shows no signs of erosion whatsoever and is even grassy in some parts - welcome qualities for sore feet going down hill. It switchbacks for a couple of miles until it reaches Campsite 92. Here, the trail widens even more, with a gentle descent of 3 miles back to the station. I've never been a fan of creek trails, but the TCT is a real beauty, with multiple horse bridge crossings - in fact, there are no stone hoppers on this entire hike.

This is a very rewarding loop that can be enhanced even more when the leaves are down - particularly on the ascent up the WRT.

But, the real gem is the relative seclusion of this often overlooked access into the park. On a brilliant September day, I was the only one to arrive at the small parking area and the only one to depart.

A must!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Part of loop I completed as part of my quest to complete all official Smokie trails

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wet really wet just a hike to do off bucket list for hikes

Saturday, February 07, 2015

I Want To Start By Saying My Personal Experience Is What Dropped The Rating To A 3. We Decided To Do This Hike In 2 Days/1 Night. Making Pretty Good Time On The Way Up. I side-stepped A Rock, Rolled My Ankle, And Tweaked My Knee. That Made For A Rough Journey The Remaining 5 Miles Up And All Day The NeXt Day. Also, It Was The Coldest Night Of The Year To That Point And I Hadnt Adequately Prepped. The Hike Itself Was Steady Uphill The Whole Way. Calf Burner With No Remorse. 98% Of The Hike Is Thru The Woods With Not Much To Look At But The Incline In Front Of You. To Me, It Was A Nice Hike If You Have A Couple Of Days With Nothing To Do. Didnt Seem Like Much Of A Destination Hike. Nice Time Out In The Woods Though :) The Worst Day In The Woods Is Better Than The Best Day In Civilization!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Great hike today. Temperature was 40 when we started out. Got up to 52 with cloud cover. The crossing streams were higher than normal but easy to cross. Went to Hatcher Mtn trail and back. Out and back to parking area was 7.36 miles. Views are incredible in winter time. The downed trees from the tornado a few years back is an incredible sight. Well worth the hike. Only tough part is a steep 300 ft ascent. Great views of Abrams creek the whole way. A nice hike for anyone.

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