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This is a pretty decent hike majority of the trail. There are lots of roots and loose boulders. Would recommend boots with good tread. Some of the views are beautiful. The portion that is closer to Rainbow Lake is more switchbacks and gravel. That part of the trail is pretty busy with people going to the water.

This is a great little trail. Be mindful of the numerous side trails though, it's easy to get off course.

Very pretty but definitely difficult. I’d come back when I’m in better shape

I have actually hiked portions of this trail several times, in all seasons. Fall through early spring is best, in my opinion. By the time rhododendrons and mountain laurels are blooming in spring, you have to watch out for ticks. I found 3 on me this last time. The best views are in the Signal Point to Edwards Point portion, but you have to negotiate a little elevation change and some moderate rock gardens; rocks are small, but watch your ankles. If Edwards Point is your destination, starting at the Rainbow Lake trailhead on Ohio Ave. cuts of some distance and eliminates running into ATVs on other alternative approaches to the point. Edwards Point to Mushroom Rock is easy in terms of relatively flat terrain. Though utilizing the section from Mushroom Rock to Suck Creek adds some challenging elevation changes, it is much less scenic, and not long after Edwards Point, you are too far from the gorge rim to see much. A trail from Mushroom Rock lead back to Signal Mountain High School, which makes a nice halfway break, if you don't want to do the whole trail. Just be mindful that the trails around the school are not well marked in some instances. If you are in for the whole thing, starting at Suck Creek makes more of a climactic "finish" (remember you have to hike 8 miles back from there).

Very nice hike but not the most spectacular around here. I did enjoy it.

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2 months ago

Another beautiful trail around the city, however it does require knowing where you are going a little bit and is primarily ATV roads out to the main flippers Bend Trail by the rim. It has a different beauty than many trails around the area, but it still has a lot to offer and I would recommend visiting if you’ve seen many others already around the area.

For those of you who may not know, this trail is actually on private property that has been left available for the community to enjoy in the spirit of the original owner. It is not maintained by the county or any other government. It is maintained by the property owners that volunteer their property and invest whatever time and resources they have available in order for others to enjoy the beauty. So, before badmouthing how horrible it is to hike out there, you may just want to be thankful that the property owners allow you to hike there, as they have allowed this beautiful place to remain available for the community to use. Also, everyone hiking this area should have respect for the property owners by cleaning up after yourselves, keeping your dogs on a leash, and not destroying the beauty of the area!

This trail is absolutely beautiful and diverse. Iv lived here for 2 years and ran/hiked most trails atleast once and continued to skip this one because you can just drive to the falls and do other trails. But this will because a regular part of our Chatt tour for friends and family visiting. Additionally, I disagree that it is hard to follow the trail, there are maybe 2 areas you have to check the app or know what turn to take, and maybe once where you have to cross the creek to continue. Even with little rain in the last week or so the water was running and had several small waterfalls. We saw several small chipmunks, an owl, and a deer. There is a less beautiful area out towards the falls but the whole out and back is worth it, however if you don’t have time for the whole thing just go about a mile out and turn around and you will get the best of the trail. Much of the trail is along a beautiful rocky stream with a few houses and large boulder fields along the way. Don’t skip this one and enjoy!

Although the spring and small falls are beautiful, this is, arguably, the most poorly marked and maintained trail in Hamilton County and perhaps Tennessee that I have hiked. If you want to just see the Falls, I would say do it but to proceed further is not worth it. The trail narrows and, more than once, just ends in the woods. One has to really look closely while walking through the underbrush to pick it up again. I turned back about halfway because I lost it completely. Possibly, the map is incorrect.

Good hike keep an eye out for blue blazes because it’s easy to end up in someone’s back yard

This would be a 5 star rating if I had done it backward. If you start at signal mountain, you get gorgeous views and pretty rugged up and down climbing for the first 3.5 miles out. Then, if you're ambitious and want to do the whole hike, you'll notice a steep incline and decline toward the farthest point at suck creek. The "prize" is not worth the extra miles and elevation as it is a highway over a pretty lame creek. So of you're a distance junkie, wanting to do this trail in its entirety (16.8 miles btw), it is amazing and gorgeous. It just might give you more satisfaction starting at suck creek and treating yourself with a delicious treat of a view.

The main hike to rainbow Falls is a good short hike that is not too exhausting but does have some moderate areas when you're going back to the car that are uphill-there are a couple of benches along the way to sit and rest if needed. The falls were really pretty and there's lots of room to play in the creek or sit on a rock and have a picnic. One really aggravating thing is there were so many people with unleashed dogs there. When these dogs rush up on my dog who is on a leash it startles us and our dog. Most times their owners are not even paying attention to the fact that they've run off from them. There was also a group there that started a fire by the creek and left it while it was still burning. Not that everyone reads the rules but it clearly states on the board before you start hiking that you're not supposed to start a campfire there or have dogs unleashed. There are several other trail options with a swinging Bridge. Our eight year old was not comfortable with the swinging Bridge so we didn't take those trail options but would like to go back and try again. This was probably one of our easiest trails. It's nice to be able to get to a waterfall in just a little over half a mile. There is not a lot of parking available so if you go on a really pretty day on the weekend you will likely have to park on the road. I definitely recommend this trail!

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washed out
3 months ago

I knew there might be some washed out parts of the trail and I was not disappointed! None the less it was an enjoyable combination of trail running/Hiking/ and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

My friend and I had a great time exploring this trail. The lookout at the end it beautiful, and the trail so neat.

please do not swim or drink the water without filtering. e. coli has been found present in the water so please take that into account. Good winter hike for better visibility

Great hike with the hubby!!

Tough on beginners but well worth it if you can make it.

Fun hike with a great view at Signal Point! We loved seeing the bridges, creeks, and boulders throughout the route. There were many rocks and tree roots to traverse along the trail. Watch trail signs as some of the trails seem to cross at certain points. We definitely enjoyed this hike!

My favorite hike! Beautiful views, challenging but awesome! Takes you to other connecting trails if you want longer hikes.

great loop

Great way to stretch the legs and plenty to see.

11 months ago

Not exactly a "hiking" trail or "lightly trafficked" as described. Maybe it started out that way - now it's just another of the many redneck trails on Signal. All rutted up from four-wheelers. Real mess - there's dozens of little offshoot trails that hikers have created to get around the pools left in the road and now the bikers have begun rutting them too. Wish there were more places on Signal to just walk. Wish that TDEC could afford some law enforcement.

Moderate hike average hikers and children can complete. Be careful to stay on the correct path, there are several forks to other trails. There is a dam and small swimming hole at the bottom with campsites.

reviewing as someone who hiked this for the first time...the trail was poorly marked. the trees were well marked with the color of the trail you are following, but the trails lacked maps that show where you are and where each trail will lead you to. however, because of this our 6 mile hike luckily turned into a 9 mile one;) the all trails app helped us get back on track to Edwards point. the views were worth it!!

Great hike for my dog and I. About 4.5 miles round trip out to Edwards point. It says moderate, but there are a few short strenuous portions. Not for a beginner hiker.

Beautiful falls.. April 27, 2018, Elaine , Maria, Leslie, Mother and I did this hike. It was gorgeous and we loved it

Great views and visibility in January.

great fall hike.

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