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1 day ago

This was a great trail that lead to a spectacular view, a nice river and man made dam. The trail was fairly easy to traverse, except for some downed trees and rocky sections.

Tough hike with lots of rocks which makes it slow, especially if it’s wet. Be weary of going down to the waterfall. Other reviews have mentioned it and we tried it only because we missed the sign cautioning against it. With the recent rain it made finding a sturdy footholds impossible. We turned around after falling several times. Beautiful overlooks despite the trail being poorly marked.

This is a pretty decent hike majority of the trail. There are lots of roots and loose boulders. Would recommend boots with good tread. Some of the views are beautiful. The portion that is closer to Rainbow Lake is more switchbacks and gravel. That part of the trail is pretty busy with people going to the water.

6 days ago

great trail.

Great hike! Trails are easy to follow.

Very nice hike but not the most spectacular around here. I did enjoy it.

There were sooooo many different trails only marked with paint blazes. You'd hike 200 ft and there'd be another fork in the trail. This happens constantly. Also, **BIG Pet Peeve** the locals don't seem to think that the dog-on-a-leash rule applies to them and my dog is still in training and doesn't do well with other trail dogs yet. When I'm having to hold 2 dogs from killing each other, that's how tragedy happens. So, PLEASE folks, keep your dog on a leash!!!!!

It's a good trail if you just want a quick stroll in the woods, it is kid friendly but it's a narrow trail on an embankment.

2 months ago

Great view and easy hike but small parking lot! Plenty of trails through the woods though

2 months ago

Nice easy hike!

on Green Gorge Trail

off trail
2 months ago

Good hike keep an eye out for blue blazes because it’s easy to end up in someone’s back yard

The main hike to rainbow Falls is a good short hike that is not too exhausting but does have some moderate areas when you're going back to the car that are uphill-there are a couple of benches along the way to sit and rest if needed. The falls were really pretty and there's lots of room to play in the creek or sit on a rock and have a picnic. One really aggravating thing is there were so many people with unleashed dogs there. When these dogs rush up on my dog who is on a leash it startles us and our dog. Most times their owners are not even paying attention to the fact that they've run off from them. There was also a group there that started a fire by the creek and left it while it was still burning. Not that everyone reads the rules but it clearly states on the board before you start hiking that you're not supposed to start a campfire there or have dogs unleashed. There are several other trail options with a swinging Bridge. Our eight year old was not comfortable with the swinging Bridge so we didn't take those trail options but would like to go back and try again. This was probably one of our easiest trails. It's nice to be able to get to a waterfall in just a little over half a mile. There is not a lot of parking available so if you go on a really pretty day on the weekend you will likely have to park on the road. I definitely recommend this trail!

trail running
washed out
3 months ago

I knew there might be some washed out parts of the trail and I was not disappointed! None the less it was an enjoyable combination of trail running/Hiking/ and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

4 months ago

We had such a great time on this trail. It was enjoyable for the adults, teen, preschooler and dogs.

My friend and I had a great time exploring this trail. The lookout at the end it beautiful, and the trail so neat.

please do not swim or drink the water without filtering. e. coli has been found present in the water so please take that into account. Good winter hike for better visibility

Beautiful. I personally think it’s tougher getting from mushroom rock down to the river than coming back up. It’s physically tough coming back up, but you need to watch your feet going down. Well worth it if your looking at this hike.

Great trail! Variety of terrain. lots of rocks and tree limbs to traverse made it fun. Have to keep your eyes on the trail especially in the fall when the leaves cover

Definitely a good starter hike for anyone, including families. The walk was picturesque and the swinging bridge was particularly a healthy challenge for my kids. We loved hearing the stream, and finding so many kinds of leaves, fungi, rock formations, and bending trees to look at. Yet it was a bit odd to hear a nearby lawnmower as the houses in the area were very close and there were 2 sewer lids. One sign even said (paraphrasing) that there was unfiltered sewage emptying into the stream at one point. That made me feel very uncomfortable. The distance (1.6 miles) is also only for the loop. My oldest used his Fitbit and the entire hike is right at 2.4 miles.

This was great trail with a couple of variations for length. Like others said, it seems to be minimally tended to so there are areas with trees down and a few spots you have to climb or traverse. Our 70 lb boxer was able to handle it well. The stairs at the beginning might be the hardest parts with really uneven step gaps. The waterfall is worth the short (but steep) off trail venture. Absolutely stunning. Views are outstanding right at the beginning.

Seemed a lot shorter then .4 miles. Beautiful area. Love that there isn't any fences keeping you from the edge of the cliff. Waterfall is difficult to see without leaning over the edge. Drive getting to it was very typical mountainous driving. Lots of hairpin curves!

8 months ago

We enjoyed this brief hike. It was the perfect icebreaker for our teenagers and us to start preparing for fall backpacking.

This is one of my favorite hiking trails. Especially when you make it down to Rainbow Falls ;)

Great hike with the hubby!!

I was looking for a trail that I hadn’t done before and I wanted to end up at Edwards Point, so I picked this one. The recording was perfect bc it let me know where the trailhead started. It would’ve been confusing bc there was a trail on both sides of the road. The trail was more of a dirt road than a trail. That’s the only reason I rated this hike two stars. We saw two people riding bikes and 1 person trail running. This trail was perfect for that. Edwards Point was beautiful but next time I would access it by a different trailhead.

I'll be back to search for a safe path down to the elusive Rainbow Falls.

Fun hike with a great view at Signal Point! We loved seeing the bridges, creeks, and boulders throughout the route. There were many rocks and tree roots to traverse along the trail. Watch trail signs as some of the trails seem to cross at certain points. We definitely enjoyed this hike!

Easy hike with an amazing reward at the end!

Good nice hike. Parts of trail are almost covered and some trees have fallen but still nice along the stream. Perfect for a early summer morning walk.

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