Great trail, spectacular view. Only about a mile and a half to the base of the falls and back, the trail was challenging but not too difficult. I would suggest just pacing yourself coming back up. I take my Border Collie with me because she climbs like a mountain goat, and loves to swim. Be careful at the base of the falls because the rocks are very slippery.

over grown
10 days ago

We entered the trail and went the direction that was towards the lake. About a mile in we came across a field with some pretty high grass. I was worried about ticks but we went through anyway. Be careful! We found multiple ticks on us and our dog when we got in the car and back at home. About 7-8 to be exact. Definitely won’t be going this way again if we do this trail again.

Very hard but worth the effort, very slippery, even tho it wasn’t raining. When you reach the bottom you almost have to say “ that was worth it”. I think the way up was easier than down

A bit rocky but the view is worth it! A must in Fall Creek Falls!

Challenging but rewarding

Super congested trail, but it's worth the short hike. There is a way or two to get down to the actual base - when you're nearing the falls there will be an area that looks like a small cave. Look left there and you'll see a way to get down to the creek and a trail that takes you to the actual base. Huge spray from the falls.

Went to this fall in 2001 and our children had fun playing in the water.

The hike to the base of the falls was a fun, short trail but it was extremely congested. Bring your patience. The falls are magnificent.

This trail can be challenging. Involves a lot of rock climbing, and there are a ton of stairs. Walking down isn’t too strenuous, but the hike was hard. Totally worth it to see the base of the falls. What a hidden gem this is! Loved every moment of it

26 days ago

The Base of the Falls Trail begins behind the restroom, to the left of the falls over-look. It is a short yet fairly steep scramble over rocks the entire way. It involves careful footing on rocks. We were glad we brought our hiking poles. Hiking footwear was also helpful to prevent skids on angled rocks. It is basically a declining trail the whole way to the base of the falls and a steady incline the whole way back. I would by no means classify this as an easy hike. Today there were hundreds of people on the trail and all along the way people were stopped to catch their breath (often sitting) before continuing back to the top. I would certainly advise folks to take a different trail if you want to bring your pooch along. Multiple people today were seen carrying their dogs back to the top.

Trail was hard on my friend but he’s not an avid outdoorsman. It was raining and we got soaked but it was still fun. At the bottom If you’re brave you can approach the water fall. It was super slippery but the experience was well worth it. We walked away with two stones from below the fall as souvenirs. It’s basically a rocky staircase down and back. But plenty of places for breaks as needed. If you do approach the waterfall, be careful. The rocks are slippery and the blasts of wind and water from the waterfall are definitely dangerous. It’ll knock you down and send you falling to the rocks if you’re not careful. Overall it was an amazing trail though. Well worth the trip.

Awesome trail down to the base of the waterfall. So cool to be down at the bottom. Kids enjoyed it. There were a few areas of scrambling on rocks and a few wet areas. Did the hike on a beautiful day in March.

Had not been here in 25 years. Trail has been improved. Still uneven at times but manageable. Pace yourself on the return trip.

The trail to the base of the falls is not for anyone with physical limitations or restrictions. The steps are uneven and can be very slippery at times. It’s a pretty straight descent down to the falls, and it is pretty rocky. The incline up may be challenging for some. It is absolutely beautiful to see the falls at the base and well worth the effort!

This trail was closed for unknown reasons on 3-26-20. It may have been closed to contain Park guests to fewer trails while they deal with the corona virus & perhaps fewer park employees. But that’s just a guess.

We hiked down with kids aged 4 and 6. Definitely hold their hands the whole way down. The rocks were slippery and tricky to navigate in some areas. The railing is sturdy and helpful. The falls were beautiful at the bottom. The trail was empty at 9am but the parking lot filled up by 11. Go early to remain socially distant.

We did the trail today. Beautiful view of the falls! It is pretty muddy right now with all the rain we’ve had. Bring a light jacket for the way down but you’ll probably want to take it off on the way back up. Enjoy!

This trail os very nice. It is easy and the path is very simple to follow. Its well marked. The trail follows the water about half way through. There are a few muddy areas but its a trail so who cares. Nice to trail run!

A little bit muddy but not a difficult trail. What a view!!!

5 months ago

Very nice hike in one of my favorite state parks. This one is an easy hike mostly along the back side of the lake. Plenty of little picnic spots and a great trail for Charlie, our lab Did this on a cool winter day and saw zero, no, other people on the trail.

Tough climb for sure; not for anyone who has endurance or injury issues. The view is awesome, not only the falls but the rock formations are amazing.

7 months ago

I agree with other reviewers: 1. They should definitely rename it "Beaver Lake" 2. Compared to the falls, it's not much, but go in early-morning or late-evening, take a meal and enjoy the lake. It's a nice stroll.

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