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Signal Mountain, Tennessee Map

These trails are well marked yet flow naturally, with many scenic views.

19 days ago

The trail is being frequented more often and parts are definitely eroding. Could use updated markers for people that are unfamiliar with the route. Worth it for the views and good workout with ups and downs.

21 days ago

This is a lovely, short loop walk, interesting and pretty yet easy enough for anyone to walk. And only 15 minutes from Chattanooga. On this warm-bordering-on-hot day, it was quiet and cool. A very nice urban trail.

It is a hiking trail folks, it’s not a walk in the park.

Great hike for my dog and I. About 4.5 miles round trip out to Edwards point. It says moderate, but there are a few short strenuous portions. Not for a beginner hiker.

Beautiful falls.. April 27, 2018, Elaine , Maria, Leslie, Mother and I did this hike. It was gorgeous and we loved it

Not easy for over 65. Steps going down are in bad shape making difficult to get down to and back up from the trail. The first section should be upgraded to moderate.

Great hike with great views. The trail could be a little better marked especially after the first overlook. The suspension bridge was a highlight along with the overlooks. Great hike to do in winter before trees get leaves.

So much to explore, beautiful falls!

Great trail. My wife loved it. We had fun and great views.

Defiantly on my top ten list!

2 months ago

great trail

The trail is easy, the stairs down to it can be tough when you’re coming out. A few are missing and make for a bit of a challenge.

beautiful and peaceful. love the falls.

3 months ago

If you’re looking for a nice stroll through the woods, this is a great little loop trail! It has some slight elevation changes and a few bridges over the stream. I really enjoyed it!

Make sure you watch the trail markers carefully

Great views and visibility in January.

Great hike down to the creek and back. My 3 year old loved the swinging bridge.

Some easy sections and some difficult areas. A little slippery with mud and leaves. Marked fairly well with blue marks most of the way. Three bridges to cross. Saw lots of dogs but it seemed like everyone was good about picking up after them. Parking lot is tiny but saw some parking along the road. We will be going back for sure!

I chose this hike, specifically to get to Edwards Point. It was a fairly easy and marked trail for 0.5 miles past the bridge. Unfortunately, the trail began to fade, fallen trees limited my accessibility, and I had to navigate my way back. I hope the next time I come to Chattanooga, the trail will be better marked and I will be able to get to Edwards Point. The trail overall was very clean and populated enough that I felt safe as a lone hiker.

5 months ago

One of my favorite places

Love this trail, but several trees were uprooted. But still lovely hike.

My favorite trail. It is lovely and a moderate hike.

5 months ago

Awesome hiking experience with this trail. Has amazing views and is definitely worth the hike. The trails are marked good and it is easy to stay on the trail. We went to Edward point then decided to continue to mushroom rock. The trail to mushroom rock is also good, as it follows the edge of the mountain around and past the river. The hike to Edward point wasn't bad at all but from Edward point to mushroom is a long hike. It took us around 2 hours to make it from Edward to Mushroom rock. Although there are shorter trails to mushroom rock I wanted a challenge and it definitely delivered. We went from rainbow lake parking lot to mushroom rock and back and it was the most challenging hike to date for us due to the sheer miles we had to hike. This time of year it gets dark early so you have to get an early start to get back before dark if taking these trails to mushroom rock. We did a total of 17.5 miles hiking these trails and it was defiantly worth it. We were gone from 8am to 4:30pm taking videos and pictures and enjoying the day. Highly recommended the Edward point trail but only recommended mushroom rock from Edward point to people with a little experience, and bring food and water.

Fun loop trail, short but great for repeats.

This is an easy to find hike located just outside of Chattanooga that is great for photo-taking. I would even venture to say that it is probably the best hike in the immediate Chattanooga vicinity.

I started in the Rainbow Lake parking lot which is where the majority of people go. The drive in is very neat and worth seeing on it's own. For an added treat once you do this hike, head over to the Signal Point lookout area just down the road to get a view of the other angle.

The trail starts out extremely easy with a quick little hike to a small dam and suspension bridge. This is a great photo-spot, especially in the fall with the rapids and bridge hanging above them. Now this is where the trail splits in two. If you want to climb Edwards point you will cross the bridge, if you want to climb Signal Point you will stay on the bank you came from and continue down the trail.

Once you cross the bridge the trail begins to amp up a little. I went in the fall and in the beginning of this hike while you are gaining elevation it can be hard to see the trail due to the amount of fallen leaves. There has also been some minor trail damage, including a few downed trees. Otherwise, the trail is fairly well marked with tags and common sense will show you the way. You will see large boulders and natural caves in the beginning which are very neat. Once you reach the top of the large hill in the beginning that elevation gain tapers off and you have a nice calm walk through the woods till you reach the point.

Before you reach Edward's Point there is an overlook just about 300 feet prior that many people mistake for the actual view. The top view is much nicer for viewing, although both spots are still great.

Overall this is a decently long trail that offers a small challenge for a great view.

The views and bridges on this hike are fun. It is a nice hike, but I found myself in drainage ditches a couple of times. It is not well marked, and has a lot of ball sized rocks to navigate along the way. This will probably not be a go-to hike when I am in Chattanooga, but worth doing once.

Great hiking trail with nice falls and the mountain overlook is amazing. It was worth the trip to hike and see the great views. We will definitely be visiting these trails again.

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