If you do the whole trail, it is moderate. There are three places you have to watch for creek crossing and staying on this trail, but it is a great hike out and back.

This trail was lovely. The majority is very easy. Beautiful views, very peaceful.

Easy for the most part, but there are some areas that are technical with lots of rocks.

2 days ago

I just got here and it is NoT open- gates down, construction cones, stop signs

3 days ago

Not open yet

3 days ago

So fun and short walk

open as of 5/21/2020

if you follow the map, it's closer to a 6 mile hike than 4.5, and definitely on the upper end of moderate difficulty in some places. That said, it's a gorgeous hike, a great workout, and has some spectacular views. The signal point portion is extremely muddy

Absolutely beautiful my 18 month old daughter hiked all of it by herself I just held her hand You gotta watch them roots . Gonna go back in the morning for more pictures and more time to sit ! easy hike beautiful views and that waterfall was great ! love it

private property
15 days ago

Very short trail down to the top of the waterfall. Please take your trash with you so they don’t close it. Lots of trash on the trail today that we cleaned up do to others not being respectful. It’s private and can be closed folks!

Did this trail today. Great trail but very steep climb out of the waterfall to the ridge then very moderate. Please leave no trace! Lots of trash we took out from others not being respectful of such a great trail and water area.

Short and easy hike with a great scenic view of the Cumberland escarpment! From this trail, views of the waterfall are mostly from the top edge looking down - no access to the base of the falls. Drone photographers could probably capture some amazing shots. Parking is limited to 5-6 cars.

It can be easy to lose the trail on the way out toward the falls, but overall it’s well maintained and has a great overlook at the falls!

Amazing trail! Easy both ways. 6.2 miles. Trail not always clear but map worked so it was easy to follow. Really magical place!

1 month ago

Closed as of 5/1/2020

1 month ago

Trail is now open. I would HIGHLY recommend doing this loop in a clockwise direction. There's also no reason to go on the far side of the power lines, unless you're just hunting mileage. I put that it's muddy because it's a 4x4/dirt bike trail, but there's a way around pretty much all of it. It's a moderate trail but if you cut out the part past the power lines, it should be pretty easy

i would rate this trail as very easy on the way out, but moderately hard coming back

Trail has some trash and is next to some buildings that are visible while walking. A few creeks run through, and there are a couple covered bridges. A leisurely stroll, easy inclines and declines, but very gorgeous nonetheless.

Short and sweet indeed. Watch you step! Hit the Mabbit Springs Trail (on Alltrails too to see the waterfall in all its glory from the other side. Respect the signage on that trail and stick to the route. Mabbit Springs trailhead is only 5 minutes from this one!

There's yellow tape and closed sign across the trailhead.

Watch out for roots! Short and sweet! Awesome view from the falls!

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